Simple recipes for weight loss: the menu and the table products

To use for maximum results in the elimination of excess weight, make up the daily menu, recipes the right diet for weight loss. A balanced diet helps the metabolism get rid of extra pounds and to gain the desired size. All you need to do is combine the products with each other and know their properties. Recipes for weight loss built, taking into account the calorie content of foods.

the right diet for losing weight

Principles of proper nutrition

Diet any diet for losing weight is based on a combination of food, all of which contribute to the liberation of obesity. In addition, when the power supply is a few basic rules, the observance of the weight loss and effect. These include:

  • the recipes of all the dishes must be balanced by proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Apart from this, in the recipes it is necessary to add necessarily, fiber, and food, vitamins and trace elements that the body needs for the maintenance of the life activity;
  • you pay attention to the size of the portions. You need to less, as a rule, but more often - thereby reducing the size of the portions, but the increasing frequency of intake;
  • each individual should be the principles of proper diet and striving to lose weight, at least approximately in step with the energy value recipes;
  • don't skip Breakfast. Even if the body does not feel the feeling of Hunger, the eat it Rob - the Breakfast provides energy for the whole day. A half-hour before the first meal you should drink a glass of warm water - this will start the process of metabolism. To diversify the Breakfast, there are many recipes for weight loss;
  • from the daily diet must exclude to a Maximum of harmful products. These include fried and fatty foods, pastries, fast Food, sweets, alcoholic beverages. Their use significantly slows down the process of slimming;
  • when the body difficult to adapt, under-nutrition, consisting only of recipes, all prepared without the addition of sugar, it is better that such components, the menus, analogues to exchange useful: sweets made of dry fruits and nuts, baking cookies of oatmeal in the home recipe, and the sugar in the tea can honey replace;
  • better to buy for recipes, products from reliable manufacturers, who do not breed and produce you with the addition of various chemical substances and hormones. This applies especially to meat and fish - they contain the most growth hormones, which have a negative impact, both on the process of losing weight, so also on the human body in General;
  • To minimize the use of salt in recipes for weight loss even better, since it promotes the can cause accumulation of fluid and swelling. Recipes the right diet for losing weight contain a very small amount of salt;
  • in addition to recipes for losing weight, menu PP should be the daily consumption of liquids with a volume of at least 2 liters;
  • thoroughly and slowly chew. It helps to feel full faster, eat less food.

Table products for the compilation of the recipes

To get yourself a recipes for the right diet, you can the following table be brought, which the allowed and forbidden foods for losing weight

Foods allowed lose weight Products, banned to lose weight. Products, the use of which, you want to lock
Vegetables (except potatoes); fruit; cereals; dairy products (low fat content), fish, Lean meat (chicken, Turkey); whole grain bread; eggs; legumes; nuts; mushrooms Food and drink, in the composition contain a sugar; flour products (with the exception of wheat, durum); semi-finished products; Fast Food; sweets; pastries; Smoked meats; canned; Mayonnaise. Red meat; Butter; vegetable oil; White rice; white bread; potatoes; dried fruits.

How to plan your diet when losing weight

Diet for weight loss

The proper distribution of meals and controlling the portions are able to influence the achievement of results, in weight loss, so it is better to plan in advance your diet and follow these rules daily:

  • when losing weight, in any case, do not skip Breakfast;
  • to avoid the feeling of Hunger - when the body, a deficiency in the food, he begins to move fat. To avoid this, it is necessary to remove the recipes snacking;
  • all of the recipes the right diet for losing weight should be balanced in the composition;
  • you have to constantly - in small portions but frequently;
  • in advance you need to plan the day so, in order to engage the physical strain, but combine them with the meals - on a full stomach and to not cram highly after the Training;
  • in acute emergencies, eat a forbidden food, it is better to do this, but keep in the hands.

