Effective slimming fast day: proven ways

Nowadays, there are many options for weight loss. Often complex long-term diet is that restrictive. Therefore, they do not give good results, people are frustrated and have to start again. Who is not willing to tolerate, attacks to the so-called discharge-days. They are easy to bear, and in addition, they help to keep in shape. Variations there are many. In any case, you need the most effective day of fasting to get slimming in your case, and clearly remain.

The best fasting days slimming: what is it

Almost daily

Effective fasting days involve eating only one specific group of products. In General, a daily menu consists of one or two components that are easy for the body. Not starve to death you are, because of the hypoxia can be considered only in the complete absence of food. The best fasting days for weight loss are useful as follows:

  • Help fight obesity and, in particular, in times, known as the plateau, if in a certain period of time the weight stops to decrease at any point to stop.
  • Promote the cleaning of the organism, excretion of toxins and waste products.
  • To digest and give the body the relaxation of the need to constantly have a variety of different foods.
  • Give to practice willpower, but still, they resist quite simple.

If You Are Unloading

Many can't imagine what you even need the fast days, when exactly do you practice best. There are quite objective reasons, let us with you in more detail.

  • According to various family or company celebrations, when a man is very much eaten in the course of one or several days.
  • As a castle or a closure to the compliance with the long, pretty strict diet.
  • For the prevention of obesity.

Are such almost daily by the doctor in the presence of certain diseases such as cholecystitis, liver cirrhosis and other pathology. Wherein, if no medical advice, and then choose unload, you can have your own taste. That is, they rely only on your preferences. If you don't like Kefir, you should better choose buckwheat or fish, and when afraid of her smell, then give championship of apples. The latter Kefir, are considered as the most effective.

Best diet weight loss: what to choose

The question of which diet is most effective, much is determined by personal preference of the people because of the effectiveness of the variants are about the same. You can, however, vary considerably, depending on how easy it is. Normally hard-to-clean or low-calorie vegetables all day liquid. But the Protein-days or days on the pulp can be easier.

Often the experts are of the fact that the best diet to combine the two groups of products of the same type. The most popular organic components for the fast-days, then yogurt, cottage cheese, apples, lean meat, whole-grain products. There are many solutions, but we consider the most popular and, accordingly, the best almost days in regard to efficiency, including Kefir, Apple cider Protein and unloading.

Fasting Day Kefir

Many believe that the most effective diet is Kefir a day. This Option gets many good reviews, because Kefir unloading safe and effective. Plus it doesn't help to lose a few pounds, but to purify the body. The advantage of this method is that it allows you to tune the body, to Reset kilos without a strong Stress.

The reason for this is that many people believe that it lose weight Kefir day – the best day of fasting, is the use of the product. The entry in the gastro-intestinal tract, it acts like a broom handle, causing all the toxins, toxins, allowing the intestines of the severity, appear, in view of the regular consumption of Junk Food. You can grab this one-day dump in 2-3 weeks. It will be enough to the body to get rid of extra pounds and was always Fit and toned.

Unloading with the use of this product may be different: it will combine with other dairy products, fruit, vegetables, cereals. But we consider the classical variant, the only Kefir.

The rules of carrying out

According to the Definition of what fasting is the most effective for losing weight, buy you about one and a half litres of the product. Experts advise in advance to prepare to unload the body, a Dinner on the eve as easy as possible.

Options Kefir you can. different, such as low-fat drink and clean with a fruity core You can combine different types of. Then unloading easier. The Schema of the diet includes the following sample menu:

  • About 9 o'clock in the morning, drink a glass of low-fat yogurt;
  • In 12 days you are drinking a glass of organic yogurt.
  • 15 hours – treat yourself to a Cup of fruit butter milk.
  • 18.00 – enjoy a glass of organic yogurt.
  • 21.00 – leave your dinner, a glass of low-fat yogurt is.
  • Before the sleep can also drink a glass of Kefir of any kind.

Day ticket around 1.5 litres includes yogurt. It is necessary to clearly reflect this day exclusively to the beverage milk products found to eat is the avoidance of the temptations. Therefore, it is better not to choose for the unloading of the day, which is very stressful in the emotional or the physical level.

Despite the fact that the discharge is safe to drink, are you thirsty still, so you can drink clean water in unlimited quantities. You should be without Gas and without additives. You hold a discharge, not everyone can. Among the contraindications intolerance of dairy products, Gastritis, ulcer, pregnancy and lactation, is characterized. This discharge can lose up to 800 grams of excess fat.

On apples

Menu for weight loss

Effective fasting days Apple slimming. Apple – one of the most useful fruits. Regular alcohol consumption increases the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut, which prevents decay and improves the Assimilation of food. Already this is considered to be the perfect prevention of overweight, so the question of what to do better fasting day, many prefer an Apple.

