Massage to remove belly and flanks

Harmonious figure always attracts active attention of the other sex, so with the arrival of the heat, girls and women, and begin to bring you to bring your body in order. Belly problem area a lot of beautiful ladies, especially those who recently experienced childbirth. There are several ways to make it spectacular and sexy. One of the most productive Massage for slimming the abdomen and flanks. You lead systematically and you will forget that such fat aprons.

Massage to remove belly and flanks

How to fat from the abdomen and flanks, with the help of Massage

Fit this Zone should be done with caution. To lose weight in the abdomen and in the flanks, perhaps with the help of self-massage, but he should be literate. A few important rules:

  1. Any Manipulation of the abdomen and the sides, at the earliest, should occur a couple of hours after the consumption of food. Then you don't eat within an hour.
  2. All the movements should be careful. Particularly sensitive are in the processing of the lateral areas of the abdomen, as they often enlarged the blood vessels and there is lymphatic tissue.
  3. Be sure to lubricate the skin Massage or other oil. If you use honey or other active stocks, after Manipulation they treat the belly and hips moisture cream.
  4. Test before the procedure, an active composition – of the consequences of allergies can be strong.
  5. Fast belly happens to lose fat, if the Massage combine with the diet, physical exercises. Compliance with the water industry (drinking water) - mode condition.

Fat deposits on the belly begin to melt noticeably after 2-3 treatments, but under the condition that the right to life. Alternative Massage with wrap, then the effect will be even better. As an effective mixture, use honey, cosmetic clay, algae. About the techniques, the advantages of the different types of Massage for slimming abdomen and sides of discussed below.

In order to remove the fat from the waist and to the side


In order to remove the fat from the waist and to the side, you can use the silicone banks. Before the procedure, you need to the skin, heat treat it with a solution of the alcohol, the oil. Then you can let go a little along the bench press, you are betting on the abdominal side (not the center line). Created drawn to the effect of the vacuum, and the surface of the skin in the can. Make sure that inside it was not more than 1.5 cm Epidermis. Massage device slimming the abdomen in a clockwise direction by a zig-zag or spiral. The duration of the first session a maximum of 5-7 minutes, then increase it to 10 minutes.

After the procedure, you lie on your back, relax. You can relax for a half an hour. Do not be alarmed if it is bruises – this is a common side effect. You can not pass in the course of the Massage for slimming the abdomen and flanks. The Situation is exacerbated if the body fat many. For best results, 10-15 procedures, which are necessary for the conduct of twice a week. Massage improves blood circulation, increases the elasticity, the tone of the muscles, tightens the skin, stimulates the acupressure points.

Clean the extra fat


The procedure in the beauty salon by means of the apparatus, the pumps and sucks the air to certain areas of the body. Clean the extra fat with his help, is not a very pleasant thing, but effective. The device generates pressure differences, thereby taking into account the deep layers of the Dermis. You make a photo before and after the procedure, you will see that for 10 to 15 sessions, which lasted about 3 cm in circumference.

Abdominal Massage is carried out so:

  • The wizard adds oil to the skin, kneading the slight movements of the fabric caresses, presses.
  • Then the device closes the shell moves over the skin.
  • When the procedure is completed in a specialist soothes the skin of the hands.

Important Details:

  • After the first Manipulation, highlight the improvement.
  • Hardware Massage denied for edema, diseases of the heart, blood vessels, the skin, presence of blood clots and varicose veins.

With Massage Device

There are different types of tumblers:

  1. Vacuum. In stores manual massage sold devices based on the principle of the doses. Advanced devices are provided with nozzles, through which the intensity of the exposure. The procedure a maximum of copies, such as in the cabin, resulting in a quick weight loss.
  2. Vibro massagers. Manual, stationary models can increase the blood circulation in the problem area. As a result, this skin is supplied with oxygen, it starts an active process of purification. The device to perform a Drainage Massage.
  3. Heat massagers. Heated the problem areas, stimulates the division of sweat, waste products of the body. It is in the Form of belts.
Hardware Massage


Belly and flanks are very well away from the Massage with honey. For the procedure you are using liquid honey of natural origin. Apply the product on the problem areas, wait until it has moved a little. Then "stick the" Hand on your belly and quickly tear. This technology accelerates blood circulation, removes the toxins, the toxins. The duration of the procedure – 5-7 minutes. Belly reduce in 15 sessions.


Self-massage in the mirror. Phases of treatment:

  1. First you need to prepare carefully the skin, apply a cream against Cellulite, essential or Massage oils.
  2. If einschmier is absorbed substance, they begin to caress the skin, the muscle is relaxed.
  3. Then slightly mash the elongation, the formation of wrinkles.
  4. Again, you apply the oil (OLIVE, peach) on the skin, RUB it evenly.
  5. Puree the lower part of the abdomen, grabbed surfaces of the folds between the hand.
  6. They make a tingling sensation above the navel with both hands against each other.
  7. You simply need to of the skin pinching around the navel and clockwise (15 times).
  8. You go with the hands along the line of the spine (Manipulation to strengthen the muscles of the peritoneum).
  9. Puree Boca strong tweaks. Take the waist upwards-downwards.