Lose weight per week? It is Real!

Many of us try to keep Fit watch weight, sit on diets. And it always remains 2-3, sometimes 4-5 kg, you can't remove! Just curse a little.

It turns out, to conquer "the curse of the last Kilo", only need to follow three simple rules.

Real slimming
  1. The Trick with carbohydrates

    To get rid of excess weight, you need to be the cause of its emergence. And the main reason for the completeness is the violation of the balance of hormones in the body.

    An important role is played by the Insulin. You can even say that about ketogenic Insulin, but the Insulin ruled, in fact, carbohydrates. Therefore, the most effective diets are without or of low-carbohydrate.

    How do they work? So far, they restrict in their diet flour, honey, fruit, Insulin is released. Fat fatty acids absorbed in the cell. As soon as they had eaten, foods with carbohydrates, Insulin is released, the function of recycle, which arrived in the blood glucose (only in this Form that our body cells all the carbohydrates), and free fatty acids to the inner flow of fat. And gather there in large formation of fat.

    Limiting carbs, we can control the release of Insulin and, therefore, active Stimulation slimming. On this principle, all Protein-fat diet based.

    Conclusion:for a week to lose weight , you waive the following products: sugar and all sugar, potatoes, white polished rice, bread, sweet juices, honey. You are in the first line for the production of Insulin.

    Fit and the Dukan diet. Not the bread, any flour, sweet potatoes, fruit. This can be in any amount of lean meat, fish, low-fat dairy products. And not necessarily in the morning - two tablespoons of oat bran. And to drink, the most important rule — the more water.

  2. Sleep properly

    To lose people weight not by eating, but by hormones, which act on him. So, we talked about Insulin, the tissue plays the largest role in the accumulation of fat. The same most important hormone, the fat in the body is Somatotropin. It is a very strong medium. Produced in the pituitary gland of the brain. Then there is in the body for about 50 minutes, and then in the liver disintegrates. In this short time, he can tissue to burn 150 grams of fat! But physiologically, this hormone is only in a dream. In the depth of his Phase, for example 23 to 24 hours. Sometimes up to an hour of the night. Therefore, in order to effectively lose weight, in this time, the man must sleep. And if you don't sleep, growth hormone is the hormone they can't produce them itself and not to lose you able weight.


    People really lose weight when sleep. And it is easy to check, was on the scale before bedtime and in the morning. If you ate nothing at night, then you will be surprised: 200-300 grams of your weight somewhere "disappeared"! Part, of course, it is the water that is evaporated together with the breathing. But basically, it is the result of the action of the somatotropic hormone.

    Conclusion: Try to sleep until 11 am. And be sure to get enough sleep! Then lose can spent a couple of kg just right through the night.

  3. Overclocking fat If you are already thin on a considerable number of pounds, fat cells shrink, the expert explains. The membrane and its thickened and due to these fatty acids is more difficult. This is necessary in order to survive the Plateau period, if the weight. Plateau can continue for up to a month.

    If the last few pounds don't go as Stimulation, every physical action can help in the problem areas of fat. This LPG-vacuum-Massage can, normal, manual lymphatic drainage, all of this, what helps is to Squeeze fatty acids from fat cells. Thus it is necessary to apply but not necessarily, physically load, which will help to burn these fats. For this purpose excellent endurance exercise, such as walking in the fresh air. If fats are not busy, then flow back into the fat cells stored.

    Conclusion: if you continue to sit on a diet, and the weight doesn't out — do not despair. Help, different types of massages and active walks in the fresh air.


And Protein diet is not harmful?

Really, Protein-to-fat rations, the formation of uric acid, promote the kidney stones, the development of gout and many other diseases. This happens due to the fact that the body is poisoned decay products of the protein that does not recycle the body and this Protein, in fact, rotting in our intestines. The Car Delivers Immune-Intoxication. But this Problem occurs in the case of longer diets, if you adhere to it for a long time!

Dukan Diet

When we here the new year's diet, it is only for a few days. And no uric acid stones can be formed for this period. Gout they also develop hardly for a week. But, if you "sit" on a restrictive diet and limit or even fats or proteins exclude, ie simply starve and sweat sprayed and the new year's eve table with greasy salads Olivier, Mimosa under the fur, then gets the most powerful blow to the liver and the pancreas. Protein-to-fat same diet you are eating proteins and fats daily. If you eat them behind the festive table, all of the same proteins and fats. Therefore, no problems with the liver, you do not have. Since the emptying of the gallbladder is happening and on fats than on carbohydrates. And thus, the development of gallstones avoid. So this diet works, this is your principle.

On the Dukan diet you will need to add that it has helped to lose weight millions of people. Although scolded, but there is not a single people who died as a result of the application of the diet or have a harm to his body on this diet. So, as the universal means of this diet effective of all. But every diet has its disadvantages. And the biggest drawback of any universal diet is that it is designed for a specific Person with his unique body. Therefore, it is still safer and more effective for the aid in weight loss professional medical. To the experts, the overweight to the solution of the problem in a holistic way.