Diet weight loss belly and flanks: menu, permitted, and prohibited products

To remove the representatives of the fair sex in all possible variants of extra pounds try with the problematic areas of the body.

The most important weapon in the fight against the Problem is to control the intake of calories. Possibilities of diets for weight loss belly and flanks, for women with a menu for the week are very different in their approaches and recommendations.

The list of allowed and prohibited foods for losing weight belly and flanks

how to lose weight

To try a lot of girls in the fight against obesity in particularly problematic areas to start gymnastics and recharge, forget about limiting the amount of calories. To clean earring belly and hips to reduce, in addition, limits in the food.

Slimming waist and thighs to exclude the following products:

  • Sugar – the number one enemy for the people to lose weight.
  • Salt – slows down the metabolism, leading to the formation and accumulation of Cellulite.
  • Flour products, noodles, potatoes sources of complex carbohydrates.
  • Sausages, fast Food dishes, sauces – allow the body active fat store.

The Japanese diet slimming abdomen and flanks for women: menu for the week

The Japanese version includes the to eat healthy food.

Eating habits will determine the exact rules:

Day of the week Dishes and products of the day
Monday Tea with honey

Herb Salad, 250 G Of Tomato Juice

Herb salad + Steak boiled fish without spices


Custard tea and biscuits

Salad 3 cooked vegetables and the Bay leaf fish

1/5 kg roasted dietary meat, Kefir


Tea with a small piece of bread from bran

Egg and vegetables cooked on the Grill

Egg + 100 G beef + steamed salad from fresh cabbage


Ground carrots, seasoned with lemon juice

Baked fish + 500 ml juice


Friday Cm. Thursday

2 Cups Of Tea

500 G steamed chicken meat + salad of carrots with herb

2 eggs and 2 carrots


Cup Of Tea

250 G Beef Pot Roast

250 G boiled chicken

Such products are low carbohydrate, so the lack of vitamins can occur. It is advisable during a diet, take your vitamins and drink plenty of water.

Lose weight in egg diet

The egg – the product contains 85% water and 15% Protein. This Option is optimal for the effectiveness of the medical notes. Within a week you can lose 3 to 5 kg.

Approximate diet for a week:

Days of the week Menu
Monday Omelette made of 2 eggs, oranges and coffee without additives

2 boiled eggs, tomato and tea

2 eggs + 200 G of salad without Dressing + tea


Breakfast is the same as on the first day

2 eggs and orange

200 G of cooked meat and vegetable salad, consisting of only 3 component


Breakfast is the same as on the first day

2 eggs and spinach, stewed + herbal tea

Same dinner on Monday, + cottage cheese.


Breakfast is the same as on the first day

2 eggs and spinach, stewed + herbal tea

2 eggs, salad, serving steamed fish, juice.

Friday Cm. Thursday

Breakfast is the same as on the first day

Fruit salad

2 eggs, salad, on the basis of celery and tea


Omelette and coffee

Eggs + meat with tomato + tea

Carrot salad + scrambled eggs + cooled cooked beef brisket

Attention! Can there are problems with the Assimilation of Protein. In the case of unwell do without be diet must.

Three-day rice diet for weight loss belly and flanks: menu

Diet for weight loss

You can reduce the overall weight helps >three-days-rice-diet, the use of simple and available products. The main dish is boiled rice.

Detailed Menu:

Day Diet
1. 100 G of cooked rice with the lemon zest

A glass of vegetable broth + 100 G of boiled rice with fresh herbs + salad of vegetables

Repeated Lunch. Instead of salad, 1 boiled carrots.


7 tablespoons of cooked rice, an orange, a Cup of yogurt without additives

A glass of soup on the Basis of rice, no potatoes and a salad of cucumber and tomato

Steamed rice and vegetables on the Grill


Grapefruit and boiled rice

A glass of juice, rice, sautéed mushrooms

Rice and salad

Already after 3 days, you will notice that the circumference of the waist by 3 cm and lasted for 3 kg.

Week diet weight loss belly and flanks

To lose weight, you should consider the variants of the diet, continue to 7 days. The menu for each day must be planned in advance. To take into account in the composition of the ration of the intensity of physical activity.

Attention! Monodiets suggest a significant weakening of the body.

Buckwheat Diet

Includes a simple diet, the wheat only cooked book and water. Option includes the use of buckwheat in sufficient quantity to stave off Hunger.

