A series of simple and effective exercises for a flat stomach

how to lose weight with exercise

The path to a perfect figure and appetizing shapes is often made more difficult by the problem of eliminating problem areas. As a rule, these are the sides and lower abdomen, which sometimes negate numerous efforts. This often happens because girls don't quite properly address the problem of losing weight. To restore harmony in the waist area and make the sides smaller, you do not need to just stick to a diet or do cosmetic procedures at home. It is also important to regularly do special exercises, the aim of which is to lose weight in the most problematic areas. And they are described in this article

There is no need to exhaust yourself with weight training at all if you want to burn excess fat from the sides and waist. Now there are many effective exercises that can help you tone up problem areas without leaving your home.

Basic tips for those who want to lose weight

The female body is a unique and rather complex mechanism. Throughout her life, fair sex experiences changes in her body. Monthly changes inside, influencing factors from outside, improper nutrition contribute to an increase in the parameters of the figure. By adjusting your lifestyle and adding weight loss exercises on the abdomen and sides, you can easily cope with the problem that has arisen and get rid of excess weight in the most problematic areas of the body.

Contrary to popular belief that daily abdominal exercises give a girl a thin waist and a beautiful relief of the sides, you need to remember that there is no local fat burning - fat sheets not only from the belly and sides, but also from othersBody parts evenly

Only an integrated approach and special exercises will bring you closer to the desired goal. The intense pumping of the press only helps tighten the muscles. As opposed to pumping the press, a series of exercises that aim to shrink the abdomen and get rid of wrinkles on the sides can improve your body at home by using specific muscle groups. Therefore, they are more effective than abs or strenuous diets.

In order to get your body in order, you have to try to eat right. To do this, you should limit the use of unhealthy and high calorie foods, alcohol, and exclude bad habits. Then home training and sports become more effective.

useful tips for losing weight

In addition, there are other recommendations that contribute to losing weight in problem areas:

  • divides the usual three meals a day into 5-6 meals a day;
  • eat in small portions so that when you leave the table you feel a little hungry;
  • drink 1 glass of clean water at room temperature for about half an hour before meals;
  • When you get hungry in the evening, it is recommended to quench it with a glass of water or a small amount of low-fat kefir.

If you follow these tips and regularly do effective weight loss exercises on your stomach and sides at home, you will see results within the first month.

A series of exercises for beautiful sides and "wasp waist"

Belly and gusset exercises that can easily be done at home are pretty straightforward. To get rid of problem areas, you can use one of the training options, which consists of simple and simple tasks. See examples below.

A series of exercises for a flat stomach

  • Plank exercise.This is the easiest and most effective exercise that makes your slightly flabby stomach firmer and flatter. It is performed as follows: starting position - a pose for push-ups from the floor. The body should be parallel to the floor surface and both arms should be supported. After taking the described position, you need to stay in it as long as possible, putting weight on your abdominal muscles. For beginners, you can start with 30 seconds and extend the period to 3-5 minutes.
  • Bicycle exerciseis a proven method for strengthening the abdominal muscles and for losing weight. This exercise is classic and is carried out according to the standard scheme: Starting position - Lying on your back with your legs stretched forward, movements are performed that imitate a simple bike ride. In this case, it is necessary to put weight on the abdominal muscles.
  • Exercise "Press with your legs and put them behind your head". As in the previous case, to perform this exercise, you should assume the starting position - lying on the floor on your back, arms along the body and legs stretched along the length. Slowly you need to lift your closed and straight legs and gently bring your feet behind your head.
  • Swing legs to remove the sides
  • Exercise "lifting the trunk"- performed according to the principle of pumping up the press, but with the legs raised. To complete this exercise, you will need a chair, sofa, or fitball for support. Starting position - lying on the floor, put your feet on a support so that you get an angle of 90 degrees, cross your arms on your chest. You should be performing trunk raises and getting as close to your knees as possible. It is recommended to do such exercises until a burning sensation occurs in the abdominal muscles. Beginners can start with 3 sets of 10 repetitions each and gradually increase the number.
  • Exercise "Pushing with a load with legs". Also a simple but effective exercise for losing weight in the lower abdomen. Starting position - lying on the floor with your arms outstretched and a weight trapped between your legs at the level of your ankles. When doing such exercises at home to lose weight on your stomach, you can use a small pillow, a small rubber ball, as a load. The load must be lifted with straight legs so that an angle of 30-45 degrees is formed between them and the surface of the ground. It's worth staying in this position for 30-60 seconds. Then the legs can be lowered with the load. It is recommended that you gradually increase the number of repetitions so that you experience a slight burn at the end of the workout.
  • Rotation exercises- simple but very effective exercises for losing weight on the abdomen and sides. It is performed lying on the floor. When you bend your legs at the knees, you need to lift the body to a small height off the floor with your hands behind your head. This body position is held for 1-12 minutes, then you can slowly lower yourself to the starting position. With crunches you can noticeably reduce the size of your belly and make it flatter without leaving your home.

Exercise complex for raised sides

To make the lateral area much smaller, remove the wrinkles that have formed in these problem areas and bring the lateral muscles back. The following complex can be done at home.

Like the previous one, it's pretty simple, and includes exercises like this for nice pages:

    Slimming stirrups for stomach and sides
  • Rotate the hula hoop for 10 to 20 minutes daily. This is a very powerful exercise for the abdomen and sides. Thanks to him, you can not only make the sides elastic and taut, but also make the belly smaller. It is enough to buy special sports equipment and periodically rotate it around the waist.
  • Exercise "Inclines". This action is known to many since the days of kindergarten. From a young age, children are taught this exercise during the warm-up, as it remains the most productive due to the variety of possible activities. It is sufficient to stand straight with your legs shoulder-width apart and slowly bend to the left and right. Beginners can do 15 repetitions for each side. You should gradually increase the number of approaches.
  • Exercises to eliminate the fatty sweetness on the "mill"sides. The execution is carried out according to the standard scheme: The starting position stands with legs shoulder-width apart on the floor. Next, you should bend your torso forward and alternately stretch your hands towards the toes of the opposite feet. This gymnastics not only serves to tighten the side muscles and press, but also to strengthen the back.
  • Exercise "swinging legs". It is performed while standing so you can enjoy your favorite show while you exercise. When approaching the table or replacing a chair with your back to you, you must stand sideways to it. Hold on to the edge of the table / back of the chair with your hand so that your posture is level. Swinging back and forth is performed alternately with each leg. It is advisable to raise your feet as high as possible and not bend your legs. It is recommended to do 3 sets of 15 swings for each leg.
  • A very powerful exercise "The Little Mermaid". Starting position: lying on your side on the floor with your head resting on one arm bent at the elbow and the other hand on the floor near your stomach. It is necessary to raise both straight legs as high as possible. Do not keep your legs bent at the top of the knees for a few seconds and slowly lower them. After a twenty second break, lift them up again. So you need to do 10-15 reps, then flip over on the other side and do the same thing on the other side.