Recipes for proper nutrition

The right dishes to cook these recipes with photos, easy and simple, and each of them can be a excellent example of a healthy diet and lead to weight loss

Recipe: pasta with vegetables and chicken

Noodles (durum wheat) cooked without the addition of salt. Small zucchini into thin circles (Skins with vegetable not to scratch), add green beans and broccoli. Vegetable stew in the pan, with a little soy sauce or Teriyaki Sauce. The chicken breast in small pieces, add vegetables. After the preparation of vegetables and chicken, you can mix with pasta or serve this separately.

Recipe: fish in a white sauce

This recipe for weight loss is good that the ingredients can vary according to your personal preferences. The Sauce can be prepared in advance: a couple of spoons of sour cream (low-fat) mixed with a pinch of nutmeg and black pepper. Add salted chopped (preferably in a blender) or pickled cucumber, a small spoon of mustard.

Cooking the fish: this can be any white fish (cod, redfish, hake, Tilapia, halibut), free from skin and bone, drizzle with a little lemon juice, place on a baking sheet and bake This can be pre-leek by the addition of vegetables to the fish - perfectly cut into thin rings. After cooking the dish you serve with a white sauce, top-sprinkled with caraway seeds.

Recipe: stuffed zucchini

Small zucchini (the smaller, the better) along cut in half, get the pulp out of them. Before you grate some cheese. Add it to the pulp of the zucchini, after seasoned with garlic and a blend of olive and herbs. Fill each of the halves with the mixture. Cut the cherry tomatoes into 2 parts and invest in Pumps over the entire length. On top sprinkle finely chopped parsley, cilantro or onions.

Tip: to use in such recipes better cheese Adyghe - it is a low-calorie food, do not add salt in the bowl loss, contribute to weight.

Salad slimming vegetables with beans

You can cook 2 types of beans: white and red. Add the diced tomatoes. Add to the salad, grains of corn, and finely chopped Dill and parsley. Season salad 1/3 vinegar, wine vinegar (as an Option: you can add chopped onions, previously pickled in vinegar) or lemon juice and pepper.

Kebab removing

proper nutrition

This recipe is suitable for those who want to lose weight, without in the usual food. As the best Pita bread made of wholemeal flour. It is also possible to prepare. Instead of Mayonnaise lubricate the Pita bread with the addition of sour cream and chopped herbs (Dill, parsley, chives, Basil, you can use a combination of different spices without glutamate). The chicken, cut into pieces, doused in soy sauce. In the middle of the pita, Sauce, cucumber (rings), Avocado (thin slices), chicken, salad, pomegranate seeds add. Wrap envelopes or Roulade.

Recipe for weight loss: Stuffed mushrooms

This recipe can be a substitute for Pizza with the right diet and weight loss. Mushrooms better to take more. You separate the legs from hats in the mushrooms. The stems and finely chop broccoli, add to the orderly into florets, red pepper into cubes and the tomato into cubes. Fill this mixture to mushroom caps, top with cheese. Bake in the oven.

Vegetable salad

This is one of the variations of recipes salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, which are an integral part of the menu for weight loss. Cherry tomatoes cut in half, cucumber, cut into thin strips, the onion marinate beforehand in wine vinegar. All the mix, adding the arugula, sprinkle the above spices.

Approximate nutrition proper nutrition for losing weight every day

To control with the time to learn your diet, not calculating the caloric content of the food, for starters, you can make a note of the correct nutrition to keep a diary of all the products eaten per day. It promotes the analysis of the food eaten, the weight loss and you can be in the future, the recipes themselves without work. For starters, you can view the approximate daily menu of proper nutrition:

