How to choose the belt for slimming belly

The flat belly is the dream of all women, about yourself and your health. With increasing age, as well as with the participation of the lack of movement in front of the beautiful gender the question: how effective weight to lose in the waist, in order to stay Fit longer? The perfect solution for this Problem – belt for slimming abdomen, giving the opportunity, with minimal effort you get maximum results.

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Recommendations for the selection of the belt for slimming

Choose slimming-belt-belly – with a lot of responsibility for a woman who loves to take care of yourself. What to look for when choosing a model, on the one hand to achieve the desired effect – to remove unwanted body fat in the problem zones (abdomen, folds at the waist), to tighten and tone the skin, and on the other hand, does not have the money for a useless, inefficient thing?

Models of all the instruments for slimming works on the same principle: increase the temperature and increase the blood flow in the reach. As a result, accelerates the metabolism that is fat in the combustion of the body, and excess water leave the body of slag and toxins. This keeps you on your toes problem areas – the belly and the waist. But it must not be forgotten that the use of armopoyasu there are some restrictions for the health, therefore, before you purchase, read the instruction manual, or ask your doctor.

An important factor for the increase of the effect of slimming, with the help of armopoyasu nutrition plays. You have to rethink your diet in the direction of a balanced, healthy, low-calorie foods excluded from the diet of carbohydrates and sweets. During weight loss should be careful how and what you eat and drink. A nice help in this process, a food diary is where you enter all the products in the course of the day, and then adjust your diet.

The efficiency of the use of the belt for slimming belly active exercise for a slim waist. If you do not have enough free time to go to the gym or do sports at home, then you choose the model to wear the be able to during working hours or during the execution of the work. For the increase of physical activity in everyday life, you forgo the Elevator, try to go less time to the use of public (and personal) means of transport, more walking.

After treatment, the recommendations for the process of weight loss with a belt for belly, we consider the types, technical features, and pros/cons of the devices currently on the market at the Moment.

Sauna Belt

How does the Sauna belt

Belt-a Sauna – a kind of electric belt for weight loss. The device warms the body with a Slimming effect of the Sauna. With the help of the elevated temperature, sweating, stomach and waist increases, whereby the ideal conditions for the combustion of excess fat. Cleansing Slim-effect of this model is comparable to a full-fledged hike in the Sauna. The device is ideal for use at home, especially for those who don't like it or for health reasons, not the Sauna.

In the application of this variant, it is important to follow certain rules, increase the efficiency of the device, so that you achieve maximum results weight reduction in problem zones:

  • The maximum duration of the operation to a Mini-Sauna for the waist and the other zones is 50 minutes per day for a month, then you need to take a break in the use of 1-2 weeks.
  • Each of these procedures, it is desirable to 1 hour after eating.
  • To consume for the improvement of sweating during a hot drinks such as herbal teas with purifying effect,Anti-Aging and muscle building the body.
  • Do not use during the procedure, cream or other means for the body, the consequences or allergic dermatological rashes.
  • If you have sensitive skin, then you wear a SHIRT the device on a thin, cotton T -, to prevent irritation.


Massage belt – the perfect remedy for weight loss, toning, recovery of the body. Physical effect, the effect on the problem areas, improves blood circulation and burns fat in the right parts of the body. This is a wonderful opportunity for those who can not afford, for financial or other reasons, the full price of the Massage for the whole body.

In the case of the use of the masseur, you will be able to achieve, is not only the belly or waist slimming, but also the many problems in the spine to remove pain in the lower back, back, improve posture, get rid of. The positive effect is achieved when using the device every day for 10-15 minutes per day. Not preferably immediately before, during and after the procedure drinks or food are consumed, because of the intense physical impact of the instrument to disturbances in the digestive system of humans.


Electric belt for weight loss – an excellent choice for women that the fat is not only on the stomach, waist, but also to other parts of the body. The device with the Vibration acts on the muscles in the area of your work, making you perk up. The intensity of the load varies from minimal, such as during a leisurely walk, or gymnastics, medical gymnastics, up to a Maximum, as in a full gym or workout in the gym in the gym.


In order to achieve the maximum effect from the use of the belt while additional sports, involvat in the work of this group of muscles that are susceptible to the effects of the device. By you, you will get the belt on each of the problematic part of the body to 15-20 minutes per day, with good results, remove the unwanted body fat with the belly, waist and hips.

The excitator

The excitator device, the effects on the muscles by using electrical impulses. During the procedure, to the body electrodes are applied, in the hope of a place for each depending on elaborating muscle groups, as in the photo below. To the device electrical impulses similar to the impulses of the human nervous system, the movement of the muscles of the body. As a result of the operation of the electronic Musculus excitator blood circulation, speeds up and improves metabolism, which in the case of active slimming.

You start with The excitator lose weight with 10-15 minutes per day, gradually increasing the session up to 30 min. as a result, your muscles become accustomed to the load, which reduces pain sensations from the use of the electronic Stimulator. For maximum effect of the procedure eat prior to and after the meeting, miostimuljatsii, note our recommendations on nutrition, an active lifestyle.