Book zaparivat must wheat over night in boiling water. The ratio of grain and boiling water – 2:1. Food has to plan according to time, 3 times a day. To saturation, and maintain the water balance, you should drink a glass of clean water.

Apple Diet

Apple is a unique fruit, which will support the body during the diet. So many girls and women in the fight for the slim hips and flat stomach, choose this fruit as a basis.

The specifics of the diet in the observance of the Apple diet:

  • The first 2 days are for preparation. At the Start, you can fruit, vegetables, salad and cooked meat. On the second day of apples and a salad of cucumber with a lot of green.
  • The next 3 days eat only washed apples, with clear water.
  • The last 2 days you can eat steamed vegetables, apples, vegetables, salads, juices Portion must be small, to increase and the water consumption in comparison with previous days.

For the period of the diet, the waist and hips slimming, in the height of 3-4 cm, to lose 5-7 kg.

Kefir Diet

Kefir is the basis of many diets, but there is a variant of the strict menu, assuming the consumption of only 1 product. The diet of the first three days, only yogurt with a fat content of 1%. The volume of the yogurt can be of at least 2 liters per day + 1.5 L of herbal tea.

On the fourth day, you can add the Kefir cottage cheese, then steamed vegetables and meat. The amount of the consumed milk products per day reduced. Smaller meals eaten a minimum of can be.

Dukan Diet

Menu for weight loss

The Dukan diet is very popular with those who want to lose weight effectively.

Applies to 1 month, consists of 3 phases:

  • The first Phase – "attack". Menu – cooked poultry meat, baked fish, low-fat varieties, yogurt, oat bran.
  • The second Phase – "cruise". You can eat grilled vegetables with a mini-content paint thickness.
  • The third Phase – "the anchoring of the results". Allows a minimal amount of cheese, cooked vegetables, fruit, meat, fish.

When you remove the body plagues, practice. You need to carefully read the nutrition monitor. It is desirable, every hour drink a little water. The food consumption of oat bran each day.

Buckwheat lose weight with Kefir

Strict diet contains buckwheat with Kefir-menu with two courses – boiled buckwheat, Kefir,. 3 includes one-time food intake comprising 200 G of porridge and a glass of butter milk. Dilute the meager menu, you can with water.

Protein diet for weight loss belly and flanks: the menu for 7 days

The easiest in terms of compliance with the Protein diet. Menu, this diversity does not allow for the examination of the hardships and taste restrictions. For the compilation of a list of meals and food options, the maximum amount of Protein used.


Days of the week Low-Calorie Variants
Monday Breakfast: 10 tablespoons of fat-free yogurt + coffee without sugar

Snack: Apple

Lunch: 150 G fried chicken breast Turkey.

Snack: yoghurt with no additives.

Dinner: salad of cucumber and cabbage, fish on the Grill


Breakfast: a glass of pure yogurt

Snack: Grapefruit

Lunch: fried meat with vegetables

Afternoon snack: ryazhenka

Dinner: boiled fish


Breakfast: scrambled eggs from 2 eggs

Snack: 2 Tangerines

Lunch: chicken fillet with a side dish of rice

Snack: 50 G Of Nuts

Dinner: beef with vegetables on the Grill


Breakfast: a Cup of yogurt and 2 oat biscuits

Snack: Banana

Lunch: Turkey and rye bread

Snack: Yogurt

Dinner: fish and vegetables


Breakfast: piece of cheese and tea without sugar

Snack: Apple

Lunch: beef stew with vegetables

Snack: tea with black bread

Dinner: fish with rice


Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs + Coffee

Snack: Kiwi

Lunch: baked fish and vegetables salad

Snack: milk with cookies

Dinner: soup on vegetable broth from legumes


Breakfast: 200 G of cottage cheese with herbs

Snack: juice with fruit flesh

Lunch: beef with bread made from bran

Snack: Pomegranate

Dinner: rice with vegetables

Get remove 3 cm in the waist and 3-5 kg in weight.


To get rid of body fat, enough are limited to the food. There are many ways of diets. Each menu includes the reduction of the quantity of the food, the compliance with the rules of supply in accordance with the established menu.

For selection, the recommendations of the nutrition consultant and personal preferences will help. Hard physically and mentally, Mono-diet, in the diet, only a court of law. The Rest of the diet – more gentle for the body.