23 the most effective Council to facilitate the

how to lose weight at home

The main thing, according to the experts, you do not sit immediately great goals, and you choose such diets that can bring fun.

There is no other method to lose weight permanently and without harm to health, as it is less, a preference for certain products and sports. However, for many people, the rejection of the usual diet is turns into a real torture, - stated in the article to BuzzFeed.

Edition spoke with the experts – certified nutritionists, experts, a healthy diet and Fitness trainers and published advice on the experience of experts, which will make the transition to a new Regime less painful, the result of a long and relieve feelings of Hunger and sadness. Tips, quotes from experts, the is edition.

1. What would you do, don't harass "detoxification" and "cleansing the body"

"You can cause the current havoc in your body and are really very unhealthy. You avoid food, lose weight you promise, according to the "7-day Detox or 30-day colon cleansing". Marketers sell these products under the Motto that the Person is healthier, thinner, happier, and more attractive after the consumption of these products. I will not get tired to repeat, that cleans just a well-balanced diet that you can follow constantly"

2. Not ban you, nothing of the products

"If you have a list of the forbidden products, you want it all the time. And then, if you don't eat and only a little bit, could be the mechanism "anyway, I am messed up everything, so eat at all".

Instead, you have to allow yourself to enjoy the food. But do it wisely and make sure that you really want this piece to eat. And not just because the food in the area, and I can at any time access to your"

3. Try to make at least one meal a day healthier

"I often work with clients who want to do everything at once. It only works for a few, but most should start out with something. Ask yourself: "If I had only one meal to change, what must I change that on me?". And you start with this.

In General, the most easily change your Breakfast, as most people just ignore it, or to intercept any useless Goodies. The easiest way to change his Breakfast and be sure that he is balanced in Protein, fat and carbohydrates, it is to two eggs to eat the necessary proteins and fat. And paste of fruit, a piece or half a Cup of roasted potatoes, the carbohydrates"

4. When it comes to exercise, remember: less is more

Training to lose weight

"This means that: 1. Do not immediately start with heavy and intense workouts. 2. You can start with a minimum of two training units per week in the gym and 3-4 weeks, try not to strain yourself immediately 4-5 training units per week.

As soon as prove that they will go 2 times a week regularly, go on three training sessions per week and keep this pace for at least a month before you still a day. Then you will quickly get used to, and not to leave the room"

5. Hiking in catering establishments set aside for special events and holidays

"Home cooking fresh food to order is usually more nutritious and less calories than what you eat in a cafe or home means more"

6. If a habit, be to-do-list – Training should be under "binding"

"A lot of people make to-do lists for the day. And in them there is a separation between "safe" and "possible". I find effective help, your exercise in the section "necessarily", in which things, without which I would not have the right to bed.

I think it really helps, because you change your attitude to exercise, your brain starts to perceive it as an obligatory and unavoidable task"

7. Do not try to turn all the workers breaks snacking

"A lot of people like to take a break from work to eat something. And not necessarily because of Hunger, but simply from the desire to get away from your Desk for a while. Not to eat instead of when you get up hungry, something to drink, and water, speak with colleagues and get back to work. To help you relax and forget about the food, not wanted, actually, really"

8. You try to think about this, what you break bread and why he is

"First of all, think about what benefit it brings between meal: distracted? Experience pleasure or enjoyment? Fear of Hunger feel? If you eat not because of hunger, Yes, and a very high-calorie food with low content of nutrients, thinking about what to chew. More judicious selection between meals not only does not add extra calories, but a habit and therefore you will only receive if you are hungry and stop eating when you feel that it ate.

Start with the fact that you lift at least a bite, preferably a, when you eat out of boredom or because you can't believe that until the end of the working day for a long time. You can try to give up extra between meals, but it sounds like torture, so for the beginning of a much-loved sweet bars or biscuits, and replace nuts, fruit, etc."

9. You try the water with your favorite beverage

"Try to replace at least one drink with sugar (sodas, juices, coffee with sugar, etc.) per day of water (or water with fruit, or conventional mineral water with Gas, to be varied). And after you exchange all your sweet drinks with water. As a Bonus, you get improved digestion and good health"

10. You do regular Cardio Training

"Cardio type and won in the question of losing weight but help of strength training, muscle build up, which speeds up the metabolism and helps to burn calories. If you really want results, strength training should be in the weekly "Mix" Training"

11. You communicate with people single-mindedly with great force of will, the the same goals

"Step into a community where people are United in a goal and reach the goal. If you do not watch over the people, that your process of weight loss, goal can easily turn into a Ghost – if you set a goal and to not keep it a secret if you achieve it, no one will ever know.

