TOP best Cocktail recipes for weight loss, cooked at home

Nutritionists recommend active, cooking at home different Smoothies for weight loss on the background of the fast days and голодовок. They promote weight loss, help to pacify the appetite, nourish the body with the necessary nutrients. You will be in your meal plan to include athletes as they are of advantage in the formation, the maintenance of muscle mass and the conversion of the fat pad in a beautiful and elastic shape. In all of this — you have excellent taste.

Function principle

Working principle

Regardless of its composition and appointment, almost all of the Smoothies for losing weight work according to a scheme:

Their low calorie content can not be spend postponed fats in Reserve and full of energy, the arrived with a drink;

They prepare only fresh and healthy products, the nutrients, vitamins and micro: fruit, vegetables, herbs, berries, cereals, protein, etc.;

smooth, airy consistency (Cocktails and взбиваются in a blender) reduces the volume of servings, although it seems visually large enough;

rapid and prolonged saturation by the presence of ballast in them to suffer are substances of Hunger;

Vitamin and protein composition, accelerates the metabolism, including lipolysis;

Burn fat components (ginger, citrus, etc.) allow unnecessary substances to dissolve the problem areas quickly and residue;

in the majority of sources of additional energy, the charge of vivacity and good mood for the whole day;

if you replace a full-fledged main meals (usually so they come with Breakfast or dinner), you greatly reduce your daily calorie diet.

A big Plus Cocktails house the possibility of their production from natural products without the addition of synthetic and chemical is made. Yes, sports Protein Drinks sold in stores are certainly more effective, but that does not mean that you are healthier. In them, preservatives, dyes and emulsifiers to know about the harmfulness of which all.


To lose weight with this unique drink, you must understand what you are, and the right one for yourself the recipe.

Burn fat

The most popular in the dietetics fat-burning Cocktails that you can easily make at home from spices (cinnamon, ginger), citrus fruits (lemon, Grapefruit), green (mint, parsley, celery, spinach). Your task consists in the Substitution of heavy food, speed up metabolism and lipolysis, the destruction of body fat.

Here are the 10 best such drinks:

  • Cinnamon and Apple;
  • Honey, Lemon;
  • green: mint, parsley, Kiwi, lemon;
  • Kefir with cinnamon;
  • Grapefruit and honey;
  • Cinnamon, Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar;
  • Apple, Carrot, Ginger, Lemon;
  • Ginger, Cinnamon, Pepper, Kefir;
  • Ginger with garlic;
  • Lemon, Kiwi, Cinnamon, Ginger.

As is clear from this, Topa, fruit (especially citrus fruits) and drinks from the spices — the most popular in this niche.

In General, fat-burning Shakes a half-hour of drinking on an empty stomach before the meal or in between meals, when the acute Hunger. If there is no motor activity and Sport are completely useless. The most effective against the background of the diet, or at least the proper nutrition.


Home is easy to cook and low calorie diet Shakes. Your main task — it is not the stilling of hunger and the reduction in the average daily calorie content of the consumed food.

You can cook the following ingredients (in brackets you find the calorific value per 100 G of product):

Parsley (49), Asparagus (21), Celery (13), Spinach (22), Mint (49);

Cucumbers (15), Broccoli (34), Carrot (32), Tomatoes (20);

Melon (35), Watermelons (27);

Grapefruit (35), Lemon (34), Kiwi Fruit (47), Orange (43);

Cranberry (46), gooseberry (45), strawberry (41), black currant (44);

low-fat dairy products: yogurt (35), cheese (71), milk (31), yogurt (31);

Peppers (red-21 ground—).

If in the composition the products, the calorie content of more than 100 kcal to 100 gr, dietary drinks can no longer be called. Although they can definitely be used for weight loss, because its effect can be focused on the reduction of fat or reduction of appetite.

The dietary Cocktails on the best one of the meals — Breakfast or dinner, replace it.

Still Hungry

There are a number of products, the press is good Hunger and appetite is reduced. If you cook regularly from them Cocktails and they eat between the main meals, and every diet will be much easier to transport.

So feel free to mix in a blender:

  • Grapefruits, pineapples, green apples, oranges, bananas;
  • Carrots, Pumpkin, Legumes (Beans, Lentils, Peas), Leafy Vegetables, Spinach, Broccoli;
  • Quark;
  • Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Powder, Coffee;
  • Oatmeal, Bran;
  • Dried fruits (but note that you will have enough calories);
  • Nuts.

These drinks are rich in dietary fiber, which has the ability to grow in size in the stomach and create a false feeling of fullness. Receptors in the brain receive signals, indicating that there is room for new food, and it means — it is not yet time.


