You want to lose weight fast? Drink slimming Kefir

One of the best food for weight loss is not without reason that the Kefir: Kefir diets there are many, and each of them, if properly complied with, can bring many benefits for the health.

To lose why of Kefir, weight?

Why yogurt helps effectively to get rid of excess weight?

Live bacteria – probiotics, the healthy intestinal flora our gut contains in yoghurt in large quantities. In today's time, healthy and wholesome intestinal Flora is a rarity, and it is not surprising that the majority of people in the digestive tract of slag-filled, toxins, excess fluid and the kalovymi stones. All of these "deposits" are often weight a large part of the body: in the not-too-overweight people in the gut can be "saved" 10-12 kg of such a Ballast, and the regular consumption of yogurt can delete them quickly and gently all. If you drink a chronic constipation, they are going fast - only Kefir, a two-day, and promotes weight loss.

The yogurt proteins do not allow for a feeling of Hunger quite a long time – that is, to keep the Kefir diet is so hard "" yeah, and accelerate the process of fat burning. Carbohydrates in yogurt-a little – about 5 % in 100 G of product. And calcium, yogurt is also rich, prevents the accumulation of body fat, or better said, helps the body faster calories to waste; to came, at least this is the conclusion of U.S. researchers recently.

Kefir you can simply enter in any low-calorie diet. For example, when we eat raw vegetables and fruit, then we can suffer from the increased gas formation in the intestine, and when probiotics these processes yogurt inhibit, to speed up the digestion of food.

Even if without a diet, but simply Kefir contain in your diet as often as possible, the weight will endeavour to normality. A glass of buttermilk with fresh fruit or berries to a full-fledged and healthy Breakfast, low-fat product: you will be faster and hungry for lunch to eat something "substantial" efforts will be wasted.

By the way, you can drink, and yogurt for lunch, instead of Dessert, sweet tea or coffee. Many of the women whose work is connected with mental stress, at the time of the lunch break, very happy sweet. Drink a Cup of yogurt with 1 teaspoon honey and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon is delicious. The cinnamon can improve metabolism, some to lower blood glucose levels, slow down the process of digestion – it is also eat helps less than usual.

How do you drink Kefir lose weight in the morning

The most common recommendation of Kefir in the morning, combine the wheat with the book, but so is the food days longer than 7-14. Otherwise, you can start a headache, feeling of weakness and fatigue.

How do you drink Kefir lose weight in the morning

Breakfast of buckwheat with Kefir prevents overeating and rids the body of many order backlog "blockages". Since the digestive tract begins to function normally, speeds up the metabolism and burning of body fat, reduces the level of "bad" cholesterol, and obesity. Parallel pressure, strengthens normalizes the blood, the immune system, improves vessels the condition of the blood and the work of the heart. In about a week, the result is visible not only inside, but also outside: the health, reduce weight, move easier and freer. Of course, in the course of the day, do not eat greasy, salty, spicy dishes, soft pastries, candies, and sausage, otherwise, Kefir-buckwheat help Breakfast to lose weight.

Cooking for the Breakfast can be different. In the evening, a serving of buckwheat (3-4 tablespoons) will be sorted, washed, pour into a thermos with boiling water and leave until morning. In the morning pour a glass of buttermilk and eat. Salt, oil and sugar to add.

You can also pour the buckwheat in the evening yogurt. It takes about twice as much as cereals. Let Kefir-buckwheat blend better in a cool place, cover. If desired, a successful court-strength with a bit of spicy herbs and raw materials containing vegetables, such as cucumbers. After the Breakfast until the next meal at least 4 hours.

Why Kefir combine with buckwheat? In this case, two use fit together. In buckwheat a lot of fiber: the stomach is digested, it is a long time and appetite at this time, "still". Carbohydrates in buckwheat too much, and you do not increase, difficult or slow: Glucose enters the blood gradually and not in jumps, and adipose tissue. Yet buckwheat is very rich in vitamins and minerals, and in the process of losing weight, if the body lacks nutrients, is very important.

You can also cook them in the morning, something like Kefir to have a Cocktail with fruit and berries. A glass of butter milk to mix it in a blender with 1/2 banana (pear, Apple, peach), and 100-150 grams of Breakfast berries.

Kefir overnight

Kefir to drink in the night, helps to lose weight while you sleep, the cells and tissues rejuvenated, thanks to the "work" Calcium and milk protein; also, you will be fall asleep faster and sleep more peacefully. For the night you have to Option of not fat Kefir, but also fat – free drink- no. Better you choose a product with a fat content of 1%, and you eat slowly, a spoon, adding a little fiber-cleaning plants.

However, there are various recipes.

For example, 200-250 ml of Kefir, mix it with rosehip syrup or honey (1 TSP), 1/2 TSP cinnamon and 1 tbsp. L. all bran.

Kefir in the night

Another Cocktail: up to 250 ml of butter milk, add 100-150 G of fruit cinnamon flesh of a melon, and 1 TSP.

Recipes to lose weight with yogurt

Here are a few simple, inexpensive recipes for Cocktails and Smoothies with yogurt, customers call to normalize weight. You can keep the diet for longer than 7 days, or simply switch in the menu from time to time.

Well helps to lose weight Smoothies-Kefir-sugar-beet – something like a cold soup. Per litre of Kefir – 500 G boiled beetroot, grated. You can to the mixture of grated fresh cucumber and Dill (parsley, celery), food, and everything in the course of the day. Cucumbers with Dill to eat, and as a Supplement in the Form of a salad, of course without the Butter and salt. For a week can "go" 5 additional kg.

You can cook Smoothies with beets and apples Per litre of yogurt – 7-8 medium sized apples, and 1.5-2 TSP of cinnamon. Beat in a blender. Option: there is not all day, but only for Breakfast and/or dinner.

Cocktail with cinnamon (1 teaspoon to 500 ml of yogurt), a pinch of ginger and pepper speeds up the metabolism and the processes of cleaning – clean it up helps "wrinkled" belly. Drink it after Breakfast, of course, low-calorie or instead of dinner (or an hour after). To drink in diseases of the digestive tract, this Cocktail will not cost.

Cocktail with fresh ginger (100 G to 500 ml), grated on a coarse grater, and honey (1 tbsp. L.), also great replacement for the dinner and can strengthen the immune system.

To lose Kefir, weight easy, because it contains little calories, improves digestion and gives quick get hungry. But, these useful products wisely: in the average adult human (without options, with diets), preferably on the day do not drink more than 2 cups of butter milk.