Slimming exercises

Exercises for slimming arms and shoulders

A woman's beauty is not just about a slim, thin waist and firm buttocks. When looking for a beautiful, toned body, many women forget about their hands. Even those with a beautiful figure can often be full, which does not add attractiveness to the image. What to do? Exercises have been developed for losing weight of the abdomen, waist, hips, and buttocks. How do you get rid of fat on your hands?

In this case there is also a special complex that you can use to fix all problems in this zone. Hands weight loss exercises are aimed at exercising all muscles. They help restore tone, firmness and beautiful lines.

Reasons for the formation of fat on the hands

The presence of fat in the arms and shoulders clearly indicates obesity, even if all other parts of it are in perfect condition. The type of appearance of body fat can be different.

The most common reasons are:

  • hormones.The metabolism when burning fat or, conversely, the accumulation of extra pounds plays a subordinate role. Everything is "responsible" for our hormones, which only get involved in work when you are given good or bad calories. In order for the metabolism to always start at the highest speed and for the hands to be satisfied with beautiful lines, it is necessary to keep your hormonal background. When injured, fat is quickly deposited in the problem area.
  • Genetic predisposition.Body fat can be inherited. If the men and women in the family have a tendency to accumulate fat right in the arms and shoulders, then there is a high possibility that you have a similar problem.
  • Wrong power supply.This is the number one cause of obesity. If you eat large amounts of fat, salt, flour, the metabolism will quickly slow down. It is more difficult for the body to process heavy foods. Instead of digesting, he stores them in the most unnecessary places.
  • Lack of physical activity. Exercise and sport are our life and always a beautiful, healthy figure. When a person leads a passive lifestyle, the calories obtained from food (often harmful) are not consumed but stored and form those very ugly wrinkles.

Best hand exercises at home

What exercises should you choose at home or in the gym? This problem should be taken seriously. The thing is that when working on the shoulders and arms, there is a large load on the shoulder joint. If the program is wrong, there is a high probability of serious injury.

Strength training is ideal today to reduce body fat. Exercises train exactly the right zones perfectly. We offer some of the most effective elements to include in your training program. You can do them both in the gym and at home.

Helpful hint.Physical activity must be combined with proper nutrition. When you eat healthy, low-calorie, high-protein foods, body fat decreases quickly and shows well-pumped muscles.

Reverse push-ups on one arm

Reverse pushups for removing arms
  • We sit on the surface. Put your feet together.
  • Put your hands shoulder width apart.
  • The legs bend at the knee joint. We tear off the hips from the surface. Body weight should be carried in the palm of your hand.
  • The right arm is straight and the left arm bends at the elbow and lowers the hips, but without reaching the floor.
  • Do the exercise as often as necessary and then switch hands.
  • A chair or stool can be used as a support.

Longitudinal plank when walking

  • We stand in the position of the longitudinal bar with straight arms at shoulder level.
  • The legs are pressed in and form a straight line.
  • We make sure that the body is as even as possible in this position. The back shouldn't bend in the lumbar region.
  • Put your right arm and left leg to the left as if we were taking a step. We fix ourselves in such a position.
  • Then we repeat the movement, but with a delay for the left arm and right leg in the assumed pose.
  • Slowly go back to the beginning.
  • During the performance we pull as much as possible into the stomach.
  • Repeat this process again.

Classic push-ups

  • We lie down on the surface.
  • Keep our feet together, rest on your toes. We put our hands on the palms of the hands (wider than the shoulders) and straighten up completely.
  • Do push-ups - bend your arms at the elbows and lower yourself to the floor without touching your chest.

Helpful hint.This exercise is difficult for beginners. To make the task easier, you can transfer support from your toes to your knees. This makes pushups much easier.

Stand Dips

  • Take a vertical position.
  • Lean on a table or special platform with our hands.
  • The legs are straight and folded. The hands are shoulder width apart.
  • Keep your back straight and form a straight line for your entire body. It is important to monitor your posture in order to maximize your arm muscles.
  • Do classic pushups.

seat arm extension

Flexion and extension of the arms for weight loss
  • We are sitting on a chair. We keep our backs straight, we don't rest on the surface.
  • We pick up a ball or a bottle filled with water. Any weight you can comfortably hold will do.
  • Lift the weight held in our hands above our head.
  • Slowly and without hurry we put our hands behind our heads and bend them at the elbows. We try to keep it as low as possible.
  • We also slowly raise our hands up.

Tips for losing weight arms and shoulders at home

A series of exercises to train your shoulders and arms is not enough. To wear things with short sleeves, you should also adjust your lifestyle and daily routine:

  • Let's start eating right.Agree that shoulder exercises at the gym or at home will have no effect if you consistently eat unhealthy foods. A well-designed menu will speed up the process of grease removal in problem areas.
  • reduce portions.We only eat small amounts, but often, preferably at regular intervals. As a result, you will forget about hunger.
  • We drink water.Drink at least two liters of water a day, especially if you exercise constantly. The metabolism accelerates, hunger decreases, dehydration is excluded. The effect is bigger.
  • Don't forget about cardio.Strength training is not possible without good cardio. Adding more walking, swimming, jumping rope, running, cycling to our lives. Your body and your thinner hands will say "thank you".
  • We combine a number of exercises with various cosmetic interventions.Ideally, attend massages, baths, use various scrubs, creams and ointments that restore the skin tone and have an additional fat-burning effect.

Building a beautiful body is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. With a proficient business approach, you will quickly bring yourself to perfection in an area as difficult as your hands.