The right dieting or a life without Hunger

Every woman wants to lose weight and reach your goal uses often to the various newfangled and well-advertised diets.

Note, however, that most of them is nothing more than a gifted Marketing move.


In addition, all programs of reduction of weight are not sure.

How to lose weight correctly, do not harm to the body?

How to lose pounds, but do not torture yourself a strict diet?

Everything is possible, you just have to ask for it!

The possibilities of the right lose weight without diet once and for all

One of the disadvantages of the diet rebound weight gain.

You can lose weight 10 pounds and the next week 5 win.

This happens due to the imbalance in the diet, because the man who is a long time to limit yourself in many dishes, after the successful completion of the program, often jumped on already authorised products, whereby the lost is so heavy, the extra pounds back on.

To avoid this, you need to normalize the diet, fill it with products, the to successful weight loss and eliminate the harmful promotion of the record, the weight.

In the course of time on the right diet to get used to, the metabolism is getting better and better, and the Problem of excess weight once and for all.


For daily needs there is fruit, berries and vegetables, so that the feeling of Hunger and overeating, reduces the desire for sweets, fill the body with the necessary vitamins and trace elements.

Meat and fish, as the main sources of Protein, are the most important products in your menu.

When eating cereal once a day a small bowl, then the result will not wait long, and the long-awaited decline in the pages already appear in the first few days.

In no case do not forget to drink water.

It is not only the body of toxins and edema, but also promote weight loss.

Speaking of water, we must keep in mind that the speech of clean Fluid, but not on Soda, coffee and tea in the required number of water balance for the body.

You must as a rule every morning before Breakfast drink a glass of warm water.

Once a week fasting days (buckwheat, Grapefruit, cheese) is very useful and effective, especially if you're looking for the answer to the question: how to lose weight quickly and correctly.

From the diet the flour, sweet, salty, grilled, smoked, and alcohol is excluded.

If sweet do hard, replace the sugar in the honey, adding it in the tea or porridge.


Speaking of vegetables and fruits, you should know that they are not all equally contributing to weight loss.

Among them there are such, which are not recommended by nutritionists, not to abuse.


It is only those that do not contain the need an increased amount of sugar.

Fruit sugar contains a large amount of carbohydrates that have the ability to in fat.

On the fruits that you have in unlimited quantities, include apples, oranges, tangerines, Grapefruits, pineapple, Kiwi.

But the bananas, passion fruit, Fig, Mango fall in the list of unwanted products, which it engage not necessary.

This is associated with a high content of sucrose in the fruit.


Strawberries, raspberries, cherries, sea-buckthorn, cranberries, blackberries only have a significant influence on the process of weight loss, but also an antioxidant effect.

An exception to this grape forms, it is not worth to get involved.

Berries that prevent the process of weight loss.


Only two vegetables per day are able to improve metabolism, to change the processes of the formation of fat, and the flow of fat cells.

Thanks to the low content of calories, vegetables are a good diet are table food.

In addition, in each of them contains the for the organism the necessary quantity of useful substances that support the body in the Form.

Carrots, zucchini, squash, sprouts (especially broccoli and cauliflower), cucumber, tomato, spinach, celery vegetables, to give them the preference.

But the potatoes are to be excluded from the diet.



Of fatty pig meat, opting for chicken, Turkey, rabbit meat, lean beef.

Fish is best to choose nautical varieties.

Not grilled food overdo steaming better, cooking, steamed or grilled.

Salt is better not to engage, but that does not mean that you give up completely.

Remember that you need to know throughout the measure.

Limited to the consumption of meat and fish dishes, you risk your body will without the necessary amount of Protein of animal origin.

This could fat not only to disorders of metabolism, inhibition of the process flow, but also to a hormonal imbalance.


Porridge, not only nutritious, but also healthy product, capable of enriching the body with essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements and ballast substances.

Improve the work of the digestive tract to support the level of sugar in the blood and the excess fluid to dissipate.

The most useful are wheat,: oats, rice, lentis, linen, corn flour.

