12 best exercises for hips and stomach

Today, most of the women are steel faced with such a Problem, as the extra fat depots, flanks, and other areas of the body. This is due to the fact that in today's world, there are a wide variety of products with a content of harmful additives, which lead not only to metabolic but also to obesity.

exercises to remove belly and flanks

Presented to your attention a variety of exercises that will help tighten up the edges and to remove the fat pad.

7 exercises for losing weight on the sides and of the abdomen without sports equipment

It is understood that for the get rid of of excess fat from the sides, not only exercise, but also a special diet requires. You have to give up baked goods, sweet – rich in fast carbohydrates and fats, fat-containing dairy products, meats, and products containing preservatives.

Metabolism, drink water 1.5 to 2 liters per day.

Before you are on a diet, ask your doctor!

In front of these exercises you must warm up 10 minutes. Warm-up from top to bottom. Especially pay attention to the part of the body that you exercise.

Exercise 1 – press the lateral abdominal muscles:
  • A Mat lay on the floor and lay on it sideways.
  • To draw a Hand in front of you will Balk.
  • The other arm folded behind his head, so that the elbow looked up at the ceiling.
  • Start lifting at the same time the torso and the legs to the top, then lower. When lifting of the trunk you make inhalation, lower – exhale.
  • Swing the lateral abdominal muscles 10 times in 3 series.
Exercise 2 – press on the straight muscles of the abdomen:
  • You lay on the floor on his back.
  • Hands folded behind his head.
  • On the inhale, begin to pick up, exhale–.
  • Do these exercises with a rounded back, as if twisting belly.
  • When lifting the body a loud exhale.
  • No rush, you have to feel how the abdominal muscles work.
  • Swing press about 10 times in 3 series.
Exercise 3 – Rotation on the floor:
  • You lay on the floor on his back.
  • Position the hands on the sides of perpendicular from the body.
  • Bend the legs on the legs of the rail and lift it to the top.
  • Begin to lower the knees to one side, then on the other.
  • For the complications, you can put the Ball between the knees, or a book.
  • Repeat this exercise 10-15 times in 3 passes.
  • Twist completed before stinging in the muscles.
exercises for slimming the abdomen and laterally twisting Exercise 4 – Mill:
  • The starting position – feet shoulder width apart, back straight.
  • Exercise with straight legs and hands.
  • Tilt the housing forward and Schwenke first down with one Hand, then another.
  • During the exercises, you follow your breath
  • Run of the mill about 20 times on a couple of approaches.
Exercise 5 – Body Flex:
  • Sit on the floor and fold the knees. The back should always be straight.
  • On the inhale, lift your left Hand up and bring you on the right side, hold for a few seconds, exhale – return to the original Position. You must feel, as Boca pulled.
  • Repeat this exercise with the other Hand.
  • You pull a couple of times alternating the arms.

Plus this exercise is that you are not exercising flanks only, but also develop your flexibility of the spine and the legs.

Exercise 6 – Strap:
  • Lower the elbows to the floor. You take this Position, so that the body was perpendicular to the ground.
  • Back straight, the legs are smooth, the head on a level with the spine.
  • In this Position try to hold for about a Minute.
  • In the further time may increase
  • Do not hesitate, the body shakes, because in this exercise all the muscle groups.
  • In the embodiment of the bracket does not lower the pool, you'll follow until the end of time.
Exercise 7 – Page Parts:
  • You lay sideways on the floor.
  • Rest with one Hand in the ground.
  • The other Hand folded behind his head.
  • During inhalation pelvic tear from the ground and lift you up to a maximum point and a little.
  • On the exhale, lower the pelvis.
  • You make the side bar 20 times, the change of the page.

5 Exercises of fat folds on the sides — sports devices

Exercise 1 – rapids on gymnastic Ball:
  • Place the gym Ball on the ground.
  • With the back-to-gymnastic Ball.
  • The palm down on the floor shoulder-width apart and place the feet on the Ball.
  • The back like the legs should be straight.
  • A little bend your knees and make a quick turn on the Ball in the direction, then the other.
  • Repeat the rolls several times
Exercise 2 – inclines with dumbbells:
  • You take in both hands a dumbbell with a weight of 2 kg and higher.
  • The starting position – feet shoulder width apart, back straight.
  • You begin to stretch with one Hand dumbbells in a downward direction, go back and turn in the other direction. You make tilts a couple of times.
  • In the course of time, the weight of the dumbbell can be changed.
  • This exercise can with one Hand, tilt the housing to the side, the other Hand behind the head dissipated.
Exercise 3 – round body with a stick or a signature stamp:
  • Grab a wooden stick or vulture. When you perform exercise at home, and there is not such a sports-fixtures, then you can use a MOP.
  • You sit on a chair or a bench. Keep your back straight.
  • Push a stick behind the back.
  • Begin to rotate the body in one direction up to a maximum point, then the other.
  • Repeat this exercise a couple of times.
exercises for a flat stomach Exercise 4 Wrap-Twist
  • The heavier the device, cleaned the more effective Boca.
  • For this exercise, you take to the tire. A good Alternative to the tyre is Hala Hoop.
  • Twist Hoop 10 Minutes. In the following time can be increased.
  • The torsional stiffness of the Hoop, or hula-Hupa bruising may occur on the sides — that is, before the implementation, you put on tight clothes which turn conveniently.
Exercise 5 – forearm support on the hard disk
  • To avoid them on the window next to the wall bars or a chair.
  • Keep your back straight, hold the hands to the chair or the Swedish wall.
  • Start turning the body to the right and to the left at a reasonable pace. The foot should go in one direction, and the housing in the other.
  • When cornering, you should feel trips, such as the lateral abdominal muscles work.

Do not remove the side fat so difficult, the main thing – regularly to this (and many other) exercises, eat right and lead an active life style.

Slimming side – and not only — also contribute to a light run, Stretching exercises and swimming lessons.