All of the well-known rule: to lose weight you must eat right. Diet proper nutrition was in comparison to others, such as the conservation and harder. Most of them cause irreparable damage to health, accompanied by Stress for the organism. Besides, improper diet is the quick return of foster recently lost pounds.

The proper diet is focused on the supply of the body with the required nutrients and trace elements. To reach respecting the basic principles of good results in the process of weight loss.

A well-chosen diet

Each person consumes a different amount of food. Someone prefers fast Food, someone is sitting on candy. Each of us needs a certain number of proteins, fats and carbohydrates of the day. Modern food, the more appetizing with lock, shelves, rich in carbohydrates and fats. In addition, they contain additives that cause the Stimulation of appetite. The uncontrolled intake of food leads to the formation of fatty deposits, get rid of a difficult task. If the rules, you can forget being overweight. But do not forget about the benefits of physical activity and Training.

Slimming thus, is quite possible. To do this, you need to think about your daily diet.

There are two possibilities:

  • Consume less calories, eat in accordance with the daily calorie standard
  • You can increase the physical activity to play sports

The System does not see any drastic restriction of the portions. If you follow the rules and competently to count calories, to be able to get rid of unnecessary 5 kg per month.

A few recommendations for those who plan a menu for the week:

  • Make a separate list of products and distribute them to every day
  • Not to miss Breakfast better, make it balanced and filling
  • For dinner, you prefer dishes that are rich in Protein. This can be cottage cheese or boiled chicken breast
  • Please note snacking between the main meals
  • You turn into the diet of fruits, dried fruits and nuts
  • You enter your physical activity
  • You are not limited in the liquid, drink clean water, teas
  • Coffee is the best drink in the first half of the day

What is the right food use

Absolutely Yes! Such a diet helps, and even to restore health. And speech not only about a beautiful figure. Stomach says "thank you" for a balanced daily diet. They supply the body with useful vitamins and minerals without obstacles in this development of a beautiful body.

The menu on the right for a week to lose weight

What we exclude:

  • Products Semi-Finished Products
  • Delicious burgers and Hot Dogs, along with the other "fast food"
  • Limo
  • Shop for candy
  • Sausage
  • Canned
  • Chips
  • Fried

Strictly products is prohibited by glutamate and sweeteners. To limit the use of salt is also better.

The preference to dishes prepared:

  • On a couple of
  • Cooked
  • Braised
  • Baked

Mandatory point – inclusion in the diet of fresh vegetables and fruit. And remember that the body needs to 1 kg of body weight 1 G of protein a day.

Exemplary menu for a week


  • Rice porridge, in the water (you can use Apple Butter no more than a teaspoon),. Coffee is also allowed, with the exception of sugar
  • Toast, egg boiled of Hard-boiled, a cucumber
  • Baked fish (hake, Pollock), salad (Chinese cabbage, cucumber, peas), seasoned with olive oil
  • Low-fat cottage cheese, Apple, green tea without sugar
  • Steamed vegetables and fried chicken fillet


  • Sandwich (bread with bran, and hard cheese), banana, coffee without sugar
  • Cottage cheese with low fat content (you can use a spoonful of honey)
  • Chicken broth, salad (allowed lemon juice)
  • Fruit (e.g., Apple and Kiwi), green tea
  • Cooked Chicken Breast, Cucumber


  • A couple of scrambled eggs with herbs, banana, tea
  • Boiled egg, a glass of butter milk
  • Steamed vegetables with rice
  • Curd casserole (with the addition of all the fruits, low-fat cottage cheese), green tea
  • Cooked Shrimp, Vegetables (Tomato, Pepper, Cucumber)


  • Oatmeal with milk (choose below %), a little berry
  • Natural yogurt without sugar (you can replace with honey), coffee
  • Scalloped potatoes with mushrooms and chicken fillet
  • Vegetable salad with sour cream (15 percent fat content)
  • Baked Hake, Vegetables


  • Mashed potatoes, cooked hard-boiled egg, tomato
  • Two apples, green tea without sugar
  • Mushroom soup, with the addition of cheese Toast
  • Casserole (Cottage Cheese, Raisins)
  • Fish baked in the oven, seaweed


  • Barley porridge, green tea.
  • Fruit
  • Meat and vegetables on a couple of
  • A Cup Of Yogurt, Banana
  • Low-fat Quark, sugar, baked apples


  • Salad, Toast with cheese
  • Banana, Apple
  • Boiled chicken breast, steamed vegetables
  • Cooked salmon, a glass of juice
  • Fish-and-chips on a few, brown rice

What to consider:

  • Level of physical activity. If during the day you usually sit, it is better to give to, fatty varieties of meat and fish, as well as limit your consumption of Butter.
  • Individual Characteristics. If a Person suffers from chronic Gastritis, you should be suitable in the daily diet the first meal, the Breakfast perfect, milk products, oatmeal, low-fat milk.
  • Feel very important after a meal feeling of satiety and not overeat
  • You prefer to be the dishes are freshly prepared, this is especially true for salads

In General, the menu is based on the properties of the individual Person. The strict context here is missing. Very important for wholesome food and the elimination of harmful products. Anyone who is self-employed-menu for a week, the basic and additional specialties to taste. There are many Budget options on the menu for a week. On the basis of the own possibilities and your wishes, you can add to the menu, correct, expand the circle of products, not without falling outside the limits caloric content.

How long the diet lasts

Clear deadlines. By understanding the chaotic diet in a harmonious System, you need to, this is a natural principle and is suitable for any organism. If you have already reached your desired weight, get rid of extra Kilos, to recommend, back to the earlier style of food. Learn to eat right, to eat healthy food, you will not want to fast Food.