Photo before and after of weight loss Inspiration and Motivation

Of course, this mode can't stand up to anyone, that is why it is very important to pay attention to the psychological aspect of how the Motivation for weight loss not help you to break through and to achieve this goal.

slimming before and after

Detailing the goals for the Motivation

Many girls want to lose weight, give up halfway, because you're looking for a vague idea of what. This is one of the most common mistakes. Just to know, why is it exactly that you lose weight, you can achieve real results.

As a Motivation, the following objectives serve to:

  • To lose weight, in your favorite pair of Jeans.
  • The attention of the opposite sex.
  • Old shape back after pregnancy.l
  • Put you in a beautiful dress for the upcoming important date, such as the prom, wedding or birthday.

After you set the goal, try to make it as detailed as possible. For example, you can draw the outline of the figure, but on the contrary – jumping figure riding a horse, after you lose the extra pounds.

A common mistake of girls is that they set demanding targets, and frustrated, not having reached up to the coveted goal. For example, put 15 kg and a weight of 75 kg for 1-2 week. Of course, in this case, the encounter is fraught with premature are out of the race.

The goal should be realistic. For this, you should consult with a nutritionist, exactly, the diet is based on the individual characteristics of slimming. Also, the maximum accuracy of the skilled in the art will notice, if it is possible to achieve the desired results.

Health – an important incentive to lose weight

First, you must come to the realization that due to the predominance of significantly worse health. Through the use of unlimited quantities of sweets, baked goods, greasy and fried foods, you experience the following consequences:

  • The load on such life important organs, like the stomach, liver, heart.
  • High probability the owner of the bouquet of diseases, including Diabetes and hormonal disorders.
  • The risk of heart attack and other diseases, as well as malfunctions of the cardiovascular System.

As soon as the unnecessary fat to go reserves, and this, in turn, allows to get rid of, excessive sweating, palpitations, edema,.

Control of success – a way not to break

Sit on any diets or exercising, should have a separate notebook (even fits a Mini-diary) for fixing the results of daily weighing and measuring of such parts of the body such as the waist and hips. Another representative Parameter failure.

As soon as the values of the imposing steel, for example, on the scale appeared to be cherished "minus 3 kilograms," encourage, with a small gift. What can serve in the role of the latter?! Of course, the purchase is not a bad meal and pleasant for every girl stuff — shoes, clothes, jewelry. In addition, notification of defects is not superfluous, for eaten ice cream or ECLAIR. Be ahead of yourself sincerely and honestly, because it is a prerequisite on the path to slimness.

Fitness Trainer – wizard in weight loss

A further Option, to motivate yourself lose weight is to purchase a season ticket in a good Fitness Club. His costs are not cheap, so understand that the money is not paid in vain, to participate in courses and exercises with zeal. Later, when the body gets used to regular physical activities, and the results will be visually visible, it can be a habit and fun.

Photo before and after of weight loss Inspiration and Motivation

Someone with a perfect shape, fall to 5-10 kg, and someone – from 40 kg. Such results are amazing and well motivate. Similar story — it is also an excellent way to important tips in the area of weight loss. Who went this the hard way, much to teach.

lose weight

The extra pounds "melted" on the eyes, it is important, diet is correct, deletion of unhealthy food.

The owner of the most beautiful forms of permits, a swim in the Pool, work and dance in the gym.

Often women, who sat on a variety of diets, fixing the results.

3 simple Motivation to lose weight

There are 3 ways that motivate and allow you to not break in the process of losing weight:

  • Paint would of obtaining a slender figure. On a sheet of paper before removing. It may be that such sentences: I'm self-conscious, and dispose of the complex, the bear swim through the presence of overweight; I'm going to need the attention of men; I'm going to look stunning; I dispose of the shortness of breath; I can do that with ease high-heeled shoes. Autosuggestion really works wonders, and you can see for yourself.
  • Communicate with like-minded people. In today's time in social networks there are many groups. To discuss the accession of in them also the opportunity of the most pressing issues for losing weight with people, for which they are relevant. You can do this, and on discussion forums. If someone is Slims faster, then call in the sporting spirit, and try to surpass you "opponent".
  • Have on the type of photos where you are in a normal weight. Just a wish "a little decrease" does not work, and if you go to any image that you like yourself insane, it is much easier to target. Believe me, a clear Vision of the result — the guarantee for success! You can also use images in the body of the girl, or the stars of their dreams You can't help to forget what results you aspire to.

Motivational movies about losing weight

You can list dozens of movies in which the main characters were able to achieve your goal — to get rid of excess weight. And if you need it, really, and to feel energized the following motivating movies allow you to be inspired about losing weight:

  • School for tolstushek. The heroine believes that they are in good shape, so not back to Junk and to eat Food. Here, you will quickly fat, and the men lose in a timely manner to you any interest. Soon to come to him, to realize that such a life is impossible, with all the efforts, you will find the beauty and the harmony, of the all obstacles.
  • In the mirror two people. In this Film Gregory Rose because of a man transformed, and continues to be overweight. Already by the new style, including ideal forms, she is able to conquer his heart and understand how your feelings are strong.
  • Fast Food Nation. The image motivated from the diet to eliminate Junk food and useful products is preferred. In today's world, despite the fact that fast-Food is popular, it's not used, but only a figure disfigured.
the fight against fast Food

There are a number of movies, the understand that not too much closer to the weight loss, as this may lead to irreparable consequences. Useful such images can be seen, such as:

  • A perfect figure.
  • Hunger.
  • Dance dearer than life.

You'll learn a lot of useful information about losing weight, damage, allow the consumption of certain foods, and various TV programs and Shows. Among Their Number:

  • The fine world of thick.
  • Loss of weight until death.
  • Caution: the food!
  • Wunderman.
  • A deadly meal.
  • Double portion.

Dealing with the subject of get rid of extra pounds, you should not with intent to harm their own health.

The psychology of weight loss: Motivation

In the opinion of the psychologist, the Person who want to lose weight, can't get to the goal, without the personal-psychological changes. For example, many girls see that it looks horrible, so not for a Monitor, eating up all the problems. So it is very important to increase your self-esteem and "greasy" egg-shell:

If you are prompted for the reset of 20 kilos, then need psychological training, strengthen its will power, and to confidently say "no" to all temptations to resist. It is believed that the most effective way, work on his inner and outer appearance – is the Yoga.

To understand even with the difficulties of life is not easy, therefore, you can solve to a psychologist, which will help your internal problems. This is an important step to achieve these goals and to strengthen the Motivation.