Step-by-step plan for the right Start slimming

Get rid of excess weight at home every second man dreams, almost, but as you start to lose weight, don't know of any. From this process of weight loss systematically shifted to "tomorrow", and pounds now added. A visual guide to action – it is exactly what we need. If there is a clear Plan that determines the start order of the process, to lose the people easier for weight. Create a step-by-step instructions, and you call it "first steps to losing weight".

lose weight for beginners

Step # 1. Analysis and self-diagnosis

In order to identify the target, you need to perform a self-test. This is an important step in the beginning, because the result is the only point of reference that you remember during the whole program.

Start a personal notebook in which you reflect all the phases of the plan. You should like it, because soon you will discover it several times a day.
  • You run the calculations the ideal weight for yourself. You can use the calculator for ideal weight, or take as a basis the weight in which they were once comfortable and well. You think Real is the fact that the ultimate goal must, so do not overestimate their strength and capabilities.
  • You make basic measurements, the volume of the body (chest, abdomen, thigh). In the process of weight loss, there are moments where the weight of "stands" on the spot, and to reduce the volume further.
  • Make a note of the first measurements in the Editor.
  • To make it easier to keep track of your results, create a table, you can mark off your measurements and the date of measurement.

The psychological aspect of it. Many people ask the question: "Why can't I stop eating?". Sometimes the cause of Stress, depression, chronic sleep deprivation, fatigue will have to be with these moments, also to be tackled. For better Motivation, an incentive to think.

Step №2. You set the purpose and the duration of

They produced calculations and we obtain certain results – you will be the main objective, which can be played back, in order not to crash. You make colorful posters, place them in a prominent place in your photo, where you like, etc.

Make a realistic time plan. Do not rush things, quickly remove the same quick return of the weight or nervous breakdown. Optimum reduction of the body weight of 3-4 kg per month. You weigh yourself 1 time a week, and you record the results in your diary.

Step Number 3. Counting Calorie Intake

You start the process of losing weight without restricting calories will not work. Calculate the required volume of the can:at home with a special computer, either by using the formula


  • From 18 to 30 years of age (0,0630 * weight, kg + 2,8957) * 240
  • From 30 to 60 years (0,0484 * weight, kg + 3,6534) * 240


  • From 18 to 30 years (0,0621 * weight, kg + 2,0357) * 240
  • From 30 to 60 years (0,0342 * weight, kg + 3,5377) * 240

To calculate the result, multiply by the factor of the appropriate level of physical load:

  • 1,1 – low-level
  • 1,3 – moderate load
  • 1,5 – a high level.
slimming tips for beginners

If the woman is 25 years old, she weighs 69 kg, works in the office, but she has a child, she often plays active games, then we get the following result:

Diet, Kcal = (0,0621 * 69 + 2,0357) * 240 = 1517 * 1,3 = 1972.

The result can feed a Signal to "stop", and start eating properly.

There is another method for the calculation of the daily calories. To do this, the following steps must be performed:

  • Calorie consumption per day.
  • We expect an average calorie intake per day (for a couple of days to keep a food diary, by him in everything, what you eat and drink).
  • If the volume of eaten calories exceeds the amount of wasted energy, the result of the "calories burned" subtract 500 calories. If you spend every day energy to 1800 Kcal, then you are able to begin to lose weight if the calorie intake is 1300 Kcal.
Important! In the average lose weight person needs to eat no less than 1000 Kcal and not more than 1500 Kcal per day. The calculations are strictly individual and depends on the output weight, height, age, gender, and physical activity.

Step №4. Include need for protein-fat-carbs

The weight of the realized reduction home more efficient, don't have to stop eating too much. Calorific value of the food consists of protein, fat and carbohydrates – this is the basis of the diet. Due to the increase in the diet of fats and simple carbohydrates man begins to be thick. Proteins, on the contrary, help to lose weight.

In order to lose weight, every day you should proteins eat-fats-carbohydrates in the average, in the following amounts:

  • Protein – 1 gram per 1 kg of body weight.
  • Fat – 0.5 G per 1 kg of weight.
  • Carbohydrates – 2-3 grams per 1 kg of body weight.

In the case of the lowering of the weight, the number of proteins-fats-carbohydrates will change. In order to determine exactly the right amount to your diet, you use the tables with the indication of the calories-proteins-fats-carbohydrates, App for phone or Online services. For the accuracy of the calculation, it is better to have a electronic kitchen scale.

Step №5. Make diet drink

For losing weight, it is important to not only eat too much, but make sure sufficient consumption of simple non-carbonated water. Each person needs to drink at least 30 ml of water per 1 kg of weight. Tea, coffee and other beverages are not taken into account – it is important to get used to just a simple water that is not kept in the body back and away to accumulate all the toxins and waste products.

You will learn all the secrets, after studying an article about how to properly drink water to lose weight on our Website.

To drink a lot of liquids in the first half of the day, in order to prevent the formation of edema.

Step №6. Diet, taking into account the calories and proteins-fat-carbohydrates

The correct weight reduction is not performed on the background of fasting, or a unique and plenty to eat for a day. You have to 5-6 times a day, but the volume of servings should be grams, not more than 250. There are 3 full meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) + 2-3 snacks in between is average. This recording helps to break lose weight in the first few days.

Label the Breakfast in 20-40 minutes after waking up, and the following meals through every 3-3. 5 hours. The main dinner should go 2-3 hours before bedtime, and if you are more than past 4 hours, take the second dinner.

Daily amount of calories necessary to distribute between meals, so that more than half was eaten up to 14 hours of the day. At this Breakfast, slimming has to consist largely of carbohydrates and the dinner, it is desirable to have only Protein.

Step # 7. Create individual menus

slimming tips for beginners

For the compilation of the menus, you can special tables, the information about calorie content and composition of proteins-fats-carbohydrates. The food you choose the best one according to your personal preferences. If the food products remain favorite then will break more difficult.

Immediately make a list of the prohibited food and dietary Supplement. Exclude from the diet all products that fat: sausage, flour, candy, sodas, and sugar to sauces, carbonated beverages, fatty foods, Mayonnaise and other adipem the regard. Of the listed products for ever, be abandoned.

Always plan your meals in advance. In advance of a shopping list in the supermarket. In advance invent and cook what you eat. It is better to do it either tomorrow night or in the morning for the day (in this case Breakfast, you must already be created).

Purchase a new dish of small size. It must be nice to lift the mood.

Step 8 Choose the physical loads

If not immediately, then at some point you need to connect to physical activity. What you will decide. You can swim any kind: exercises at home, Jogging, Fitness Center, Tabata-Fitness, dance, Cycling, etc., it is Important that physical activity gives you like to, you can regularly and achieve amazing results in weight reduction.

Now you know how you start to lose weight. Despite the conventional wisdom, which says that you just need to stop fretting, conscious dealing with the process of weight loss is more effective results. In the preparation of the plan for weight loss and to carry out all calculations in the home, you will learn how much food actually is, and how a sedentary life. It seems to us that we prove it to little food, and the all day "on the legs", and calculations – that's why we are fat.

You can create off your Plan, look for effective Motivation and begin to change themselves from the inside and the outside as quickly as possible!