Diet for a week weight loss: get detailed menu

Most diets is to reduce the amount of ingested food to a Minimum, and some fasting days and make us starve to death. After the diet and return to a normal life, people are starting to notice that her incredible efforts were not in vain, and the weight crashed back to the top.

Diet for weight loss

Fortunately, there is the power scheme that can help get rid of the pesky extra pounds and you do not choose the new, at that dinner, at least three times a day. There are also those products which, in General, the fight against the fat pad. You will find in the article "magic slimming pill". By to your diet, you will not only stand up in the way of proper nutrition, and that means a healthy body, but also begin the effective control of obesity.

The proposed diet is not slimming for a week limit for the procurement of the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

An important role in the weight loss plays and consumed the liquid. Firstly, it is necessary to give up added sugar with tea and coffee, soft drinks, and limit juice intake of fruit. Prefer tea with mint and ginger. For detailed recipe, see the post "a drink for weight loss with mint (recipe)", "ginger for weight loss: how to drink?".

Menu for a week to lose weight


Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese with berries or nuts, 2-3 thin slices of cheese, 1 egg, tea with ginger.

Snack: 10 peanuts, hazelnuts or almonds

Lunch: carrot-ginger soup, a piece of boiled meat, tea without sugar

Snack: Grapefruit, Apple or orange (fruit of your choice)

Dinner: salmon Steak with green beans or broccoli, and unsweetened tea.


Breakfast: brown rice and baked fish, tea or coffee

Snack: low-fat natural yogurt and 5 berries dried apricots.

Lunch: boiled chicken, salad of tomatoes and cucumbers with olive oil

Snack: fruit of your choice (banana is contraindicated)

Dinner: seafood Cocktail or boiled shrimp, mussels, dressed with lemon juice, to choose drink for weight loss.


Breakfast: scrambled eggs 2 eggs, cooked with vegetables mixed with spices, tea or coffee without sugar

Snack: low-fat Quark and 5 berries plums

Lunch: buckwheat with a piece of boiled meat, tea

Snack: a glass of low-fat yogurt and 5 nuts to choose from

Dinner: puree of peas doctor to work with a piece of sausage or eggplant salad with ginger (a dish to choose from)


Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese, a few slices of cheese, and doctoral sausage, tea and coffee

Between meals: fruit choice

Lunch: soup made of sour or fresh cabbage, a piece of boiled fish

Snack: low-fat yogurt or a glass of butter milk

Dinner: caviar of zucchini with a piece of cooked meat, and tea with mint


Breakfast: scrambled eggs, a few slices of cheese, a drink to lose weight

Snack: Smoothie out of ginger or fat burning Cocktail with ginger

Lunch: vegetable stew with ginger, a piece of sausage or meat, tea

Snack: low fat yogurt with 5 berries dried apricots

Dinner: salad of tuna in its own juice, corn, tea


Breakfast: white beans, canned (1/2 can) with a piece of boiled chicken, tea with ginger

Between meals: fruit choice

Lunch: buckwheat, salad, tea with lemon

Between meal: 5-7 nuts to choose from

Dinner: salad of cooked octopus and corn, drink the slimming of mint


Breakfast: two boiled eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, tea or coffee without sugar

Snack: Grapefruit

Lunch: meat broth with peppers, a piece of boiled meat, salad of 1 cucumber and 1 tomato, tea

Snack: fat-burning Cocktail with mint

Dinner: a piece of salmon, vegetable stew, tea with lemon

These meals for a week for weight loss can be adjusted. But in his basis of these products should. A very important point is the size of the portions. When it comes to the pulps, purees, stews - the volume of the portion should not grams, more than 250, to measure his glass slightly.

Accelerate the metabolism, helps normal water, you need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters per day. Calculate the necessary amount of water can be seen from the formula, which are described in the article. To drink how much, in order to lose weight.

This menu will help you to develop habits of proper nutrition to lose weight and not gain in the future. Even without physical effort, you feel the result and ease in the body (in compliance with the rules). We wish the best of luck!