The most effective way to lose weight

If we have the need to lose weight, we start to search the most effective method. To this end, we investigate various websites and reviews, the get rid of, it's stories that have managed the hated pounds. There are thousands of diets, and each of them, there's your admirer. So how do you choose among this variety, and which diet is most effective?

As a diet choose

The Most Effective Method

The fact that the most effective diet is the one you keep for a lifetime. Precisely, this condition guarantees the loss of the extra pounds and the fixing of the result.

Simply put, if you don't like yogurt, not Kefir diet. In the best case, you do not depend on your week, and in the worst case, and the weight is not lost, but also additional pounds. It is therefore very important to choose a diet for themselves, and in the daily ration. This allows you to not get bogged down on harmful products.

It is also important to take into account the specifics of the organism. For example, if you like to eat in the evening, you don't fit the limitation of the diets of food after 18 hours. Maybe you think that for a while, but soon the habits will prevail.

The most effective diet

Among the variety of diets there are several, widely recognized favorites. They let thousands of people lose weight.

Dukan Diet

Your developer is a French doctor Pierre Ducane. In your reason, consumption of Protein products, which help put the fast and effective weight loss. It consists of 4 phases: two phases are to lose weight and 2 phases for the stabilization of the weight.

Basics of the diet Ducane

Phase of the admissionDescription
The first PhaseTakes 3 to 7 days. It is particularly effective. During this time, you can lose up to 4 kg are Allowed to eat products from the list (a total of 72 product). Among them, there are meat, fish, seafood, lean ham, eggs, milk products
The second PhaseThis Phase lasts as many weeks to throw how much kilos you want. In addition to the permitted 72 food list 28 (vegetables and herbs) added. And the Creator says that the amount of food plays no role. He claims that the body is just what he needs All other revised and shows
The Third PhaseIn this step, attach a weight to be lost. On each kilogram of, the throwing, need to back up 10 days. Diet of 100 products is stored, but is joined by other products. For example, on the day, you can add two fruits and a piece of bread. Twice a week to eat pasta or grains. Once-a-week food everyone can drink, a Dessert or wine
The fourth stageIt is the life must. He is in the bottom of the sea in the week you eat one of the products that are allowed in the first Phase), walk 20 minutes per day, eating 3 tablespoons of bran per day

Counting calories


This energy system is based on the calculation of the calories eaten each and every product. The fact that each organism for maintaining normal life activities and for the production of energy to be consumed calories. Each product has a different energy value, i.e., contains a different number of calories.

In addition, each person has his standard, by their consumption. For example, an adult man with high physical activity, 3000 calories per day may need. While the girl with sedentary activity only needs about 1700 calories. To start the process of weight loss you need to consume more calories than consume. That is, if your standard need 1700 calories per day to lose weight is about 1200 calories.

The first count in to claim a lot of the time it will take you. But then you have to get used to it and are already on the eyes the number of calories to determine in one or the other court. For convenience, we recommend you to daily menu record with the counting of calories in the Editor. Also, you will need a kitchen scale electronic scale.

This method of weight reduction is very effective, because you can choose your menu. You don't need to be a strict restrictions. They also eat chocolate and sweets, but in the normal range. In addition, it is very important that such a diet can supply a long life. Because you always know how much calories a particular dish.

Diet Minus 60

The Creator of this diet, Ekaterina Mirimanova, the lost on this diet plan is 60 kg. In her books she shares his success story and tells in detail about the what to eat to lose weight. This diet is very good for the sweet tooth. But Katharina believes that the eaten is not eat before lunch in the Form of extra pounds.

  • Breakfast. This meal is a must. If you are accustomed to, the morning coffee, start with only one Cup, you would have to at least get him a piece of cheese or bread. After a few hours you can to be the late poet's Breakfast. To eat while it is possible, even cakes or Muffins.
  • Lunch. During the lunch break you should on the principles of food combining. Meat and fish can be eaten only with vegetables, legumes or cereals. You can eat) a light soup (either with meat or with potatoes. As a Dessert of berries or fruit.
  • Dinner. In the evening, you need to use a thing – either as a side dish, or main dish. You do not combine, for example, meat with cereal. In addition, you can eat fruit or milk products. In the evening you can't eat potatoes, mushrooms, legumes, pasta, sugar.

Many of the rates, not after 18 o'clock. However, if you go to bed late, you can drink a few hours before bedtime take a glass of buttermilk or low-fat yogurt. Advantage of this diet is its versatility. There are no exact menu, complicated recipes or streets products. You can do so at your self and your taste. Therefore, such a System is the power supply to be able to your life long diet. This will help to stabilize the weight and not to advertise.

No matter what diet or nutrition plan you choose, always listen to your body and the change in him. Exactly this is the key to your successful weight loss.