But if there is a team of like-minded people, it will inspire you to achieve the success and brag about it"

12. Learn more about the Standard sizes of the portions and compare them with how much you eat

"Most people don't understand how much you get to eat in the course of the day and how many calories. In General, we all want to eat more than they should, or think. To measure sense of how much you really eat. Does not need to weigh your food constantly – that can be boring. Just do it 1-2 days in order to understand, how much you eat.

For example, people who believe that eating (for the eyes), a tablespoon of peanut butter, eaten, in fact, more often only and two spoons. Similarly, with meat and other products, once weighed, you already know, what type has, for example, 200 grams of meat. And realize how you eat too much"

13. You buy a pair of cool sports clothing

"Buy you a new pair of sneakers for Jogging or workout suit. Maybe it is banal, but it works. They feel, accordingly, dressed like. Thus, an additional Motivation is to go to your new things."

14. You organize your day so that power was on throughout the day, the desire to make a healthy choice

"Start the day plays an important role in the healthy diet and the observance of the sporting mode. My tip is to create by thinking and a Plan for a healthy tomorrow, to support your desire for a healthy way of life in the course of the day. Always load in the morning to a healthy day.

Highlight in the morning 15 minutes, which helps you to feel good. This can be very simple things like drinking tea with ginger, make some exercises of Stretching for 5 minutes or attention to the breathing You can choose Meditation or reading".

15. You eat a serving of green vegetables, three times a day

Vegetables for losing weight

"This is the low-calorie and the saturated ballast and other nutrients in vegetables. They will help you feel full faster and give the body the necessary elements for optimal health"

16. Add minimally-treated plant foods in your diet

"It is known that almost no one in America don't eat enough vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grain. But it is precisely this food is nutritious, it gives us a sense of satisfaction from the food and helps in the removal of the food less useful things. In addition, eating more plant foods has a positive effect on the environment and the animals. If we are aware of changes in habits do not make, the only benefit we have, there is an additional Motivation is not to collapse of this way"

17. Be sure that sweets have on Hand

"The truth is that we eat everything that falls under the arm. If, under the Hand always, unhealthy food, we will absorb you. If the access area is always delicious, natural, minimally processed foods, then we are going to bars they absorb instead of candy or chocolate. You do not have to constantly hold back, must hold only in the Shop, if you buy food for the week"

18. You set goals, how you want to look, set the goal – how strong, fast and athletic you feel want to

"Always a lot of lightweight training stick programs, when I look at a target power and strength, instead of physical parameters. I'm a grow with my training, and burn there those indicators that are guaranteed and improve during training. And when I see constant progress, which motivated me"

19. You eat more fat

"Although it sounds strange, but in trying to people lose weight make the mistake of exclusively from the diet of fat, which can lead to excessive hunger and irritability. For this reason, it is very hard for a long time on a diet, and this is the key to success. Add healthy fats gives you a feeling of fullness and stops the consumption of excess carbohydrates, or sugar. Also decreases the likelihood that you stay away from the diet.

Try to consume healthy fats throughout the day. I love the day starts with a Smoothie made of green foods with the addition of Avocado, for lunch, add nuts in the salad, and late in the afternoon, a Latte with turmeric"

20. Do not miss the help of professionals

"Are you looking for a qualified, experienced, caring and understanding professional and let it help you with the following steps your, habits, and practices that may not be in your life and not complicate their already difficult and eventful life.

There is no single "focus", which work effectively for every Person, every culture, in every situation of life. Therefore, those who impose on you is a "simple solution escapes from". You are looking for people who can lead, support, and achieve goals. They will help you years of unsuccessful efforts, the desperation and disappointment"

21. Bring more healthy and tasty dishes at Home parties

"Trying to lose weight should not interfere with the friendship lunch, homemade dinner and play, etc., in connection with the food. The simplest thing you can do when you come to a Party where all the food and carry it in the vegetables. Easy, isn't it? Instead of you to focus on what not to from the table, in the center of the, as many of the delicious, fresh and healthy food available for you"

22. Do not try to achieve perfection

Think "about "failures" as not failures, but rather as a learned and lessons learned. The easiest way to negate all of the attempts to reach is healthier to expect perfection, and then fall into despair because of the impossibility of this goal. Try to change your attitude about the entire process – you don't have to "win" and "learn". In the course of the training, each error is an opportunity of the analysis of what is wrong, and the opportunity to correct everything the next time. So the basic things to learn, goals more concrete and realistic than "perfection""

23. Make sure that the new diet will make you happier

"If you are sure that you will not suffer from the chosen diet, look for another one that looks accessible and enjoyable for you. If the diet makes you unhappy, you will not be able to meet for long, but if a healthy diet plan will bring fun and power to him for life, then there is high probability, that you long for in this Plan. And that is the only way to lose weight and not gaining weight"