Apples help to strengthen the immune system, normalizes relieve problems with digestion, the cholesterol, have an anti-tumor effect. In addition, the prevention of hypertension, arteriosclerosis is a way to improve the metabolism. This Option is particularly useful, suffers from chronic problems with the heart, the liver, the kidney, muscles, and joints. The fasting day helps the apples to throw up to half a kilogram.

The rules of carrying out

Apples for the discharge of the day can be added to the other components. But in the classic Version of gardens only these fruits in quantities of up to two kilograms, as well as water and green tea.

  • Apples are better unsweetened and divide it into six parts, which they consume in the course of the day, with an interval of about three hours.
  • You can diversify your Detox, having been a part of the apples baked in the shape of the Dessert is very tasty and healthy.
  • You should exercise caution in peptic ulcer disease, or Gastritis with high acidity. In this case, it is necessary to forget about the sour varieties of apples. Also those are almost daily, if you are allergic product, the diseases of the kidneys, the liver in the acute stage.

Even if no rates view experts, resort to this method more often than once per week. The optimal frequency is once in 10 days. In pregnancy and lactation experiment with real losing weight is also not desirable.

Protein for losing weight

The choice, which is the day of fasting is more suitable in your case, you can options, attention to Protein. Proteins have to forget the ability to saturate well, about the feeling of Hunger. Your digestion of the body spends a lot of energy, because of what slimming happens. This discharge helps the body to speed up the metabolism. Protein products saturate useful trace elements. Self-Protein is a necessary substance for those looking to lose weight, because it allows you to save muscle mass while burning fat and not the muscles.

The rules of carrying out

The most popular components on which the best days of the discharge of the day to proteins is cottage cheese or boiled chicken.

  • When it comes to the bottom Quark, must have a pound of low-fat cottage cheese and divide it into five meals. Allowed Quark to drink unsweetened tea. Do not add sugar or honey. There is also a discharge Option, where with every meal, cottage cheese is recommended you drink a glass of Kefir.
  • Fasting day on cooked chicken – a very useful Option, since it refers to those products that go exclusively to the muscles. You need to cook 350 grams of meat, divide it into four parts. Allowed to eat meat with a bit of green.

You also mention existing contraindications. To not recommend such fasting days those vessels suffer from diseases of the heart, the blood, the liver, and the kidneys to be classified. It is also to cleanse the body, similar to the method for pregnant women, lactating women.

On Buckwheat

Such a "sober" day book nutritionists, wheat is considered to be one of the most livable. He helps efficiently cleanse the body, thanks to its croup subcutaneous tissue. Coarse fibers getting on with the task of extraction in various toxins and waste products. However, we must be very careful, if you are wheat combine Kefir days with the book. This combination is cleansing, because the implementation of some of the best on the weekend.

The rules of carrying out

The preparations for this day will be the evening of the last.

  • Take a glass full of blood buckwheat and pour two cups of hot water. The workpiece porridge for the next day.
  • In the morning porridge, added a little salt and even a small piece (0.5-1 teaspoon) of oil can be.
  • Divide the entire quantity of the buckwheat to 5-8 pieces, depending on how many meals you have planned.

To as much easier from the Hand, which means hold out, do not break, you can use yogurt, mineral water, herbal tea and green tea without impurities and additives consume additional fat. It is believed that buckwheat is able to relieve no less than the half kilogram of obesity per day.

The "Fat" Days

In some diseases of the liver, the kidneys, of the gastro-intestinal tract, as well as simply lose weight, nutritionists recommend sometimes rather strange, almost days. You be fat as the body. There are several varieties.

  • Sour cream. For such cleanings will need to take a half-Liter small-fat sour cream content, divided into five to six meals and consume, to distribute uniformly on the whole day.
  • Creamy. In this case, you need to take -.6 kilograms of cream and also, just as in the first embodiment.

Please note that these heavy days will be stressful for the body. Because without the recommendation of a doctor it is better not carried out at all.


Many do not even know what it is to spend a day of fasting, the consumption of poultry meat. Despite errors, these days I am going to do the most effective slimming and safe for the body. Because the proteins do not allow the body to breakdown of muscles.

The rules of carrying out


Prior to such discharge in the afternoon to better prepare. Best for one to three days in advance to give up all kinds of oily, spicy, marinated, smoked and other harmful food. Eliminate alcohol, fast food, candy, benefit all.

  • A portion of food should be chicken more than 150 grams of boiled or steamed.
  • Between Breakfast, lunch and dinner, a distance of at least four or five hours.
  • For such a discharge, only chicken, Turkey, rabbits, veal is not. With the exception of pig meat.

Do not forget about the drinking mode, you need to drink a lot and often. Quite acceptable, the drinking of herbal or green tea. In a day of fasting tissue can lose at least a pound of fat.


As a variant of the previous fasting day could melon work fishy. The rules here are exactly the same as in the case of meat, because it is not necessary to repeat them several times. The only difference is that the weight of the fish. Exactly 600 grams choose, and then you consume over the course of the day on a sixth. Tatzer, hake, perch, pike, cod, sea bream and other not very fatty fish.