10 effective exercises to lose weight at home

Effective exercises for losing weight at home, which we share with you, is not only a series of sporting routines.

Regularly repeat these ten exercises and use a diet with a high protein content and a restriction of carbohydrates and fat, you lose to quickly lose enough weight, more muscle mass and you will be fitter and slimmer.

The rules of the to perform exercises at home are:

  • You start with fifteen-twenty repetitions per exercise and gradually increase their number. You use the selection weight only if the usual activities, they seem to be easy.
  • It is not important that she is surrounded by sparkling exercise equipment and chrome – plated rods and dumbbells-quite possible to lose weight without the need for expensive equipment. Of importance is only how carefully you go each receive, and what is the frequency of your classes. As in many others, the key to success is your Motivation.
  • During the lesson, try to put the phone on Silent mode, turn off your Tablet and Notebook. Would be great if in the course of the training, not the spouse and children will interfere.
  • You make a strict schedule and stick to it.
  • You think about the acquisition of sets of dumbbells. If it is still not possible, replace your plastic bottles, Sand or stones.
  • exercises to lose weight at home
  • Lead a two logs: exercises and weight. Mark in the progress they have made. These records will help you a vivid picture of your success, and in the days of fatigue and crisis in the high mood. It is proven that those who lead such magazines much more likely to be successful. Psychology – a thin piece of.
  • Courses under the invigorating energy music.
  • If for some reason you wonderful possibilities to get rid of excess weight, such as a Bicycle, and swimming pool, daily walks are a great addition to your program in the Sport.

Strength training speeds up the metabolism and make it more intense. They work not only during the training: the rest of the day after the workout your calories to a greater pace!

10 simple effective exercises for losing weight

And now, full of exercises you can do to easily let us with ten simple effect, to the home, but the results are less than the lessons in the gym.


Directly, by placing your feet on the width of the shoulders. Bend the knee joints, and fall so low, as if we had sat on the chair, the thighs should be parallel to the ground. The knees should not continue for the toes, keeping your back flat and not bend the shoulders. Return to the starting position and repeat the process.


Put his hands on the ground, so that the hands were located under the shoulders. The torso and legs of a single straight line, the turned palm of the hand directly. Fall back the Breasts into the space between the hands and return. If you hard in full PUSH-UPS, do not wait on the toes but on your knees. If, on the contrary, you want to complicate the task itself, then put the feet on the Bank or rung of the ladder.


Half-crouch and jump to the side, landing on the right foot. Without any Pause, make a jump to the left. It is important to slow down the movements flowed into each other smoothly, without breaks.

exercises to lose weight at home lunges


We are in the Position for pushups. Building on the right Hand, first on the left wrist, and then to the right. Act as back up to the starting position. In our next approach, we change the direction for the support of the body when lowering and lifting. If the task seems too difficult, bend the knee.


We are directly apart, position the feet shoulder width. Keep your hands along the body. Make the right foot a large step forward, lower the left knee to the floor. Your knees should be bent at a right angle. The right knee should not have legs to continue for the Finger of this! Back in the vertical support and the failure to make the step with the left foot.


Take the right foot in your right Hand, close it to return to the level of the neck, looking straight ahead. Lean the body slightly forward. The left knee needs to be bent a little. To keep it simple, the balance, fix the gaze on an object.

Hunting dog

We are on all fours – hands directly under the shoulders and knees under the hips. Pull the right arm and leg and leaning on you. Try not to bend the back! Return to the starting position and make the Rack on the left half of the body.

Side stand

You are on the right side, elbow under the shoulder. Lift the hips, leaning weight of the body on the forearm. Three seconds back on the ground and repeat the process.

Oblique Bridge

exercises to lose weight at home oblique bridge

Lie on your back, arms along the body. You bend the knee, not resolve but the feet from the ground. Keep your back straight, lift the hip, so that from the shoulders to the knees uniform inseparable just went. Hold this Position for three accounts and return back to the ground.

Flight of Superman

You will lie on your stomach and moved both hands forward (as if we are flying). Lift the feet above the ground and the upper part of the body, the head has to be straight. Three seconds in this Position and repeat the exercise.

If, after the training session, you will feel exhaustion, it means that you met all right. This effective exercise for weight loss — radical means in the fight against body fat surpluses, unkempt volume and Cellulite!