Approximate menu for the desire to lose weight

Menu for weight loss

How difficult it is to lose weight! Grueling diets, mandatory exercise... Not always the human body is ready to do this, so many consider the process of losing weight to complicated and waive him. In reality, the liberation of obesity is can take place unnoticed, it is sufficient, right. For example, the allow knowledgeable selected menu for weight loss, throw a couple of pounds, without their culinary preferences. You need to buy certain products and use them in the course of time, the menu is calculated.

Properties diet menu

What is a diet menu? Many believe that this is a series of unpleasant and salty foods, you consume only in case of emergency or serious illness. Actually this statement is fundamentally wrong: the food is also very delicious and contain all the vital for the human body vitamins and trace elements.

Characteristics diet foods consist in its full value and balance through the use of natural and healthy products. The calorie content of these products is very low. The consumption of low-calorie foods to consume every day the more calories as the body is fed, and this in turn leads to a gradual weight reduction.

The basic rule, is based on the compilation of menus for weight loss – you should not feel hungry. People who want to eat constantly, not able to lose weight without harm to your body. In sum – not a slim and beautiful figure, and problems with skin and hair, insomnia, irritability and susceptibility to Stress. A legitimate diet for weight loss for each day allows you get rid of excess weight, still fresh, full of energy, cheerful and healthy.

What is needed? You should eat so that all of the dishes for the application of dietetic food fresh, varied and well prepared. Of course, you must focus to some extent on the taste preferences, because the person who is wearing, for example, fish or stew of carrots, will not be able to enjoy the food. In this case, the court will bring no advantage and satisfaction, but aversion, and in a bad mood. If necessary, some components, menus for weight loss can replace products close to the original properties and the amount of calories.

Approximate menu for weight loss in 7 days

In the desire to lose weight, you can calculate on the menu, for a week. It was developed by nutritionists for people who want to look at the principles of correct and healthy diet, so in the composition of the products contain the highest possible number of useful substances to the body So, the composition of the menus is calculated to 5 meals per day during the day, and the next.


Breakfast: buckwheat porridge on the water, or skimmed milk, vegetable, salad, tea without sugar.

Second Breakfast: a banana or a pear, a glass of butter milk.

Lunch: soup with fish, boiled chicken breast with steamed vegetables, compote from dried fruits.

Snack: low-fat cottage cheese or natural yoghurt.

Dinner: stew of vegetables or a fresh salad, cooked fish, bread with bran, tea.


Breakfast: Porridge, muesli, natural yoghurt, pear or savory Apple, coffee.

Second Breakfast: cottage cheese, seasoned with low-fat sour cream, a Cup of broth hips.

Lunch: soup made of cereals, vegetable broth, baked fish with boiled brown rice, salad, juice or compote.

Snack: figs and apricots with yogurt.

Dinner: a piece of lean meat, fresh vegetables salad, tea.


Breakfast: Porridge from oats with milk or water, baked Apple, tea or coffee with 1 teaspoon of honey.

Second Breakfast: a few nuts, yogurt.

Lunch: cabbage soup from fresh cabbage in meat broth, mashed potatoes, fish-meatballs, fruit juice.

Snack: fruit salad, 2-3 spicy crackers.

Dinner: stew of vegetables, a slice of lean ham, a glass of tea.


Breakfast: baked pudding from cottage cheese with dried fruit or candied fruit, Toast with Butter, coffee, fruit juice or tea.

Second Breakfast: An Apple, Natural Yoghurt.

Lunch: borsch, kotletka chicken with buckwheat compote.

Snack: a few nuts, yogurt, a handful of dry fruits.

Dinner: steamed chicken fillet with Vinaigrette, tea.


Breakfast: rice porridge with milk, with sugar, a handful of dried fruit, coffee or tea.

Second Breakfast: a Cup of yogurt or Kefir, banana.

Lunch: vegetable soup, goulash with mashed potatoes, salad from fresh vegetables, fruit juice or compote.

Snack: low-fat cottage cheese, a glass of cocoa, a few cookies or 1 Toast.

Dinner: salad of vegetables with fish, grilled or baked, natural yoghurt.


Breakfast: scrambled eggs, salad from fresh vegetables, a piece of corn bread or Toast, tea or coffee with milk.

Second Breakfast: 2-3 slices of jam or 2 rings pineapple, natural yoghurt.

Lunch: vegetable soup with chicken broth, the meat of the chicken breast with Vinaigrette, compote, or fruit juice.

Snack: cottage cheese with sour cream, low-fat, a handful of dry fruits.

Dinner: boiled chicken meat, with Vinaigrette, juice or tea.


Breakfast: Porridge oats with water or milk, a banana or other sweet fruit, coffee or tea.

