How to lose weight fast 10 pounds in a week?

First of all, I would like to say that fast 10 kg weight loss without harm for health – this is a fantastic idea. Because, when you step reducing the weight of the body weight is reduced by burning fat, which in the case of a strong loss of Kilos from the body out of the water and the protein, which is called "building materials" for the body's cells. In the process, lose muscle mass, and this may cause problems, disease appear. Not to mention that any diet with the note, how to lose weight per week, then leads to an immediate recovery of the body mass, and even their increase.

Fast only fat mass lose weight per week to burn unrealistic, because you don't have to way a such amount of exercise, not only overweight people but also a strong supporter of the healthy way of life. So, for example, by simple calculations, it is possible to find out what the day will need to run with a speed of 10 km/h for about 19 hours! Not miles, mind you, but hours, which, in principle, not really.


How to lose weight fast

So, not unexpectedly, the idea befell that soon the New year, birthday, or holiday, and absolutely necessary in a diet is how to lose weight per week, you should take care of your appearance and health in advance. At least three months prior to the alleged event. This prevents the immediate nutrition and to reduce hunger strikes and the weight gradually. To lose weight in time, there is no risk for your complexion, the health, the muscle tone and skin, energy and good mood.

In addition, you should adhere to a few simple rules, which are a trifle for a man who says: "I want to lose weight!"

The first rule, which is the subject of jokes, stories and anecdotes, but still necessary, is not eating after six o'clock in the evening, when the body is digested so effectively and assimilated food, which leads to the deposition of excess weight.

You should also have your diet to organize the observance of a certain period of time. The bulk of the diet should afternoon until lunch, that is, 11-13 at at. The evening meal should contain carbohydrates, it is better to make your dinner of steamed vegetables. And Breakfast is useful, milk products, fruits, you can also make honey and other sweets in small quantities.

And don't forget to not clean carbonated water. The man who has to lose weight quickly at home, you should be drinking two glasses of water before a meal.

Lose weight for a week

If you decide on drastic measures and projects to lose weight in the shortest amount of time, get ready, seriously limited in the near future. You have known, the slimmed down, ask them about the consequences and side effects that inevitably coming week dramatically the limits of the food.

So, for those who find the fast slimming is acceptable for a variant of the next diet, it is proposed that, available, and consisting of Low-Cost products.

Monday. As I said, this was a hard day, you will experience it will help a bottle of mineral water without gas, divided in six pictures. Apart from water, to this day, nothing comes back.

Tuesday. In the morning you can eat an Apple, a litre of low-fat milk, divided through the whole day.

Wednesday also promises to be the ordeal: like on the first day, today, you can only drink a bottle of mineral water, divided, cut in two in six shots.

Thursday seems to be a real treat after three days of strict asceticism: today it is possible even to cook-Liter bowl of salad from fresh carrots and cabbage, and fill in its many and varied herbs and a spoon of vegetable oil. In addition, you can afford two glasses of water or tea... well, of course without sugar.

Water and food

Friday again cooked for us skimmed milk. It is a pleasure to stretch for the whole day, because today, nothing is impossible.

Saturday, after the hard week, the breeze from the sea. With the watch, you can drink tea, hard-boiled egg, and at 11 o'clock in vegetable broth food made with potatoes, cabbage, carrots, and other fragrant and tasty vegetables, but eat only broth. Royal lunch consists of 100 grams of cooked lean meat, canned peas as a side dish, even 100 g. the Rest of the ration of apples costs: a for the afternoon meal and dinner, and at nine o'clock in the evening.

The resurrection has for us, 100 grams of cottage cheese and a couple of glasses of yoghurt or milk. In the evening you can have a Cup of tea.

If you this diet the first time, you can expect to be sure that a weight loss of 10 kilograms. Per month is not recommended, such a diet more than once. Please note that those who removed 10 kg, then the wrinkles of 3-4 kg. And before say, what I want to lose 10 kg in a short period of time, remember that short-term diets often lead to an exacerbation of chronic diseases and the emergence of new diseases. To visit, therefore, better, a specialist and have him advise you.