Options to lose weight fast days

When losing weight, special attention should be paid to the cleaning of the organism. Short-term cleansing eases the burden on all the organs and systems of life, the metabolism, helps to bring the accumulated excess fluid. Simply put, almost daily to help the body from Stress to normal Status.

The choice of the correct method of cleaning is the possibility of the re-work of cardiovascular System, digestive and excretory systems. If you need to arrange really fast days, you can lose in a short period of time a few pounds to improve the condition of skin, hair, nails, feel a surge of energy and lightness in the whole body.

How to properly fast days

how to properly fast days

The possibilities of the cleaning of the body, on many fast days, from the hardest to the softer, and, finally, secure and interest-bearing benefit. Many people know the Kefir diet, some tried, the implementation of the fast-days on cottage cheese, apples, Smoothies made with berries or cucumbers. But as the principle of the fast days and not damage, this diet works? For starters, you should familiarize yourself with the features of this type of Express cleaning of the body.

Characteristics and rules for fast days:

  • Smooth transition - before and after the fasting days do not use a heavy and fatty food in large quantities;
  • Daily Calorific Value - 400-1000 Calories;
  • Fruit you can eat up to 2 kg, Protein - up to 700 gr;
  • Daily rate of water consumption of two liters;
  • Power fraction - 5-6 times a day, every two hours;
  • Between meals you can drink Kefir to suppress the sense of hunger;
  • The duration of the sleep at least nine hours per day;
  • Give your body a rest - avoid physical activity in a day of fasting;
  • Cleaning the outside and interior happen on this day, the course Massage, Spa-procedures, or in the Sauna.

Most on low-discharge days, remember the feeling of heaviness in the result of the systematic eat, to the rich festive meals or detoxification in the lung as a result of food poisoning. In these cases, the aim of the Mono-mode is facilitating the work of the digestive and easy-to-remove substances through the liberation from the ballast of up to 3.5 kilograms.

However, cleaning of the body should not only to violations of the normal diet, it should be in regular intervals with the aim of improving the work of all systems of life. You can arrange fasting days 2-4 times a month. This weekend, for the stomach to help regularly, the accumulated slags are issued and toxins to keep the body in shape.

How to best select the Option that fasting day? First and foremost, you should the specifics of the organism, possible intolerances, and personal preferences into account take into account, in order to feel comfortable, and not to break at the finish line.


Use Almost Daily

Almost daily to help relax the body, start all the functions and systems, and to eliminate especially. If a Person opts for drastic cuts in the rations in the course of the day, it is essential to achieve positive results. Objectives of the one day diet can several.

Use the body of days of fasting depends on the intended purpose:

  • Cleaning during the observance of the normal diet;
  • in the active period decrease for dealing with the effect of Plateau (the end of the weight reduction);
  • prior to the beginning or the end of the diet;
  • specifically for the cleaning of the organs of digestion and excretion;
  • for the Training of the will power.

Whatever the goal of a fast, Mono-diet, in the time of its enforcement, all the forces of the body objectives on the processing of only one product, and this makes it easier to load on the digestive organs.

Use and effect of changes of diet on the days shown, as follows:

  • Prevention of diseases of the liver, of the kidneys;
  • the battle with the feeling of heavy;
  • the normalization of exchange processes;
  • Improvement of the skin;
  • the elimination of the visible signs of Allergy;
  • a feeling of lightness, cheerfulness.

If you adopt a day of fasting at least once per week, in some months, such a mode you can to overweight, while maintaining the normal diet on the other days. The main thing is, choose for this purpose the right product, keep the main rules of the regime, and not abused.

You can pregnant the fast days?

Fasting days for pregnant women allowed. They become doctors after 28 weeks of pregnancy, with the aim of preventing the occurrence of complications or diseases.

Often a day of fasting pregnant women, suffering from Diabetes mellitus, allergies, exacerbations or chronic diseases of the kidneys, the stomach, the liver, can recommend. A-day mode that helps future mothers with health problems, on long-term food constraints, in the situation, the damage to the developing fetus damage.

In addition, for pregnant day of fasting is a reduction of edema, which is often faced by mothers-to-be.

Another reason why mothers-to-be assigned to the series almost daily - the fight against obesity, even before the pregnancy. In this case, measures are not on the decrease, but on the control of the weight.

Self-medication is not, however, it can only benefit, but seriously pregnant woman and the unborn child damage to unloading, therefore, manner, duration and frequency to one another.his doctor matched, taking into account all the peculiarities of the organism of the mother

Almost days pregnant women need to trim to the daily nutrition, but you should not hungry. Usually in these cases, it is fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy products, and fish deep-discharge days.

Options to lose weight fast days

Options to lose weight fast days

The implementation of the one-day diet for weight loss you can categorize products. The selection of the fast days is rich enough: Protein, fat, carbohydrate, subcutaneous tissue, the liquid food, and even dark chocolate.

Which food to pick up for almost days?

  • Fruit - Apple, orange, banana;
  • Vegetables - Cucumber, Carrots;
  • Berries - Watermelon, Assorted;
  • Juices;
  • Chicken;
  • Fish;
  • Kefir;
  • Quark;
  • Cheese;
  • Soups;
  • Bran;
  • Rice;
  • Grecia;
  • Bunting;
  • Tea with milk;
  • dark chocolate - 72% and higher.

By one of the most suitable to the taste of the products, you can easily spend the day of the dismissal, not only with benefit, but also for pleasure. In addition, they have a combined daily diet of a can once or twice a week, the process is much easier.


