Lose weight with the help obertivaniy — effective recipes

It is assumed that the components of the mixtures used literally burn the subcutaneous fat tissue, whereby, even after a single session losing weight is 3-4 cm More than likely that the active ingredients offer a strong draining effect. To reach stable progress in the reduction of weight can only after a full course of study.

Body pack for the skin

It is noticed that the winding slimming buttocks and legs works more efficiently than a similar procedure for the tummy is confirm and reviews. The phenomenon is due to the fact that the lower part of the body inclined to the liquids to accumulate more – and it is through the drainage. Amplify may decrease when the pack along with the physical systems, Massage and nutrition. Output fiber accelerate out of the body, especially to hot compresses, but she doesn't show any.

The result is not only to test, but a comprehensive improvement of the condition of the organism:

  • Enriched with vitamins, macro - and micro-elements;
  • Improvement of microcirculation;
  • the liberation of swelling;
  • increased lipolysis;
  • Reduction of fat deposits;
  • Tightening, smoothing of their roughness of the skin.

Technology surrounds. Indications and contraindications

Procedure feasible at home or the Salon, divided into 4 levels.

  • Under a hot shower, cleanse the skin from keratinized layer of cells, open the pores.
  • Clean skin, cover with a mixture of healing mud, algae, chocolate, honey, clay. Next, the Wrap is Clear film – for weight loss. This is an important point, entangling heat dissipation and strengthening of the waste of the liquid. On the top of a hot ha
  • After the completion of the entire composition under running water to wash off.
  • You can extend and attach the result of the application of the cream or Lotion.

The number of meetings, such as losing weight, is determined by how Cellulite running, what is the deviation from the volume of the body and standards at what age. The course can months 6-15 sessions within 0.5-2.

The indications for the wrap are excess deposits of superfluous fat, to any degree of Cellulite, sagging skin, post-partum stretch marks, age-related wrinkles and folds on the skin Pokrov. In advance, you should make sure that no allergies to the ingredients. Procedures prohibited for pregnant and lactating women, and some of the contraindications are diseases:

  • Cardiovascular;
  • tumorous;
  • chronic or recently migrated gynecological;
  • Skin – Eczema, Sores, Rashes;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Varicose veins.

Acetic wraps should not be used in the slightest injuries of the skin – wounds, scratches, sunburn. But for Legs with thickened vessels vinegar is useful – it makes the capillaries less visible and "asterisk".

How to Wraps at home? Popular Options

As the reviews confirm, is the active weight loss occurs when using the products available: honey, mustard, bite, coffee.

Mustard with honey

Honey sells toxins, replenish the skin and sub-skin trace elements. Mustard speeds up considerably the blood circulation, warms the body and enhances the effect of body wraps. Honey-mustard composition is the most popular method of weight reduction, the practice at home.

acetic winding

The Mix recipe is simple, but has its own peculiarities. Thick honey in a water bath to warm not melt (as up to 60°). Mustard, slightly diluted with water. The mustard component is better in advance, even from the powder to prepare: 2 tablespoons of ground beans mustard 2 TSP. sugar, a little salt, 0.5 TSP vinegar, 1 tbsp. a spoon of olive oil. Mix everything together, dilute the cream with water to the density of the acid and leave for 24 hours in a dark place.

The slimming mustard apply honey body wrap, you should observe a few rules:

  • for the first session in the mix the mustard, at least, their number is gradually increasing is dependent on the individual Perception;
  • for every problematic Zone of a separate procedure, in order not to burden the heart;
  • the duration of the session – not more than half an hour, but start with 15-20 minutes.

After the composition is applied to the abdomen, thighs or buttocks, the corresponding part of the body with multiple layers and transparencies warm clothes or a blanket. Namely, when the accumulation of heat, not burning but – so the mixing ratio is well-matched. Mix wash with warm water, lubricate the skin with a soothing cream. Course wrap mustard with honey with includes 15 treatments at a distance of 3-4 days.

Recipe Of Acetic Acid Wraps

Required bed sheet, foil, glass or ceramic dishes, warm blankets. You can enjoy store-bought vinegar, and cooking can from apples with his own hands: a natural product, that's for sure. 6% vinegar diluted with water in a ratio of 1:1, the impregnation solution the sheets and wring out. After winding is performed wrapped around the abdomen and flanks with a damp cloth with plastic wrap. To wrap the legs solution wetted thin pants, and about the Film – woollen Leggings to wear in vinegar.

First of all, it gives the feeling of cold and then hot, and the separation of the welding begins. This process stimulate, drinking hot Raspberry Tea. The first session lasts for 0.5 hours, the following procedures and gradually bring up to 2 hours. Vinegar with warm water, washed, without Soap, wear moisturizing or prophylactically and relaxing cream.

The course includes 15 procedures are carried out twice per week. Get Feedback of what the end of the cycle, removing an estimated several Inches on the waist and hips, if at the same time with the help of special exercises.

Recipe for weight loss legs and thighs

Successful structures for the implementation of the treatments in the home environment are: honey with cinnamon, honey with ginger, and oil, Grapefruit, blue Clay. Effectively Wraps work on olive-oil-based: with the addition of ground pharmacy seaweed or chocolate Cinnamon. Popular a prescription is in with the olive oil, connect the ground coffee in any proportions, such a composition can apply on the abdomen in order to remove the found in the Appendix.


After the shower, carefully pounded washcloth dry feet, cover with a warmed composition: layer thickness of about 5 mm. the feet wrap Foil spirally in 4-6 layers. So the solution is not followed, seized 10 cm above and below the processed Zone. Then you have to Thermal refuge and relaxation on 1.5-2 hours, then wash off make-up. To lose weight, it notice, should change in 10 to 12 sessions two days.

How to lose weight with the help of obertivaniy? Tips and Tricks

Slimming, as the reviews show, is faster when it comes to observing simple rules.

  • Catching up process in the home is desirable to the mixture to make medium, made by different manufacturers.
  • Anti-Cellulite creams and preparations, it is recommended that before lunch.
  • To double effect Wraps, before you take a bath with sea salt. While the water open procedure the pores, cleanses the skin, swelling, and with them – the excess liquid
  • Traditional methods of cling film and wrap the blanket alternates with no less than the most productive variant. Closures Body mix, lay in a hot bath (temperature 37-38°). The method works effectively according to the principle of balneological procedures: cleaned of sweat, sebum ducts, capillary blood circulation speeds up. Oxygen and useful components fall faster Cells.
  • If the envelope selected, cosmetic clay, it is not in a metal dish, and in a glass or earthenware. Instead normal water, mineral water, melted or decoction of medicinal plants.

One distinguishes between cold and hot wraps – any kind stimulates the weight loss on its own way. For the first characteristic is the application of Mixtures of room temperature – they constrict the pores and capillaries, so that waste products and toxins lymph leads in the retiring the System, from which they are excreted in a natural way. Hot Wraps distribute fibre through the open the pores.