The best diet to lose weight fast at home

Easy diet to lose weight – the dream of millions of women. Many people dream of losing weight not only easy, but also very fast, up to 10 pounds per week, and even more.

The desire is understandable, but not logical. Because man is gaining weight in a short period of time. There are many diets for quick weight loss, you should be familiar with the most popular options.

the best diet for losing weight

But before the first ride of the Express diet, it is to understand, what this or that System. In addition, diet scientists absolutely do not recommend the use of these systems on a regular basis.

How to lose weight with the fast diets properly

Under fast real losing weight is often a drastic weight reduction in a short period of time. One must understand that the weight is changing rapidly because of the following factors:

  1. Violation of the water balance. The body consists of 60 percent water. The weight reduction of more than 1 kg per week means that the loss of body water and not fat mass;
  2. Defecation. It is obvious that in the intestine in large quantities, there are the remains of the undigested food, your weight can be up to 10 kilograms. Diet to clean the colon, promotes detoxification, thereby achieving a quick reduction in weight.

The loss of fat mass is extremely slow. So fast diet usually do not give tangible results in weight loss. After the restoration of the water balance and the filling of the intestine weight back.

It is important to not only lose weight quickly but also safely. To ensure compliance with all the rules of fast diets it is necessary.

  1. The agreement with a specialist. Absolutely healthy people, no, not everyone knows about their problems with health. Before you begin gluing of a system of the power supply, you should check with your doctor to consult with a dietitian, discuss with him the main points of the diet.
  2. In most cases, quick results give Mono-diet, in respect of which the experts recommend a Multivitamin. This allows the organism in the conditions of limited supply, get all of the minerals and nutrients.
  3. High efficiency diet show in combination with physical activity. You have the option of diving in Fitness Studios and health Clubs, especially since not everyone has such opportunities. Enough lift to give up and climb to the desired floor by foot, and replace the travel with public transport to work.
  4. An important point – the correct output from the diet. In order not to damage the body, return to a normal diet is gradually. It is not allowed, the deceased kilogram. Preferably, the adherence to a balanced diet and the rules for the authorisation of food.

Most of the fast diets have one thing in common – a significant reduction in the calorie intake. This leads to a loss of muscle tissue, as the body takes energy from the muscles.

No salt in many diets caused a temporary dehydration. These problems are sinful diet without salt. To save the muscle during weight loss, you should consume adequate amounts of Protein. And a moderate amount of salt to solve the Problem of dehydration.

Effective diets for quick weight loss

To reduce fast and effective weight for a short period of time two popular diet allow you to:

  • Kefir;
  • Buckwheat flour.
Kefir slimming

Kefir variant shows excellent results, the milk drink low fat content can you really lose weight per week up to 7 pounds. The result is particularly striking in the case of people whose weight is significantly higher than the normal rate. This System support easy to home.

Diet Kefir is easy and cost-effective. Its essence consists in the fact that every 2-3 hours, drink a glass of Kefir. The whole day should not drink more than 1.5 liters. In the breaks, butt-eating bouts, a simple water allow.

Buckwheat diet is showing good results, it is one of the most popular Mono-diet. This porridge is very useful and tasty, but it's not ready to lose weight is to as usual. A glass of buckwheat filled with boiling water, the capacity is covered with the cap, and left for the night.

This variant of the preparation are not randomly chosen, it allows all the nutrients for the normal functioning of the body. Porridge may, at any time upon the occurrence of Hunger. Drinks that can be eaten with teas, herbal and green, without sugar, normal water.

These two fast diet is pretty effective in the system. Many good results can be achieved by the buckwheat with Kefir. Do not experiment with these diets people who have problems with the digestive tract. Do not drink a lot of yogurt in case of problems with health.

Diet without diet: lose weight without limitations

The healthiest variant of style and remains lose weight without the unnatural restrictions in the diet, and abrupt change of life. Thus, the body did not react to remove the stress of the situation, bring all the excess fat and water in a natural way. The fastest and most productive is Massage R-Sleek.

This Massage is often recommend that people who are not able to due to health or other reasons, a diet. The result after completion of the course receive the same, as after a good slimming. On average, for a course of 6 to 10 treatments, dress size reduced to 1-2 units.

aire-Slick slimming

He's Slick, shows the excess fluid from the body and activates the metabolism. So there is a natural body freeing from unnecessary "Ballast" without adverse effects on the muscles, which disappear in the case of improper food and at the same time the fat deposits.

The best diet for fast weight loss

The legendary Hollywood diet still enjoys great love of women. It is a myth that on this System, well-known artists of Hollywood – Rena Zellweger, Catherine Zeta Jones, Nicole Kidman emaciated. Like it or not, so far, unknown, but amazing results, the resulting Hollywood stars turn the head, the weight want to lose.

The essence of this diet consists in a significant reduction in the ration up to 800 kcal per day and exclusion from the diet of fats and carbohydrates. Of course, the physical stress of the question, this calorie content are hardly sufficient only for the maintenance of normal life activities.

The Protein-Power version in the base contains foods rich in Protein. May meat, fish and seafood is consumed. Completely from the diet all the spices and alcohol excluded drinks. At the beginning, in the menu of this system figure, especially seafood, food, the usual for the stars.

Currently, Hollywood diet, was significantly adapted to the realities of ordinary people. Products in composition and calorie content differ significantly, but their effectiveness remains high enough. Glue should not be more than seven.

