A series of exercises for losing weight – slim in 3 months

Lack of exercise, poor diet, bad habits, Stress, reflected on the appearance and well-being. And yet are the cause for weight gain, spoils the figure and the mood of the woman.

An effective way burning for women as a systematic fat a gym. Good results are also achieved at home, without a visit to the gym. Enough a set of exercises for weight loss, to master the peculiarities of the preparation and implementation of training sessions know.

The proper warm-up

The quality of the success of the training in the coming training. If we neglect this Phase, risk, trauma to the muscles and joints, or feel bad during the training.

The right Training includes the development of different muscle groups, starting with the upper section of the hull, a smooth transition to the bottom.

Here are the approximate number of actions to warm up are:

  1. Apart stand straight, feet shoulder width, hands on his belt. You lead turns with the head upwards-downwards, chin touching the chest and back, turns the head, in the Hand. You do each exercise slowly.
  2. The climb to the shoulders to the top-down, circular-rotate backwards and forwards.
  3. You stretch out the arms alternately in front and back to take one of the hands as much as possible.
  4. The hands in the castle in front of the chest. The coils of the upper side of the housing in the Hand, the lower part is immobile, the feet pressed to the ground.
  5. The proper warm-up
  6. Tilts in the direction to stretch the oblique abdominal muscles. A Hand at the waist, and the other extends in the direction of.
  7. The slopes of the housing downward, with the fingers to get to the floor. Stay in the Position for 10 seconds.
  8. Lunge one leg: alternately you can make a great step forward by the weight of the body on one leg. The angle of the knee 90°.
  9. Legs shoulder-width apart, feet angled slightly, the palms of the hands on the knees. At the same time, rotate the knee inward, then outward.
  10. We are exactly building on the whole foot, a leg, and the other directly on the sock. Turn the foot to the toes in a clockwise direction, then counter-clockwise. Do the same with the second stage.
  11. Jogging in place for a Minute.
  12. Take a deep breath, raised the arms above the head. Then a deep exhale and lower the arms.

What you need to know about Training for losing weight

The quest for the figure of your dreams, do not forget about the basic rules for the preparation and implementation of the training. The best results in the fight against obesity achieved by the combination of strength and endurance training.

Types of training

Strength training with additional weights and aim at the development and strengthening of the muscles. As a weight, sport equipment barbell, dumbbell, weights for the extremities, and fitness equipment.

Aerobics or Cardio is the function of the blood vessels and the heart, activate the metabolism and active rhythm allow you to burn fat.

The time of the implementation of

Difference, what time of day it is better the Training, no. It all depends on the capabilities of the people: the schedule, the daily life and health.

Conduction time

Some trainers recommend that the exercise for weight loss the morning on an empty stomach. This is due to the fact that after a long sleep and before Breakfast the sugar level in the blood is reduced, so that the body is forced to energy from fat and not from carbohydrates. As a result, the Training will enable the morning to lose weight faster and better than in the evening. In addition, the load on the heart leads all internal processes, and helps to cheer up.

If you have a serious disease, especially in the heart, a consultation with a specialist. He gives recommendations for the selection and implementation of exercises for weight loss.

The degree of stress in the morning and in the evening hours is different. In the 1. Half of the day, the intensity of the sporting activity should be low, and in the 2. Half of the day ‒ higher.

Diet before and after

The fact that a balanced diet without products that are harmful to 70% affects the health and the figure that you say, every coach.

What are the functions of the pre ‒ workout meal, then the basic rule - "" in proteins, fiber and complex carbohydrates. A meal will cost, you spend less than an hour before the Sport. At the start of the training, you will be a moderate feeling of satiety.

Directly after the workout, it is better to fresh fruit, for example, a green Apple to eat. 30-40 minutes you can eat Protein food, and after two hours of complex carbs.

A series of exercises to slenderness

We also provide the approximate training plan for losing weight, where every day is for the elaboration of a specific muscle groups. Alternate these days for a uniform processing of the problem areas. All of the exercises listed, and a part of them, may, if you are new to the sport.

For the lesson you will need:
  • Bottle with fresh water;
  • Fitness Mat;
  • Sports clothing and shoes;
  • Dumbbells or weighting agent for hands and feet.

A workout is 45-60 minutes.