Second Breakfast: Toast, a couple of savory crackers or toast, a glass of fruit or vegetable juice.

Lunch: soup of buckwheat in broth, grilled lean meat with vegetables, stewed fruit or fruit juice.

Snack: 2-3 fresh fruits, natural yogurt, and tea.

Dinner: fish or meat with cooked brown rice, fresh vegetables salad, tea.

Must say that the above menu for weight loss can only be the basis, which you can customize, depending on weight, age, daily calorie consumption. In the case of high physical stress could lead to high consumption of calories and weight of the portions a little bigger, as in the case of a passive life style.

Recommended weight servings for people with different life styles

If you spend a large part of the day on the Computer or your office Desk, for the following portions of food are recommended:

  • lean meat or fish – 100 grams;
  • low-fat cottage cheese – 100 G;
  • Porridge made from oats or other flakes – 200 G;
  • steamed rice – 100 G;
  • cooked vegetables or vegetable stew – 300 G;
  • Salad from fresh vegetables – 200 G;
  • Black Bread – 30 G;
  • Natural Yoghurt – 150 G.

If your activity coupled with active or heavy physical strain, the portions can increase a little, or turn some-more calorie-rich food. For example, athletes or people who need to have enough time for Fitness, every day, many of the proteins consumed. In this connection, portions of fish, meat or cottage cheese, the raw capacity of up to 200 G can, but you reduce the consumption of grain up to 100 g.

It should also be noted that, in compliance with the menu for weight loss any number of mineral water and normal water or herbal tea without sugar can drink. But to note the most important rule: to drink, taking liquid one hour before meals and 30 minutes afterwards, immediately before a meal, and while it is highly undesirable.

What to do if you are losing weight quickly? Products for slimming

It is no secret that excessive weight loss as harmful for health. Nutritionists warn that to lose weight need than 5 kg per month. Let the process is longer, but as gently as possible for the organism. In the meantime, there are diets that throw more than 20 kg within a month. These diets have a lot of Fans, you already proven to yourself, and of remaining satisfied with the result.

Of course, there are cases when an urgent need to get rid of a few pounds: for example, had the opportunity to fly in tropical countries, at the last Minute, and favorite summer dress is too small. Here are similar diet will be very helpful. When it comes to the global weight loss, it is useful, the consultation with the nutrition consultant on the application of this type of diet. What is included in the menu for weight loss in a diet for quick weight loss? First and foremost, it is based on the use of products, the the growth of fat cells.

It is:

  • Cabbage and broccoli;
  • unsweetened herbal and apples;
  • Chicken eggs and chicken meat;
  • Fish;
  • Beans;
  • brown rice;
  • Buckwheat;
  • fresh cucumbers and tomatoes;
  • Milk;
  • Quark;
  • green tea;
  • Fruit sugar in its pure Form.

There are products, where a strict ban overlaid, you need to completely exclude from the use. In the list are:

  • needless to salty and sugary foods;
  • Flour products;
  • fried and greasy foods;
  • hot sauces and spices, the appetite;
  • Sausage products and canned foods;
  • Coffee and black tea.

Before using this menu, you need to prepare your body. You should, within 2 days you eat only 2 small slices of rye bread or bread with bran and drink 1 Liter of low-fat yogurt or buttermilk. Then you should be a diet for every day. In this case, it is based on the exchange of two vegetable days, with two days of Protein. This exchange is done within 20 days.

Sample menu Protein day looks as follows:

  • for Breakfast you can have a slice to eat rye bread, 1 TSP Butter, 1 TSP honey, a Cup of coffee without sugar and milk;
  • for lunch – a little broth on the bone, a piece of rye bread or bread made from bran, 100 G of chicken white meat, 2-3 sprigs of green;
  • in the afternoon you take 1 Cup of green tea with 1 TSP honey;
  • the dinner consists of a small piece of lean ham or meat (or 2 soft-boiled eggs), a small piece of rye bread and 1 Cup of yogurt.

Vegetable menu for the day includes:

  • Breakfast: 2 juicy Apple or orange;
  • Lunch: – vegetable soup, cabbage soup without a meat or vegetable stew, 1 slice of rye bread;
  • Snack: fresh vegetables – not more than 300 G;
  • Dinner: 200 G salad from fresh vegetables, a slice of rye bread, 2 times per week salad replenished fat can cream be poor acid.

Using such a composition of the products that helps to lose weight, be sure to daily at least 2 liters of fluid to drink. In this case, 70% of it is clean water, the juices of the other, and more should. Using this or that menu, you need to keep in mind that there is no patent recipe. Help someone more, someone less – it all depends on your age, weight and activity. In any case, you should remember the famous phrase – of the way on foot. Persistently go to your goal, and the result will not wait long!