Breakfast in not provided. Diet lunch and dinner was rather poor. Sample Menu Lunch:

  • boiled eggs with a salad made of tomatoes, coffee;
  • boiled quail eggs, Grapefruit;
  • Salad and eggs;
  • Fruit salad;
  • cooked chicken breast, citrus, tea.

For dinner you can prepare:

  • Quark with tea;
  • Tafelspitz and salad from cucumbers;
  • Steamed fish with salad;
  • Salad from fruit.

Fast diet to remove belly and flanks

For the reduction of the perfect quick special diet, which is a certain principles. For the best effect, the following rules should be observed:

  1. For the creation of a negative energy balance, the volume of the ingested food should limit.
  2. You increase the calorie intake. The number of calories should be calculated, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the body.
  3. Well-Balanced Diet. In maintaining the nutrition for the should Vitamin complex Mineral.
  4. Meals should be frequent, but mini portions of paint. Mandatory allowable physical load.
Diet for weight loss

In the time to maintain diet food should stop the consumption of sweets and desserts, white rice and potatoes, alcohol and soda pop, fast Food and canned food, semi-finished and finished sauces, and juices. The smoke should give up.

Before a diet for weight loss belly and flanks, a preparatory work, are as follows:

  • each step and each day should only be painted. If you have a family, is a strict diet delineate, define, what is a woman slimming;
  • Purchase of products in advance need to be addressed, in order not to temptation arise to buy much;
  • before that, you should keep a diary and make a note of it in the original data, and detailed menu for the day, as well as the results achieved. You can be glued to the photos and make all your measurements.

A positive attitude is required! It should be understood that the food is not heavy duty, but the opportunity to go to a new one.

Prior to the application of any strict System should consult a doctor.

Limitations on this System, therefore, it is not recommended to stay here if you have problems with health.

Exemplary of the daily diet can be the following:

  1. Breakfast: orange and yogurt, cottage cheese and an Apple.
  2. Lunch: vegetable soup, egg and cheese.
  3. Dinner: boiled beef and beans, seafood, and salad made of cucumber.
  4. Snacking: Fruit.

Rigid diet to lose weight fast at home

At home, you can quickly throw up to 3 pounds in three days with the Express diet. Your Menu Is The Following:

1 day to more meals a baked chicken split in the film. The skin you can't use.

Day 2 – three steps to a piece of boiled calf meat (300 grams) eats.

3. Day – drinking. You only drink coffee without sugar.

The effectiveness of the diet is very high, but on the third day, the feeling of dizziness and weakness.

A similar result you get when you to three-day vegetarian diet. The first and the last days in the diet there are only vegetables fresh and baked Form-and vegetable juices, and diet of the second day fruit. You can drink tea and herbal teas, coffee.

Diet for quick weight loss of 10 kg

In case of a sudden weight loss is a decrease in the volume occurs frequently, the parts of the body, you need. Begins, remove the fat from the face and chest, buttocks, and to lose, weight, belly, and legs.

The result is 10 or more kilograms per week should pay special attention to the physical strain, and Massage problem areas.

Needless to rapid burning of body fat leads to the fact that in the transition to a normal diet too quickly. You should a longer period of time such diets leave, to accustom the body to the new weight. The popular diet for fast weight loss 10 pounds of the following:

  • Lazy Diet. This is the easiest way to body requires fat in tight areas, there is no strict restrictions. The weight reduction is brought about by the consumption of large quantities of water.

The bottom line is that the drink immediately after waking up and before eating at least a glass of water. Used the lemon may be acid in the water, if there are no problems with the stomach.

Better the purified water, you can use mineral water without gases. Of the day you should drink about 3 liters of water. Diet lasts for a month, but the first results are already visible after the first week.

  • Common diet-quick action is diet without carbohydrates. True, 10 days, it is not recommended. Its essence is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the diet, the basis of the menus, the Protein products.

This System allows you to lose weight without harm to the muscle mass, because the diet of a large number of Protein – meat, eggs, cottage cheese. In maintaining you should drink plenty of water, proteins to be digested better.

Simple diet for fast weight loss

simple diet for fast weight loss

It is worth considering whether it is in the principle of light diet? Because each of the diet includes low-calorie diet or reducing the amount of food consumed.

Easy systems that do not restrict heavily in the food of the people be respected. In them simple products in the nearest store.

The man carries food easily and does not suffer from it. What diet can easily call?

Light diet want to safe weight reduction – no more than 3-4 kilos a month. The decrease is slowly, but effectively. Sample menu simple diet for weight loss the following:

  1. Morning: oatmeal on the water with chopped fruits (pear, Apple), a Cup of green tea;
  2. Second Breakfast: a Cup of yogurt or natural yogurt;
  3. Lunch: soup of vegetable broth, a salad in a fish, fruit juice;
  4. Snack: fruit or a handful of nuts;
  5. Dinner: boiled buckwheat with a salad of vegetables.

It is important to understand that the size of the servings should be selected individually, but the amount of meat or a Supplement should not more than 250 g. If the person is accustomed, there are a lot, the amount of food you should win by vegetables, a gradual reduction of their quantity.

This allows the stomach is reduced. To drink useful before eating water, it is allowed, to eat less and feel full faster.

An important point in maintaining a strict restrictive diets for weight reduction should you closely observe how the bowel works. This allows to avoid an efficient cleaning and unnecessary problems.

Quick diets to help prepare for in a short period of time to the figure to this momentous date. But it is rather an emergency measure and, often, they rely not worth it, since the disadvantages of the restrictive diet significantly.