Program the holistic and correct slimming

Rushing you will not be disappointed. As required, first of all, the program can be continued, and, secondly, it is really a stable result and weight, and with the improvement of the health and well-being, appearance and mood.

Day 1-3. Days cleansing diet, before you real slimming.

Until the intestine, and adjusting the work of the stomach and intestines, weight reduction risk start cleaned: the body will try to learn the Maximum from the Minimum of the amount of food that act begins in a limited amount, because it is not the amount of food and reducing the calories of the daily diet happens is addicted to reduced.

In these first days it is important to drink plenty of water: 2-3 liters. Some like to drink water. Have to get used to it: if you don't get enough water in between meals, the body begins, it brings the cells and especially from the colon. In consequence, sagging skin, constipation, and pressed residues of undigested and derived not in time to eat, to start, in the Form of fecal stones.

In addition, if there is not enough flow of water, it does not begin only the body is saved, but also to be reserved; as a result of edema, and deterioration of health.

If your usual menu of fried and spicy foods, canned foods, sausages, and fast food prior to this diet, you spend a previous comprehensive cleaning – there are a more than clear result of your first 3 days, although it takes a further 7-10 days. fast Food

     Weight reduction these days may be from 1 to 3 kg just by cleaning the colon. And in General, the weight of this extra, what can a slender man wearing yourself up to 1-10 kg, depending on the physique.

In the evening, at the 3. Day, drink activated carbon from the calculation: 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight. This natural adsorbent to continue the detoxification of the body.

4. Day. Spend Vegetable Fasting Day. Salad-whisk justifies its name: due to the content of large amounts of fiber, which swells in the intestine, absorb toxins, effectively, stimulates the intestinal peristalsis. This salad – low-calorie product, the same ingredients make-up products with zero calories. The body gradually begins to get used to fractus diet, for the reduction of the size of the portions. While the size of the stomach is not reduced, will feel the feeling of Hunger. The output is only one: if it is this feeling, only water to drink, or should always be within reach of fruit and nuts: the first type, the volume of food, the second – proteins, fats, and calories. Better to have a few Cashew nuts or walnuts 1-2 eat in the breaks between the meals, as the rich and calorie-dinner-rich, because the body will strive to receive the normal rate of calories and food.

Days 5-10 th. Create your individual menus for the correct slimming, in which, if the lowest calories, 1200-1400 kcal, is a balanced composition of all the nutrients and minerals necessary for the life of the body is the basis of the program, the right slimming.

For the first week, what time is, and so is an increased load on the body and your will power, you can see the finished version of the weekly menu that not only promote weight loss, but also to improve the condition of skin and hair.

In the future, you will easily make your diet of healthy products, due to their modularity and the calorie content, as well as seasonality.

Day 11-th. You will be able to stock their full and proper weight loss. The volume of the waist and the thighs can be reduced. The body has to get used to the limit values and to reduce the amount of food. The work of the intestine – to be fully normalized. The weight must be reduced a minimum of 2-3 kg by means of the colon cleanse and the process of fat burning. In addition, weight reduction will happen at a slower pace, so be prepared.

Weight reduction help weight loss program prevents signs of flaccidity and sagging skin and body. By the regular gym and tomorrow contrasting soul, normalizes metabolism.By the Massage of the face, the elasticity of the skin and is not permitted, the appearance of wrinkles and sagging, self-massage of the body helps intensively excreted toxins and preserve the elasticity of the skin, prevents the appearance of wrinkles on the site of the former fat deposits.  Weight reduction

Due to the fact that the menu is balanced in the composition, the body in a sufficient quantity of all necessary substances. Frequent eating and a large amount of water drunk per day, fruit and nuts make it possible to manage hunger and sensation of food restrictions.

Now 2 possible variants of the further complex to remove.

Option 1. may each day of fasting. To repeat In the future, every week, by day and menu.

Option 2. – for the strong spirit and the most motivated. Offered 3 days will be difficult. Yes, you have to be a certain Stress for the body, but he is already prepared 10 days-restriction of food. It is – like sprint to the finish line. These days, plan better, so that they fell on Friday and Sunday. Then Monday started with the usual Breakfast and continue to the normal menu of the day.

Friday – Day Of Fasting.

Saturday - if you don't have the disease, which are contraindications must be taken into account, you can spend a day on the water: water filtered drink less than 2.5 litres during the day. It is hard the first time. Better not plan on this day, the important meetings, and physical activity – to feel the weakness of his will.

In 16-17 hours – Infusion of St. John's wort, peppermint, rose hips: 2 tbsp. L. collection of damped hour in a Liter of boiling water, strain and drink a glass every hour. To leave a glass, before bedtime.

In The Evening – Salad-Broom.

Sunday. Vegetable Fasting Day.

Dinner – salad + boiled chicken or fish fillets to cook in a double boiler or on the gas grill in the foil.

Such an Extreme 3-day is not contrary to the program a comprehensive and correct slimming in salads, there are vegetable fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals. And the number of proteins of the body were received in the past few days, in the composition of the legumes, milk products and meat. Sour milk

But you only spend once a month for the prevention and stimulation of metabolic processes.

And learn to listen to your body – if it doesn't bring a compelling sense of Hunger, or weakness – it to the extreme: have you in your kitchen the jars with dried fruits: raisins, apricots, prunes and figs, nuts and seeds.

Fruits and vegetables are mandatory. If you really want sweet, choose the honey (it is important trace elements and vitamins + speeds up the metabolism) and raspberry jam (house) or apricot jam. Instead of cake – black chocolate, peanuts in chocolate (calories!) or marmalade.

Believe me, I'll give the report to advise that. But I know how regular my girlfriends are very happy to sweet and tasty. And what disorders it is expired. To interfere if mode, with the use of peanuts, the advertising, the chocolate is not necessary, even, the jam is pectin, useful for skin and skeletal system, for the purification of the body. Advise on adequate amounts and on a rare use, I think, unnecessary.

The body is nothing for free don't want to – sweet is necessary for the normal operation of the liver, mental fatigue, loss of strength. But in moderation, and.

To lose weight properly, gradually, and without harm for health, what your individual weight reduction program on the basis of what kind of offers you I – difficult, but doable. And the most important result – a stable weight and vitalisation of the body.