I can lose weight

Can I lose weight without a specific diet? Of course you can, if you know what foods lead to weight gain, but which on the contrary, contribute to the reduction in body weight. You deliver in the case when the preference of the latter.

To help in the issue of weight loss time, what foods is at the best of your knowledge, which is the days. It is advisable to know what is the best food for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So, you develop the nutrition of the own authorship.

And now a list of what you can eat and lose weight let us proclaim.

Vegetable salad

Vegetable salads

Opens the list of the products to lose the weight vegetable salads. In vegetables, lots of fiber, vitamins, minerals and low in calories.

They promote a fast metabolism, their use is justified by the work of the intestine.

Attention! Ruin the usefulness of such a food to be greasy to refuel, for example, on the Basis of sour cream or Mayonnaise, the not help in weight loss.

But if you refuel with vegetable salads refined oil cold pressed, then you will be of great use to you. With the consumption of vegetables-salads, anyone can. They are quickly digested, you can eat them, at least in the evening, in the night, by the way, can be used as a filling for you to Kefir.

Milk products

You can, if hudeesh, eat dairy products. It would be best if you give your preference for dairy products with a moderate fat content. You eat need these products, when hudeesh, fermented especially, you are your intestine colonize useful micro flora. If we talk about the consumption of dairy products, it is best to it was the first half of the day.

In this time the body is digested better. Do not eat curd in the night. Although the evening perfect Kefir drink. If you at least occasionally instead of dinner, drink Kefir in the evening, the slimming work much faster. You can also agree sometimes even days if you only drink Kefir, lunch, and dinner.

Soups, Grilled Vegetables

When removing very useful, the vegetable soups. They are low in calories, they are useful and fill good the stomach. Especially good is this soups to eat in the cold season, then you are you are warm. To diet the soup that will help you lose weight, will fit any vegetables to cook.

Just do not overdo soups on the basis of potatoes, as it is quite rich in calories and starchy vegetables. Best of all, if you eat such a soup at lunch time, with a company lean piece of meat. Lose weight this lunch is a pleasure.

Grapefruit juice

We can not ignore the juice of this fruit, as it served a good role in weight loss. The fact that this juice reduces the levels of insulin. If you grapefruit juice 100 ml before each meal at least two weeks, you can put back in weight up to 1.5 kg.

But it's worth it to be careful with the use of this juice for those who skin sensitive stomach lining. In this case, it is worth to be diluted to drink.


Certain Sweets

Very sweet with weight loss not to give up very useful. To avoid this, you can allow yourself, sometimes sweets, but there are certain sweets. The sweet fits jam, Marshmallows, candy, and you can afford it, sometimes a piece of a Strudel. The cake is very little dough.

If you like sweet, then you should know that the best time for use is the first half of the day. Not looking for sweet food for dinner in the evening or in the night.


From fruit you can eat and successfully finished the job that has a low glycemic index. If you want to successfully and quickly lose weight, then you don't have the grapes, eat bananas, dried fruit.

The best time for consumption of other fruits is the first half of the day, but not the dinner, and even better, if you you in the morning on an empty stomach, so that you can perfectly cleanse the gastro-intestinal tract and normalize the work of the intestine. You cannot eat fruit for dinner in the evening or in the night.


Separately, such a product mark in weight loss as apples. If hudeesh, the feeling of Hunger can often occur. Very well, there are apples. Apples are good because they are not very suitable sour, not really sweet, apples, and those with sensitive mucosa.

Apples are wonderful to fill the stomach. It is best if you eat apples, because the bones are. Savory Apple can find it even in the night. Perfect as a dinner Supplement yogurt.

What can I eat and lose weight in pregnancy?

And what foods should lose in the diet during pregnancy, if you want to weight? During pregnancy, in principle, you can eat all the foods mentioned above. In pregnancy, more attention to the reactions of your body to a particular product. If you have something is not to feel that way, then it would be better to do without it.

In pregnancy, for example, can lead to bloating, according to fresh fruit or vegetables, in this case, the best you consumed these products in the finished Form.

May also experience an allergic reaction to this or that product during pregnancy. The body becomes hypersensitive in the course of pregnancy.

In pregnancy, special attention should be on milk products. You'll help fill in at the end of maternal reserves of calcium in the body, the washed-out during pregnancy.

What there is before and after the Training?

All know that to lose weight, you do not have to comply with only proper nutrition, but also in sports. And that it is better before and after exercise in order to lose weight, be more efficient?

Before the Training is perfect, carbohydrates are. It can be any fruit or auxiliary can range in sweetness, if you suddenly wanted to. Carbohydrates give energy for your workout.

After the workout, perfect, something to eat proteins. It is milk products. After the workout, you can eat and a piece of meat. If you don't want to, there is after the Training, then you can drink Kefir. After the workout muscle mass recovery requires, and you just help Protein.

what foods not to lose weight

What foods not to eat for losing weight – the list of

In the desire to lose weight, the girls, the portions reduce, but not eliminate from your diet high-calorie foods, Junk Food, rich in fast carbs.

So, what are the main enemies of the slim, beautiful body and what you absolutely cannot eat while losing weight? More on this below.

