Plums weight loss: recipes and tips

According to scientists, if you prunes to eat daily 5 piece, you can forget about the problems with digestion. If after 10 — about osteoporosis and accidental fractures. And arrange if you have a fasting day and eat 30 — the bowel is thoroughly cleaned of slag and toxins, and the next morning you can lose 2-3 kg. In spite of all of the calories content of the fruits (in 100 G of 231 kcal), he has a powerful laxative effect, what is the main product many diets and programs for weight reduction. This still carries a low glycemic index of 29.

However, remove the plums must be used with caution, since it is otherwise so relax the intestines, then what the drugs have to drink over several days.

The mechanism of weight loss


Plums has a laxative and promotes the formation of bile from the liver properties. He not only cleans the colon of all types of organic waste, but also bile ducts freed from him, making the work of the liver. This speeds up the updating of the blood cells, resulting in intense licking of metabolic processes, including lipolysis. With the proper diet and enhanced Training it offers fast burning of fat.

Accumulation of fluid in the tissues — the cause of and edema, and obesity at the same time. Plums solves both problems, as a natural diuretic.

At the same period slimming the body with many vitamins and trace elements. An important role among them is played by the potassium, which fixes the problems with the heart and circulatory system, ensures the unobstructed flow of the accelerated metabolism. According to nutritionists, reduced content of potassium in the blood serum weight reduction is not possible.

Know valuable features of plums, need not be purchased a laxative and a diuretic drug in order to the purification of the body. 30 piece is sufficient organization for the effective weight-loss add fasting day. You want to get great results — enter the active use in the context of a diet.

On the note. Prune contains more potassium than apples, as an important source of this element.


With prunes slimming, you can in passing to normalize the work of many organs and systems, as it has long been used in folk medicine for the treatment of various diseases. What we get as a nice Bonus:

  • The improvement of the digestion;
  • Prevention of osteoporosis by strengthening the bones;
  • Relief from constipation;
  • Strength and elasticity of the walls of the blood vessels, strengthening the heart muscle, the normalization of the heart rate, lowering of the risk profile for heart attack and stroke;
  • Elimination of edema, improvement of the work of the kidneys, the excretion of them Sand and harmful substances;
  • Improving eyesight;
  • the enrichment of the body with vitamins, micro - and macro-elements, preventing a lack of vitamins;
  • Reduction in the risk of developing neck pain, such as plums anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Slowdown of skin aging due to the antioxidant, the bind free radicals;
  • Strengthening the immunity;
  • Normalization of the nervous system: to minimise the adverse effects of Stress, eliminate anxiety, irritability and insomnia;
  • for men, the increase of a potentiality.

All this is possible due to the composition of this product: it all known vitamins and science contains a large number of mineral compounds and amino acids.

In addition to the above-mentioned possibilities, plums minimizes the risk of formation of malignant tumors.


If you exceed not to overdo the dosing and prunes, laxative and diuretic properties can cause harm to the health, and primarily the stomach and the kidneys are affected. That is why it is so important to keep the contraindications in the eye, and possible side effects.



  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Lactation (can digestive disorders cause in the case of a child);
  • Obesity;
  • Tendency to diarrhea;
  • Kidney stones and other serious diseases of the body;
  • serious pathology of the liver, of the heart and of the blood;
  • Idiosyncrasy;
  • Drop in blood pressure;
  • Gout.

Side effects:

  • Horse racing sugar in the blood;
  • Weight gain instead of weight loss;
  • the movement of the stones, which can lead to rupture and severe pain;
  • Worsening of the existing chronic diseases of the liver and of the heart, gout;
  • allergic reactions;
  • Disorders of bowel and digestive disorders, bloating, flatulence;
  • Decompression.

Ways to lose weight


There is a special diet with dried plums, the developed Rams and surgeon practice, known far beyond the borders of Russia, F. G. corners. In it, he recommends that you organize the meals exclusively in part — time in 9, 11, 14, 17 and 20. The Basis of the diet:

  • 8 dried plums per day;
  • Protein: eggs, chicken, lean pork, boiled fish;
  • Hard cheese;
  • low-fat Kefir and sour milk (in which the corners of you recommends drinking a half an hour before bedtime);
  • Vegetables: preferably carrots, and cabbage;
  • Fruit: the best among you for this diet of oranges and apples;
  • the drinks only black tea or coffee in the morning, and allowed, 1 TSP sugar.

Example menu for 1 day, after which the diet for this diet:

menju-diety-na-Cherno live

Duration of the diet, described the corners — 10 days. Thanks to a significant reduction in daily calorie intake and cleansing properties, dry fruits, severe emaciation. During this time, the lose of 3 to 7 kg. the Final result depends on the individual properties.

To the advantages:

  1. Diet doctor, risks to health are minimized;
  2. starts the process of burning fat, the get rid of against the background of the training is the problem areas;
  3. To save budget;
  4. simple dishes.

Keep in mind, there are also disadvantages: monotonous diet, which means to get bored in that 10 days time, there is a high risk of failure. In addition, discharge can effect, seriously interfere with the chair.

Fasting day

  1. In the evening, with hot water, dried plums 30.
  2. During the discharge of the day, eat every 2 hours, 3 Stk. and 200 ml of the drink every herbal decoction or unsweetened tea.
  3. In the evening, half an hour before going to sleep ate 150 ml natural yoghurt, or you drink 200 ml of 1.5% yogurt.
  4. In the course of the day, you must drink up to 3 liters of water.

Get ready for a strong effect. But this way in only a few days, you can lose up to 2 kg.

In addition to the food, described the corners and on fast days, eat daily 3-4 dried plums on the background of the right or low-fat diet and exercise. However, it should not take 2 weeks. Then the body needs to a break and repeat the course until a month later.