Fasting day on yogurt is saturated in protein and calcium, cleanses the gastro-intestinal tract, normalizes the micro flora in the stomach and intestines. The selection of this diet to benefit beyond doubt, not only lose weight, but also in the observance of the usual diet.

For an efficient cleaning of the organism decrease, and enough six times a day, drink 250 ml of butter milk. Supplement fasting day you can. regular use of water, and the Infusion of rose hips The rest of the products from the menu excluded. Of the active employment on that day will be abandoned.

1 day on yogurt and apples

1 day lose weight Kefir, and apples are also very good results for quick weight loss, cleansing, excretion of liquid and restart the body.

Why this Mono-diet is useful? The fact that the proteins of milk products to saturate the body, then clean, like apples. According to the rules of the diet, Kefir low-fat, for example, a percent should. Apples is desirable, unsweetened, but not too sour. Green apples are excellent for these purposes. The volume of the consumed yogurt per day can be up to 2 liters and the number of apples should not kg more than 2. In order to discharge properly, don't forget to take the necessary two liters of water a day. How do you combine the two products in the day of fasting?

Eat according to the following scheme:

  • Breakfast - a glass of Kefir;
  • In the lunch break - a Cup of yogurt and 2 apples;
  • In the afternoon - a Cup of yogurt with the addition of slices of Apple and a baked Apple was eaten;
  • For dinner - an Apple and a glass of butter milk;
  • Before bedtime - a Cup of yogurt.

Another variant of the combination of products brings not less effective for weight loss:

  • All the apples are baking, in portions and eat throughout the day;
  • To drink Kefir, between meals of apples.

Important: on such days and discharge must with caution in people with ulcerative diseases of the stomach and duodenum are to be treated. You should preferably baked apples. Efficient discharge of these practically does not decrease. Beginners may be a relief in the Form of two teaspoons of honey per day.

On apples

Fasting day on apples

Fasting day on apples helps times a week to cleanse the body and effective to get rid of excess weight. Spend hungry for apples is not difficult, just needs a stash of two kilos of apples and two liters of water. You Supplement the diet with green tea.

Apples, you can bake, grate, add honey or cinnamon. By you share the type of preparation and use: the product to six servings. Each serving must drink a lot of water or tea.

It is important: hypotension green tea is better not to use.

Kefir and cottage cheese

In order to lose weight and not hurt yourself, simply once per week a fast day on cottage cheese and yogurt. The products are rich in protein, is good and support the body in fast time.

The volume of the Quarks to the effective weight loss can be up to 600 G per day. Better to divide the cheese in equal portions and use it in 6 stages. You choose the right one for curd fasting day helps the value of the fat - 1-2%.

When the diet to lose weight of Kefir, then you can make up to 1 litre of milk-products. In this case, cottage cheese weight decrease up to 300 gr. The products are divided into six equal portions, and every two hours. The water within 30 minutes before and after meals.

Recipes almost daily on Quark contain the bran, pre-soaked in water.
In the cottage you can raisins, honey, berries, herbs. Casserole, cheesecake, and Pudding from Quark to diversify tasty and healthy food that easy to stand one day in the week.

Buckwheat and Kefir

Use of this method, discharge of the body is undeniable. Milk product body to saturate protein, buckwheat provides vitamins and minerals, in addition, the walls of the organs of the digestive system and has a positive effect on the kidneys and the urinary tract cleans to be injected.

How to lose weight on buckwheat and Kefir? Buckwheat in a volume of 250 gr, you need to pour a glass of boiling water in the night, wrap a towel and place it in heat. In the morning divide the porridge into 4 portions, each of which you can pour or Kefir drink up to two cups of The water also needs to drink regularly throughout the day. Important: do not use in the slurry of salt and add spices.

On Rice

Fasting day on rice is a carbohydrate-enriched diet. The picture gives a feeling of satiety and helps to lose weight. The rules of the one day diet does not prohibit, to the rice, herbs, vegetables, Kefir, add significantly menu diet diversified. Preferably, choose brown rice. The efficiency of cleaning and the use for the body of him is higher than that of other varieties of this crop.

To lose weight faster a Cup of tea helps for weight loss with a slightly laxative effect. Characterized it is avoided that fix the effects of rice.

Recipe preparation brown rice for a diet:

  • a Cup of washed rice soak in water overnight;
  • Cook soaked rice in 0.5 liters of water.

Another recipe you can cook the rice in two steps: grits cook for a few minutes, with a new brewed replaced and at a low temperature until they are soft.

A more complex recipe diet advises four days of rice to keep in the water, replaced every day with fresh. Macerated plant is better substances to clean the body of toxins. With rice, as with the buckwheat, the rule of the prohibition of the spices remains unaffected.

On Oatmeal

Fasting day on oatmeal

Bunting is considered to be one of the most important cereal for weight loss. Fasting day on oatmeal help to lose weight up to 1.5 kg.

Recipe cleansing oat: To 600 ml of water you need a glass of oatmeal. To cook the porridge needs about five minutes, then cover it and give the rest of the water absorb. After that, you divide the porridge into 5 parts. You can use berries to sweeten oatmeal with raisins, apples, spicy, variety, various. In the diet green tea can. Necessarily, you should drink a lot of water.

For almost days better choose the kind of oatmeal that indicated on the package a cooking time of 15-20 minutes. This is the useful product is not hard serious temperature processing, and the majority of useful properties.