In a separate group of soy identified Shakes, and also for the fast and qualitative products for weight loss. They form the Basis of sports nutrition and you can easily be done at home. The main thing is to find soy milk. It can be mixed with all sorts of reducing the amount of fat in the body and contain little calories products.


Effect on the body — the manifold:

  • decreased appetite;
  • the muscle mass remains;
  • increases metabolism;
  • improves health, eliminates the feeling of heaviness in the intestines;
  • Cellulite disappears, the muscle definition;
  • increases the stress resistance of the organism;
  • the mood rises;
  • stabilizes emotional background.
  • Soy Shakes are particularly suitable for weight loss on the background of intensive training. That is why they are so fond of athletes. They promote the formation of lean muscle mass and increases stamina during heavy physical loads.


Perhaps the most famous and popular Cocktails for losing weight Protein (other titles — Protein, milk). You can speed up the metabolism, increase the consumption of calories, which are digested slowly, keeping the muscle mass, increased performance during intensive physical loads.

A number of contraindications: individual intolerance to the proteins, and diseases of the liver, kidneys, urinary bladder, heart problems, Diabetes mellitus, pregnancy.

The Schema of the intake may be different:

  • replace Cocktail 2 main meals or 1;
  • drink in between meals (lunch and between meals);
  • half an hour before the Training and after so much time after her;
  • only in the morning for Breakfast after Jogging.

In the composition of available fruits (the best Option — shrimp) need to be or no milk products low-fat products, either protein or soy or sea.

Diuretics and laxative Cocktails a lot less. And yet, the choice for your preparation of beetroot, cucumber, water melon, melon, remember about such an effect. Yes, you are working to lose weight, but you will not lose the fat and toxins, and excess fluid.

Useful Recommendations

useful рекоменации

To cook really, really effective Smoothies for weight loss, you need to know some useful nuances.

The Schema of the intake

Replace drink: Breakfast / lunch / dinner / Breakfast and lunch / Breakfast and dinner / lunch, and dinner. Mostly dinner, instead of turning to the fat reserves were not deposited for the night.

You drink instead of lunch and afternoon tea: they can be given to replace both between meal, and you can only one.

Food only in the night (half an hour before bedtime).

One of the all the dishes substitute for lunch.

Half an hour before the workout and after such a long time after that (this протеиновых and soy-Cocktails).

Half an hour before main meals (1-3 times daily).

Rules for the use of

Select for weight loss is only a Schema of the intake of the Cocktails and stick to it throughout the duration of their use. Do not combine them with each other.

If you are replacing one such Drink a full meal, you can combine them with bread from whole grain products or a handful of nuts.

To strengthen the muscle building strength training on the background of the consumption of Protein Shakes. When in front of them this goal is not value, select a diet or fat burning and lungs (aerobic) physical stress.

Drink in a train. Take small SIPS, enjoy the process, to experience maximum joy. Stretching help special Cocktail rolls.

In the course of the first week you enter into the ration of only 1 glass of Cocktail. If the reaction of the body is normal, the side-effects (in the Form of stomach trouble or skin rashes) do not appear, you can drink 2 cups per day.

For maximum effect in weight loss be sure to limit the intake of unhealthy foods, put on a diet, keep a healthy lifestyle.

If it has been 2 weeks and the consumption of Cocktails results, losing weight is not visible, this means you to get rid of extra pounds. Need to find something else.

In many recipes as an ingredient is given honey. And still not forget that it is the sweet, if also real. Want to lose weight to refuse him.



For the preparation of beverages, blender (blender, Shaker). He makes their airy consistency by stretching molecular cohesion reduces the actual amount of the portions in the magnification of the visual.

For weighing ingredients with a dimensional scale, not a product to spend more than you should.

Dairy products should be either low fat or with a minimum fat content of paint.

Fruits, vegetables, berries — fresh and not frozen or otherwise preserved.

Eggs either boiled or fresh, apply (only if you are sure in its quality).

After every time to thoroughly wash the blender, so as not to damage the remnants of the components therein.

To drink make drinks for 1 serving immediately.

Scheme of preparation:

  • first, you grind the diced ingredients;
  • then add in the blender in the recipe-specified liquid;
  • stir for 1-2 min until it forms on the surface of the foam;
  • diluted with water (if the recipe calls for);
  • pour into a glass.

Cocktail cook at home, it is difficult only the first time. According to the taste of the drink, you will notice that where mistakes in the proportions or the time of whipped cream in a blender. Next time just make adjustments and enjoy the results during the course of slimming.