Fitness workout for weight loss: complex for practicing at home and in the hall

If necessary, these programs can combine. For example, if circumstances force the Training in the gym, miss, you can workout at home. You can also systematically home-alternate-made Training with the classes at the gym.

Homemade workout for losing weight

Workout lose weight at home

Below is a set of exercises for weight loss and muscle strengthening at home in detail. Exercise is recommended, in the order in which they are given. To build professional better, according to the principle of "marathon training". This principle: the exercises one after the other without a break on a approach. If you do not run the entire training program without interruption, you can't play the short breaks between sets (longer than 30 seconds).

By a whole series of exercises (a circuit), you can relax a little and then repeat the round again. For a beginner, is rather limited 1-2 circles. After a while, you can increase the number of rounds up to three. Circular way of performing the exercises makes the workout more intense. And the more intense the Training, the more successful progress in losing weight.

The plant slimming, as described in the following refers to the category of electricity loads. To lose weight was successful, run it at least three times per week. The ideal variant — a combination of strength training with aerobic. Aerobic Fitness exercise can be carried out more often, as a uniformed, — 4-5 times a week. The Standard duration of the aerobic exercise 40-60 minutes. Exception — Interval Fitness Training. They don't last longer than 30 minutes as high intensity.

Strength training for weight loss consists of three parts: warm up, main unit exercises, a towing device. Well, if the house is on a Cardio: employment on the Ellipsoid, Ergometer or the treadmill, within 10-15 minutes is a good exercise to warm up. In the absence of the simulator to run to jump on the spot, run, Mahi, bending, turning, slight knee bend.

Exercises for home Fitness Training

  • Squats and lunges.

Individual companies: standing, hands on the belt, feet divorced to the width of the shoulders, the socks look forward. Features execution: bend the knees and squat with both heels on the floor. Tighten the muscles of the buttocks and the inner side of the thigh. Rise from the squat and repeat it. Only 20-25 knee bend. After returning from the squat in a single company, back lunge walk. Knee leg bent at a right angle. The hips should continue the line of the hull. Back to the SP. You do 15 repetitions for each leg.

  • Pushups.

Individual businesses: on your knees, hands resting on the floor, palms of the hands wider than the shoulders. Execution: in a basin on the floor to the head, torso and thighs formed a straight line. By the elbows back, bend from the right angle. Back to the SP. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

  • Bar dumbbells in the slope.

Individual companies: the body tilted forward, until the backrest is parallel to the ground, a Hand is on the chair, the other Hand to the floor is lowered and is holding the dumbbell, knees slightly bent. Execution: hold the press to the shoulder blade and pull the dumbbell to the abdomen. Back bend the arm, the elbow a little to take away. Repeat the cravings 15 times with each Hand.

  • The lateral lunges.

Individual companies: standing, legs shoulder width apart, hands on the belt. Features of execution: take a step with the left foot to the left and to the front. Bend the knee. The second leg remains corrected. Weight on both feet spread. Recovered left foot, back to the SP. Each foot do 20 lunges. You can take the dumbbells in Hand and keep them in the vicinity of the fuselage.

  • Bench press dumbbell standing.

Individual companies: standing, legs shoulder width apart, bent arms, the dumbbells are lifted to the head, the palms of the hands look to each other. Execution: lower the shoulders, stretch the press and squeeze the dumbbells up. Stretches the hands to the shoulder blades. 12 times repeat.

  • Reverse Pushups.

Single company: with your back to the chair, hands resting on the edge of your seat, fingers pointing forward, arms straight, legs stretched out and standing on the heels, pelvis displayed outside of the seat and in suspense. Execution: bend your elbows, lower your pelvis to the floor. 20-repeat times.

A series of exercises for the work in the gym

a series of exercises
  • Bench press with feet.

IP: sitting in a Simulator for the bench legs (angle press 45 degrees), hands on the handles of the training device feet are on the platform, the distance between the feet slightly wider than hips, which is not charged to the knee. Service weight 30-60 kg. Execution: take the platform with pressure pieces, bend the knees at an angle of 45 degrees. Stretch the legs and press down with the heels, raise the platform. You Do 15 Reps.

  • Bench press dumbbells lying on a bench.

Individual companies: lying on the back, shoulder blade kept bending the knees, the heels resting on the edge of the Bank, the arms with the dumbbells vertically stretched upwards, the palms look forward. Execution: bend your elbows, lower to the shoulders. Squeeze the dumbbell upward. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.

  • Rod is sitting in a Simulator.

Individual companies: sitting, back straight, shoulder blades, legs bent, feet on the ground, the chest is not exactly on the carrier, the palm of your hand, you hold the arms, the hands outstretched, the elbow is not impacted. Service weight 20-40 kg. Execution: tighten the abdominal muscles, bend your elbows and pull the arms. Not to breed elbows to the sides. Again, hands pull forward, the shoulder blades don't slide. Shut down after the twelfth repetition.

  • The breeding of the legs.

Individual companies: in a Simulator, feet, sitting, legs bent, on stands. Service weight 25-50 kg. Design: pressure on the knee support to the hip to the side. You Do 20 Repetitions.

  • Bench press with the hands in the Simulator.

SP: in a Simulator, sitting, hands raised and elbows bent, palms on the arms, wrists straight, elbows look down, the shoulders tense, the chest is rolled, the abdominal muscles tense. Service weight 5-20 kg. Execution: push the arms, squeeze weight. Shoulder blade Flatten, elbows does not stretch completely. Gently bend the Hand and back to the SP. Repeat 10-12 times.

  • Bench press on a Block device.

Individual companies: - standing with his face to the device, with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, the left Hand holds the handle, palm of the hand turned downwards, the elbow bent and pinned to the side. Service weight — 5-10 kg execution: extend your Hand, let you down. Elbow strain. 12 times repeat. Replace the Hand and do 12 repetitions.

End Fitness Training tension rod need, regardless of where the exercise takes place in the home or in the gym. To all of the muscles of the body stretch. Stretching exercises for each muscle group dissipated 10-15 seconds.