Day 1: legs and buttocks

This complex is on the streamlining and development of the gastrocnemius, and the gluteus. A special focus is on the problematic zones ‒ inner thighs, "riding pants" and buttocks.

Mahi in the Hand

Stand next to the wall, and Lift in socks. Lift the left leg by a little to the side and pulled the sock, the other leg is based on the socks. Working a swing to the side, above you and hold for a few seconds, then lower slowly to the bottom.

A total of 20 reps per leg 2-approach.

Mahi back

Starting position – on the wall, on the tips of the toes. Lift the left leg straight, pulling the sock itself. Take the working leg back to a voltage in the buttocks, hold them in the air for a few seconds back to the starting position. The housing is smooth, not to lean forward.

A total of 20 reps per leg 2-approach.

The ascents of the legs to the top with focus
The ascents of the legs to the top with focus

You take the knee-loktevoe Position, the back is smooth, the gaze directed to the ground. You have to strain the left leg, pull the sock and lift it so high off the ground, keep a level attitude. Keep the top of the leg for a few seconds and lower them to the bottom, not the knee touching the ground. As a weighting agent you can use a small dumbbell by 1-2 kg, and cuff for the weight or the bottle with water, keep running feet.

A total of 20 times on each leg 2 approach.

The ascents of the legs in the direction of the focus

The starting position as in the previous exercise. Only now you can lift the leg upwards, but to the side. For the complications, you may weight also additional.

Only 15 times on each leg 2 approach.

Squats on the wall

With his back to the wall, the distance between the feet no more than 5 to 10 centimeters. Lower body until thighs parallel with the floor, back against the wall touch.

Repeat the exercise 30 times.

Increases in the housing with the breeding of the legs

You lay on your back, slender legs directed at the wall, pull the hands over the head. On the exhale, raise the body and touch the wall with your hands, spread apart her legs. Then run the legs together, return to the starting position.

Perform the exercise 25 times.

Knee flexion in the static on the wall

With his back to the wall and moved into the Position of the squat so that the angle at the knees straight, shoulder blades pressed close to the wall, one leg to the other. You stay in this Position for 30-40 seconds with the feet on one leg, then on the same time with the support on the other.

Crouching "plie" with the jump

Carrying out a exercise, make sure that the knee is parallel to the shoes and not the socks, keeping the back straight. Crouching in the Position of "plie", and when you climb to the top you make a small jump on both feet. On the inhale, lower the thighs to be parallel to the ground. After the jump, land with knees bent.

The number of repetitions to 15 times.

The legs and lifts to the top with a Cross-other

Take a lying position on the side, Lift the elbow. Upper leg bending in the knee and placed in front of the lower leg to the foot, can hold a Hand. Lift the bottom foot as high up as possible, you can feel how the inner working surface of the thigh. The same repeat on the other side.

Exercise run 15 times on each leg, only ‒ 3 approach.

The tilting of the housing with the knees back

Stand on the knees, the hands show the body position is horizontal. The maximum tilting of the housing, without curvature in the lower back. Repeat the exercise 15 times 2 approaches.

Stretch gluteus

From the Stand, the legs are brought together, tilt the housing down and try the palms to get to the floor, hold for 5-10 seconds, then slowly lift the body upwards.

Day 2: The Press

To tighten the abdomen, pay attention to all the parts of the press. The exercises are for the development of oblique, straight and lower abdominal muscles.

Side-To-Side Rotation

You lay on your back, bend your legs, Rest your feet in the ground, put the hands in the neck. Lift and rotate the hull alternately in different directions, the elbow and pull it to the opposite knee. Do the exercise slowly, without jerks.

You do 15-20 reps on each side, only 2 approach.

Classic Twist

Position the same as in the previous exercise. They lead to direct increases in the housing.

Only 30 reps on the 2 approaches.

In the side bar

You lay on your side, Lift corrected to the Hand, lift the hips from the floor, the legs. The tube in this Position the appointed time. Then switch the Hand and repeat the same on the other side.

Time ‒ 30 seconds to 2 minutes.


Position lying down, hands at the seams, the legs extended. By the tension of the abdominal muscles to slowly lift the legs and the pelvis upwards, by the weight on the shoulder blades, as if you want to get out in the "candle". Lift the pelvis as high as possible above the floor, stay in this Position for a few seconds after you return to the starting position.

A total of 20 times 2 approaches.