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacking (on all day) Drinks
1 Porridge on the water Chicken, stewed with vegetables. As a side dish - pasta made of durum wheat - Stew of vegetables with slices of soy meat 50 G of dried fruits; Sandwich bread with a piece of red fish and Avocado Non-carbonated water; green tea; herbal tea; coffee without sugar; natural vegetable and fruit juices.
2 Cucumber salad with tomatoes and herbs. Sandwich of grain bread with a slice of tomato, a piece of Mozzarella and herbs Casserole of broccoli, cheese, and eggs. Brown rice with squid (or other seafood) 1 Apple; a Sandwich of grain bread with Quark cheese (or cottage cheese) and herbs
3 Buckwheat porridge on the water Vegetable soup with a slice of black bread A small piece of cooked beef and zucchini stewed with eggplant 50 G of any nuts; a Cup of yogurt (you can add a small spoon of honey)
4 Cottage cheese (Low-fat) with sour cream or fruit Chicken with buckwheat. Groats, carrots and onions can vary Egg omelet with the addition of vegetables (broccoli, tomatoes, onions, peppers) Oatmeal cookies (without sugar); a handful of dried fruit
5 Fruit salad with natural yoghurt Rice cream-soup with vegetables Baked pudding from cottage cheese. Salad from fresh cabbage and carrots Cup Of Yogurt; 1 Apple
6 Millet porridge on the water Vegetable casserole (zucchini, tomato, carrot, eggplant, egg) A piece of boiled white fish with brown rice Sandwich rice loaf pan with heavily salted trout and a slice of cucumber
7 Rice porridge on the water Omelet with a piece of baked chicken Salad of fresh beets, cabbage and carrots and a piece of cooked beef A glass of Kefir; a handful of nuts

Approximate nutrition proper diet to lose weight for a week

healthy food

Recipes proper diet should also the courts, taking into account the peculiarities of the organism, and which contribute to weight loss:

  1. For Breakfast, eat better, give the body a sufficient amount of energy for the whole day. The most helpful, Breakfast cereals, cooked on the water. Among the useful porridges, brown rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, barley, millet:. They complement the meal in the morning you can have a boiled egg or a Sandwich of black bread with cheese or a slice of not heavily salted fish.
  2. The lunch should be balanced to the intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The optimal solution can be vegetables, fish or chicken soup. Days techniques of liquid food alternates with solid food: a piece of boiled meat or fish, complemented with a side dish of cooked grain or vegetables.
  3. For dinner we eat should recipes take into account a lighter meal for the body. It can be fruits, vegetables, salads, casseroles, stew of vegetables with slices of meat, or with the sea. A light dinner is the key to success in weight loss.
  4. As a snack a couple of glasses of a drink of low-fat yogurt per day. Also a great solution to the fruit (in reasonable quantities), nuts, and dried fruits.
  5. Compliance with the right nutrition, you can arrange weekly, or 1 time in 2 weeks almost daily.

Approximate nutrition proper diet to lose weight in a month

The Plan the right diet for a month, you need to be on common rules in the daily diet. The recipes are the same, they are based on a combination of useful products. To remember the most important thing is that the result comes immediately. You must have patience and not retreat from the principles of proper nutrition. Only in this case, the slim figure is no longer a dream but a real reality. There is a tip that often helps to lose weight is not less than the recipes healthy dishes: go for groceries on a full stomach.

Options right snacking

These meals are not less important in the compilation of the right diet in an effort to lose weight. You need to be useful, nutrient-rich and promote weight loss. All of these qualities have dried fruits and nuts. Important, eat slowly - enough for a small handful. To recipes in the correct between meals consist of healthy Sandwiches. In this case, the bread is best to use whole grain and is supplemented by useful recipes Sandwiches with a slice of cheese, pickles, heavily salted fish, tomatoes, herbs and cheese All of these ingredients can be used individually or combined, make tasty Sandwiches recipes for weight loss. The normalization of the metabolism, promotes a glass of Kefir, so it is worth to pay attention also. Such recipes do not require a lot of time for your preparation, but will be able to keep the intake of Junk Food.

Compliance with all the principles and conditions with the help of proper diet recipes for weight loss in conjunction with active physical exertion, the solution in the fight against obesity. It is important to be patient and self-confident to the destination.