Prunes and raisins

Rinse thoroughly and plums mix with raisins (without seeds) in equal parts (150 G). Pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Cook for a further 10 minutes. Cool. Dry fruits and ate to compensate. But the violin plays the resulting beverage that you drink 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach every morning. The result — high quality cleaning of the intestine, the blood, the kidneys and the weight reduction of 2-3 kg per week.

This broth is ideal for losing weight by men as raisins, known for its properties to have a positive impact on the potency and reproductive capacity.

Prunes and apricots

To do dried plums, take a little less — 100 G, dried apricots, and the number of more — 200 G of cooking on the previous recipe, but increase the dose up to 100 ml in the morning.


This decoction will be useful for those who have heart problems and anemia. Apricots in this case, irreplaceable. In addition, it is softened to aggressive laxative properties of prunes.

Dates and plums

Preparation and intake scheme is the same, what is the recipe with raisins. The peculiarity of the Suds in the fact that his prescribe as a medicine, diseases of the digestive tract. Want to get rid of digestive disorders and a large amount of slag to use it for weight loss this recipe is. But the fact that the discharge is enhanced.

Water with prunes

You can't use any other products, enough for 2 weeks there are plums, filled with boiling water in the watch. The proportions of all, the main thing, covering the water with the top on 4-5 cm, because it swells greatly. Apart from the dry fruits (up to 8 PCs. of the day), it would be useful to drink, and the Infusion, after you in the morning on an empty stomach. Here, it is important that the daily rate is not more than 200 ml, and provided that the plums must carefully before processing washed.

Note. Instead of boiling water hot milk. The proportions and the scheme of losing weight saved.

Yogurt with plums

8 well washed, dried prunes cut in halves or quarters, pour 250 ml of 1.5% sodium yogurt and whip in a blender.

Smoothies, consisting of plums and yogurt, is very nutritious and at the same time, a powerful laxative. There are recommendations you can drink instead of dinner or just before bedtime, but in this case, get ready not to sleep and spend most of the night on the toilet. Much more useful it would be to replace the Breakfast.

Note. This Cocktail is under consideration of the aspect ratio, you can cook with milk instead of yogurt. In addition, the add and other dried fruits (raisins, dried apricots, dates) allowed, but to reduce with the condition that the quantity of dried plums. Berries, nuts and pieces of fruit are in this recipe.

Cottage cheese with plums

<Perfect Breakfast for losing weight. Easy low-calorie prepared, perfectly cleanses the intestines and provides energy for the whole day.


<150 G low-fat cottage cheese — 2-3 pieces, soaked in hot water, dried plums, you need to grind. Varied recipe you can use berries and other dried fruits and 1 teaspoon honey.

Oatmeal with plums

An Alternative for cottage cheese Breakfast — oatmeal with the addition of dried plums. These two products are perfectly combined with each other. The main thing is a useful feature of dishes — lasting saturation, the wait it snacking allow without lunch.

Recipe. In a deep bowl 5 tablespoons pour oatmeal and 1 teaspoon of dried orange peel. Pour 150 ml of boiling water. Cover, leave for 5 minutes. Add 1 Tbsp. L. honey, arbitrary and 6-7 chopped dried plums. Carefully mix. The top of the crushed walnuts (not more than 3 nuclei) scatter.

Buckwheat with prunes

This court may, as part of a diet for each meal.

350 G buckwheat in a pan, heat and pour 200 ml of boiling water. Let swell for a few hours under the lid. Separately, fry the chopped medium onion and 1 coarsely grated carrot. Sprinkle nutmeg and black pepper (not more than 5 grams of each). Add 5 crushed dried plums. Pour a little water, simmer 10 minutes under the lid. Mix the preserved vegetable and buckwheat in a deep bowl, pour the water, it was 2-3 cm, keep on low heat until the buckwheat is soft.

Beetroot salad and plums

If anyone thinks discharge is sufficient, effect of dried plums to your bowel, you can use this recipe.


200 G of freshly purified sugar beet on a large grater. 5 dried plums cut into strips. Crush the garlic clove, the peeled. Mix the ingredients, season with lemon juice or 10% sour cream. If you can not do without salt, use only the Navy and in minimum amounts. Allows ground coriander or parsley. From the spices, you can add a red or black pepper and coriander.

Questions and answers

It is possible, in the night?

Doctors do not recommend to do this as it can trigger sleeplessness, against the background of the laxative effect of the product. The best Option — use it in the first half of the day. The only thing you can — a small amount in food (bake to cook the chicken with him, on the basis of a delicious Sauce, add salad, etc.). But remember that more than 3 pieces in the evening do not eat.

How much can you eat?

Dried plums can be no harm to the health, if not in excess of the daily requirement per 100 g. approximately 10-12 pieces. However, if you have to do it with the goal of losing weight and cleaning daily, after a 2 week break about a month to restore intestinal flora. Useful this interval is to drink probiotics.

How it is correct?

Wash thoroughly in several waters. 2-3 hours (or evening) with hot water. In the first half of the day, in the break between meals. The perfect time — lunch or Breakfast.

When combined with the drugs?

To time losing weight is better to postpone taking any medication. Especially dangerous in combination with laxatives, drugs, the formation of bile stimulates the liver and diuretics.

Effective and fast slimming with plums is due to its cleansing properties. It is recommended that those who are the main cause of obesity lies in the high content and the body of toxins, and impaired metabolic. If the debt-to hormonal or hereditary factors, the technique can not useless only, but also provoke the complications for the kidneys and the stomach. We, therefore, recommend in advance to consult with your doctor.