Cooking you will need to be waived should be on the water and of milk, Butter and sugar.

Milk products

They are enriched with Calcium and easily digestible Protein, leading to the acceleration of metabolic processes and, as a result, rapid weight loss.

Kefir, Quark, yogurt, low-fat promote weight loss.

To note, however, is that Calcium requires Magnesium, so milk products, preferably with products with Magnesium: whole-grain products, bran, nuts.


Physical Activity

Above, we have found out how to properly lose weight without dieting.

But in addition to the right diet is of great importance should be sporting loads.

During the lesson, tense muscles, and more energy is consumed than in the sleep state.

It is best to arrange in the Fitness Club, where the experienced specialist will help to distribute the load properly.

However, it is not always the case.

Can it be done with success at home.

To do this, you have to find a place where you can stretch out safely in full-length.

You choose a number of exercises that you can think for yourself ideal.

Do not start with exercises for intermediate and advanced, so you can injure yourself to increase the load gradually.

You combine aerobic and anaerobic exercise and make sure you do a warm-up before the lesson.

For the beginning 15 minutes are sufficient.

Every day is not necessary to train, if you do not prepare to participate in the Olympic games.

Remember that for the recovery of the muscles after an intense workout day needs.

But the press can be a daily swing and needs, and it is recommended, not according to time but according to the number of repetitions and approaches.

In General, you start with 10-15 repetitions in three approaches, the attention to each and every group of muscles, the exercises on the bottom, the upper press and the oblique muscles of the abdomen.

Make sure you are in the movement afloat, it is the heart, trains the blood circulation and the muscle tone improved supports.

Banana diet: tasty and healthy. Surprised? And for good reason! You will change your stereotypes about these exotic fruits.


Engage calorie counting is hard, not all, can some tell used out in the product as much as you. This is created for such people, and low-calorie program to get rid of extra pounds get rid of. All the info here.

This article helps you to understand the beneficial properties of spinach are learning and to cook tasty dishes.

Prohibited methods of losing weight or what you can not do

People who are overweight, it seems that the cardinally measures for weight loss, the better the result will be.

About what not to do, is categorical:

  1. Starve. Remember that the daily amount of calories should not be less than 1200.
  2. Take questionable food supplements, food supplements, diet pills. You don't have anything to influenced with the right process of weight loss and.
  3. Cleanse the body of toxins with the help of enemas. It may only doctor under steady-state conditions according to the determination of the attending. Common procedures damage the intestinal flora.
  4. Engage in athletic exercises, not knowing the steps. This body can be irreparable damage.
  5. Smoking. Nicotine is really a little lowers the appetite, but to start Smoking to lose weight – the worst thing you can do!

We bring the weight back to normal after the birth of a child

After birth, many women do gain weight.

However, on a rigid diet and pace yourself Hunger.

Best slimming process gradually, and after the end of the lactation period, not to harm the child.

How to eat right now to lose weight?

There is little, but often, prefer to useful products should, to the possibility of physical activity, mainly to clean up the stomach.


You need more rest, because lack of sleep can lead to Stress, which often try to "seize" something delicious.

Tips from nutritionists and doctors

During the process of weight loss experts recommend that the rules of a healthy diet, one of which is already described above.

However, there are some psychological factors, to achieve excellent results:

  1. You hang a photo on the fridge, where you slender and beautiful. It will be a good incentive.
  2. Change the habits. Instead of snacking on the run, take food on the table. Go to the store, make a list of the necessary products and do not take so much money that they are buying the feeling, the temptation of something delicious. You reduce the portions when you exchange previously ate a large deep dish, it's on the small. Hunger accustomed with candy and cookies? Replace your green salad and vegetables.
  3. Clean out the fridge of unnecessary and harmful products and you fill find it useful.
  4. A side dish of potatoes and noodles substitute brown or wild rice and vegetables.
  5. Before you seal food at home, or at least drink a glass of Kefir.
  6. You eat slowly, so that you will be much oversaturated faster.