Products that prevent to lose weight:

  1. Candy. Because of the high content of sugar quickly converted into fat in the body. If losing weight better, not to give up sugar, because he no useful trace elements and damage to the figure, to a significant extent has not.
  2. Bakery, bakery. Each pastry contains a lot of calories, and even more if you added cream, ice cream, chocolate or other treats.Yeast products, apart from disturbing the intestinal flora, and it has a negative effect on the metabolic processes in the body.
  3. Sauces, Ketchup, Mayonnaise. If you are even the low-calorie dishes without sugar, salt and fat, but the spiciness of their sauces, there is no effect or person, on the contrary, however, has the weight. Because they contain many preservatives, dyes, additives, which lead to Lipid deposits.This is the normal function of the gastro-intestinal tract and the liver was disturbed by what even more influence on the appearance.
  4. Sweet and carbonated drinks, juices. If a Person used a liquid which he not once thinks that it might be more calories than, for example, in servings of salad. But food and a glass of soda not work. Also, the juice, which may eat from the fruit (because you while on the diet) also increases the enemy for slimming during the spin cycle, the concentration of sugar significantly.
  5. Dairy products with a high fat content. Of them, of course, not to reject, because it is something without which the body is not able to eat healthy. To simply prefer Kefir, yogurt, milk with a minimum fat percentage.Quark is better not to abuse, but out of sour cream, cream and Butter, and be completely abandoned.
  6. Nuts. Very useful for the body, but still a lot to be nutritious and rich in calories. Without significant harm to the character, you can eat them in quantities of a maximum of 15 pieces per day It is better, before lunch, then fewer calories will be absorbed.
  7. Fatty meat and fish. Give up all these products, as well as the dairies, not worth it, because they are the main source of Protein in the body. Therefore, it is necessary to eat low-fat varieties: chicken, rabbit, beef, pike-perch, hake, cod. Products need to cook or cooking on a pair.
  8. Semi-finished products. No one can guarantee that the manufacturer, in fact, contained in the product what is stated on the packaging. So, eat chips on a few of the allegedly chicken fillet you can eat all the calories of the daily diet.
  9. White Rice. Many believe this product is low in calories, because there are also rice diet. But actually, if the rice goes through all the phases of treatment, from him almost nothing useful remains, except for the thickness, it promotes the replenishment.
  10. Frozen food. So that they do not lose their palatability, the manufacturer adds sodium in them. He keeps the water in the body, leading to edema and metabolic disorders.
  11. The potato is a staple food of many people. But it contains a lot of starch, which the caller completeness. And when the potatoes and fry, exceed the number of calories the permissible Norm in the dozens of times.
  12. Pasta, the better cereals to replace. If we want a lot, then you need to of wheat in preference to products made of hard.
  13. Alcohol. He secretes toxins, so that the work of the liver for the processing of foodstuffs and the output of the unnecessary fat from the body, and to the liberation of harmful substances. In addition, the person to be intoxicated in a relaxed and poorly controlled in the selection of food and the number of servings.
  14. Chips, cookies, fast Food, not in the comments.

As we can see, the list of harmful products contains the food, the usual for most people. And also, if you eat very little, but calorie-rich products to achieve the desired result will be possible.

In addition, the use of food in quantities that are too small leads to disorders of the intestine, it can also cause constipation, and it is not just a benefit.

Dry fruit slimming

Dry fruits for weight loss: is it possible and what

The benefits of dry fruits for weight loss – myth or reality? Whether apricots, prunes, raisins and dates figure slim? This question is not want to has long been concerned, change your figure and diet, but also by doctors, which are special programs.

Hunger sweet slices and not to miss the results of... Many refuse to believe the popular statement: so many favorite products are characterized by a high content of sugar.

Yes, and the high calorific value of these treats, the question to your favor. Judge for yourself, the calorie content of dried apricot in a special table of digestibility – 268, and raisins, we like to add to a great selection of pastries – 286.

But that's just a common mistake: some fruit for Breakfast, porridge, added to, or became the basis for the sweet salad is a good Alternative to the usual morning food intake. Mixture of dried fruits for losing weight is not only delicious, but also useful under one condition: if we know how to apply and what is best to combine dried a treat.

Why is it so important to find a replacement sweet

The fact that changed during the fasting and the work of the brain, reducing its activity. He begins to serve us the signals help: we notice that you cannot work in your usual Tempo, nervous on trifles that are quickly tired. In a bad mood, and even the most favorite pastime is no longer joy.

We have a clear "say no" to everything that is harmful, and the fact that it contains a lot of calories. Because of the Hand there are useful helper dry fruits.

A small handful of raisins, dried apricots immediately saturate the body and brings us to an earlier ability to work.

The brain is easy to deceive: instead of fat and only adds extra inches to the waist to provide it a advantageous Alternative. The sweetness is supposed to bring only joy, and not new pounds.

You can eat prunes or dried apricots and your mood improve a little. What is the reason for this sudden change? The whole thing is in the saving carbohydrates – they provide the energetic charge of the body for a long time. Here, the dry fruits? They are almost entirely made up of this essential source of energy and positivity.

However, the inclusion of this delicious stimulant activity may be limited. Remember that these products are very calorie rich and you should carefully read the energy monitor density of each of the consumed food.

What is the reason for the positive impact of dry fruits on the body? Doctors confirm: you retain many of the components, the tires, and fresh fruit. Dried apricots, prunes, wine grapes – it is a real storehouse of materials for health:

  • Potassium– a Mineral, the vessels for the correct working of the heart and blood;
  • Fiber – coarse plant fibres, the most important nutrient Element;
  • Enzymes – organic substances that speed up reactions in the cells of the body.

The most useful slimming dried fruit

Here they are – bright slices of dried apricots, grapes, which has become smaller, but the beautiful ladies, interested persons are overweight farewells does not lose its properties, dates and many other helpers.

With your help, we will:

  • we can quickly satisfy your Hunger;
  • you can avoid the Depression and mood swings;
  • we obtain for the health of important minerals and antioxidants.

Here is a list:

  • Plums
  • Raisins
  • Dates are rich in fiber, potassium and iron.
  • Apricot
  • Fermented