"Swimming fins"

The starting position is similar to the previous one. Alternately, in a fast Tempo, you raise the legs to 30 degrees through the abdominal muscles, the raised housing. During the execution of the exercises do not bend in the lumbar spine and make you not to follow suit.

Only 15 times per leg on 2 approaches.


Lying on your back, hands behind the head and lift the enclosure above the ground. Alternately pull the right elbow to left knee and Vice versa. The free leg is straight and is parallel to the ground. Chin to the chest press and not tense the muscles of the neck.

The exchange of the legs 15 is run-time only – 2 approach.

Balancing act

Sit on the buttocks, raise straight legs above the floor, to pull the hands in front. Hold this Position for 15-20 seconds. Breathing is quiet, and the back is smooth. You try the maximum elongation of the press, holding the balance.

The legs and the chest pull

From the horizontal Lift in the palm of your hand, the hands bent in elbows, the calves in the balance, and are parallel to the floor. Under the body and at the same time stretch the legs. When you lift the body, the legs bend at the knees and pull to chest. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times.

"The Pendulum"

Lying on the back, you lift straight up and flattened legs. One after another they dive first to the right, then to the left, not rotate the housing. Repeat 15 times.

"Mountain climbers"

Starting position strap on straight arms, back, smooth, the abdomen is retracted, the apex is directed anteriorly. With the exhalation, pull the right knee to the chest with the inhalation, you will return to the original Position.

A total of 25 times.

Exercise to stretch "snake"

You turn back on your stomach, support yourself on straight arms with your palms on the floor. Look in the ceiling, the hands are under the chest. Through a light housing above the ground, lifting you need to bend in the lower back and you feel the tension of the abdominal muscles.

Day 3: chest and arms

The ideal of every girl is the tightened chest and slender arms. Lead the Zone in the Form of such exercises will help.

PUSH-UPS against a wall
PUSH-UPS against a wall

You go to the wall, legs together, pinching with the hands support on the wall. Shifted his weight on the toes, put the hands a little wider than the shoulders, and start pushups. Back, neck and legs used to smooth and motionless, only the hands.

Repeat 20 times.

Pushups from the surface due to the lifting of the legs

Select a flat, stable surface – a table, a chair, and sports.Platform and you can start with PUSH-UPS. After falling down, alternately to the top of the legs to lift.

Only 15-20 times.

The changing of hands with dumbbells

Lying on the floor, take a small dumbbell. Alternately lift and lower the Hand, without touching the ground. The speed of the change of the Hand should the rhythm of the breath.

You 15, run-time, only ‒ 2-approach.

French bench press standing up

Take a dumbbell in both hands, guiding them over the head and put it together behind the head, then we just need to do it again. You can stand, both in sitting and in.

The number of repetitions – up to 20 times.

Alternating concentration curls branch standing

From the Position lunge on each foot support is bent in the elbow, Hand on the knee. On the other Hand with the dumbbell to the top guide, to omit and get the knee. Rising barbell, reduced shoulder blades together.

Only – 15-20 reps on each Hand.

Climbs hands with dumbbells lying

Lying on the back, press the shoulder blades on the floor, take a dumbbell in your Hand and press it. You hold the dumbbells, lift the arms over the chest, hold the top point and move the arms slowly to the starting position.

Repeat only 15 times.

Lifting barbells for biceps

Take the dumbbells in the hands. Synchronously bend the elbow, without you in front of the body.

Only 15 times 2 approaches.

Breeding dumbbells in Hand

Slowly, the hands with dumbbells to lift, and at the same time on the sides.

Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.

Stretching on the triceps

Interlace your hands behind him into the lock: the right Hand below the left at the top. Maximum try with the hands to stretch your muscles. Hold the Position for at least 5 seconds. You switch the hands.

Day 4: Cardio

In order to develop muscles, the diaphragm, the heart and body cleanse fat, active Training is required. The total duration for any type of endurance training is 15 to 40 minutes.

You can choose what you prefer:
  • Running on the spot/treadmill/on the road. For the effectiveness of Alternate lifting and running with high hips and run with the moves in the lower leg.
  • Bike/Ergometer.
  • Jump rope or without it. Here, switch jump, the versatile: criss-cross, classic, first, with the highest lifting of the knee.
  • Each exercise without additional weight, in fast Tempo, for example, Fitness-aerobics, or Tabata System.