Diet weight loss belly and flanks: menu

Body fat in the area of the press is a Problem that it is difficult to get rid of. People who lose weight noticed that after taking some measures to lose weight significantly reduces the volume of the face, chest, hands, feet, but the appearance of the abdomen and to the side is improving slowly.

On any kind of figure of obesity is reflected in different ways, but in any case, it is expected that a large proportion of the area of the press. Can get rid of, if you prefer, a suitable diet program. Value learn the characteristics of the diet weight loss belly and flanks: menu, prohibitions, and recommendations.

Diet for the pages

The principles of the diet

Diet weight loss belly and flanks is not only effective, but also easy. But it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances:

  • Before the diet, you prepare the body. For a week from your you miss the "heavy" and Junk Food. Reduce the portions and you go on a healthy diet.
  • Do not overeat after the diet. If, immediately after its completion, lean on prohibited products overlap and large parts of the healthy foods, fat re-appears. Create a menu from what is recommended, and follow the principles.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. You are not going so well in cases in which special needs in the beverage. Two liters of water – an important requirement.
  • Do not miss Breakfast. If you consume a sufficient amount of food after waking up, the body has enough power on the daily load. Failure to observe this rule in the course of the day, will not leave you, the feeling of Hunger, and have to feed him in the evening. This Manipulation has a bad effect on the digestive system.
  • Do not take the famous sentence "do not eat after six", literally. Not only food to consume, four hours before the night, because it needs to digest time.
  • If you want a Snack-or "pulls" the forbidden product, they consume the fruit. Comfortable feeling of hunger apples vapors.
  • In time, you fix the result of consuming of salads, a couple of times per day. In any case, you fill them with Mayonnaise, mustard or Ketchup, otherwise the effect will be counterproductive.
  • You can combine the System of the diet with physical exercises. In order to achieve the belly and hips, and a better effect, it is desirable to have simple exercises at least a few minutes per day. They are helpful for both men and women.

List of products

Paradoxically, however, the consumption of a particular food has a positive influence on the body mass. Of course, it is impossible to get involved, because even healthy food in large amounts is able to cause damage. Before you the list of foods to eat, the not only possible, but necessary:

  • Fruit. Particularly useful are citrus fruits, because of tissue reduction in the stomach -, provoked, whereupon he is reduced temporarily.
  • Vegetables. You will have a positive effect on the metabolism and saturation to create feeling of, in spite of the low calories content. They can be steamed and use it as the basis for the soup. Also from them is the delicious result sauces.
  • Greens. It is recommended that you add it to soups, salads and other dishes. Green the body with vitamins and minerals and saturated materials.
  • Light Dairy Products. Yogurt, cottage cheese, milk with low fat and hard cheese, to eliminate the feelings of Hunger, but are not the "heavy" food.
  • Lean Cuts Of Meat. Chicken, young beef, Turkey, and rabbit products, prevents the exhaustion of the organism with the daily physical stress.
  • Oatmeal In The Water. Oatmeal, rice and buckwheat contain useful carbohydrates. These substances, such as fat, influence on the weight gain, but in small quantities they will be needed.
  • Dried fruits and nuts. It is recommended to eat a small handful a couple times a week.
harmful products

Surely you have heard about the products, provoke the formation of fat. Some of them are almost everyone, but it is necessary to take into account the full list of products, there is:

  • fast-Food (cheeseburger, etc.);
  • Lemonade;
  • Alcohol;
  • Juices in packages;
  • Coffee;
  • Salt and vinegar cucumbers;
  • Sugar, sweets and some fruit (banana, figs, dates);
  • Muffin;
  • Macaroni;
  • fatty meat (pork, duck, goose, lamb);
  • oily fish;
  • oily dairy products;
  • Sauces are not made from vegetables (Mayonnaise, Ketchup);
  • Canned;
  • smoked;
  • Vegetables, large amounts of starch (potatoes, cauliflower).

Menu diet for a week

Diet weight loss belly and flanks, corresponds to a special menu. Within a week, you need to tried to follow him, not to adjustments.

On the exit menu, plan the diet in time, the attachment of the result. You can replace some meals or products are the same.

For example, instead of buckwheat, oatmeal, you eat grapefruit or replace the orange.

Approximate menu for the week:

the principles of PP

Breakfast: 1 Cup Of Yogurt, Toast

Lunch: 150 G of cooked rice, a salad with bell peppers, white cabbage, cucumber

Dinner: 100 G boiled beef or poultry, 1 Cup of Apple juice, eggplant gratin


Breakfast: cottage cheese, weak tea without sugar

Lunch: Boiled rice (100 G), boiled beef (100 G)

Dinner: tomato and onion salad with olive oil, 1 glass of tomato juice


Breakfast: 100 G boiled Turkey, green tea

Lunch: 150 G of cooked lean fish, lettuce, cabbage, onions and peas

Steamed rice and Apple dinner: 1 glass of freshly squeezed juice


Breakfast: 100 G boiled beef, weak tea without sugar

Lunch: vegetable soup, bread containing bran

Dinner: 150 G of cooked poultry meat, cooked rice


Breakfast: 1 Cup of low-fat yogurt, Toast

Lunch: 2 pieces of roasted potatoes, salad of carrots, 150 G of boiled fish

Dinner: tomato salad with peppers and cucumber, 100 G of boiled veal


Breakfast: soft-boiled Egg, 2 oatmeal cookies, tea from herbs

Lunch: 100 G boiled Turkey, boiled rice

Dinner: 200 G of boiled chicken, fruit salad with orange


Breakfast: 100 G low-fat cheese, green tea with Toast

Lunch: Steamed rice, salad with onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers

Dinner: 200 G boiled beef, cabbage salad with cucumber


For the rapid achievement of the desired effect, it is very important with the Training

The myth that the executed exercises at home not deliver the results, not the truth. The implementation of the exercise in order to lose weight, do not necessarily have to be in the gym and teacher to help. In front of you a couple of exercises, which have a negative impact on the fat in the area of the hips and abdomen:

  • The Slopes. With it, you can start your studies because it is perfect in the role of training. You turn the palm of the hand to the belt and bend in different directions. It is advisable to have several inclines backward, then forward, and then move to the left and to the right.
  • Twists and turns. Keep the hands bent at the elbows, on the chest. Turn the housing in different directions.
  • Deflections. Fold back the case and turn it in different directions.
  • The leg lift. You will lie on your stomach and reliqua elbows, palms and knees in a Mat. Alternately lift the legs and lower.
  • The rise of the hull. The term "Rock press" seems to be for many of the banal, but it is one of the most effective exercises. The lifting of the legs can not be – it is a prerequisite. On the first day, you must not exercise more than ten climbs. The number of approaches only gradually.

Even if on other body fat deposits are not set, the physical load on different groups of muscles is required. It is recommended to run, duck, jump with the jump rope and makes the usual charge for the maintenance of the Tonus of the organism.

Reviews tenuis

Olga: I heavily scored prior to the birth, but by working with the child, weight fast. But the belly has only decreased a little bit... I Thought with time they will disappear but there it was... I decided to do it. It was very forgo hard candy and fast Food. I love such food. But I'm still sitting on a diet. And fat on the abdomen has become smaller! After two months, he is gone, even though I took almost nothing.

Galina: My kind of shape – the rectangle. As I slender, saved Position with the help of clothing and accessories. I wore skirts and blouses with ruffles at the top, the figure was like an hourglass. When I recover, the appearance of the body disappointed. Chest and hip almost not increased, but there was a big belly and flanks. Position saved a special diet, follow all the recommendations. She began to lean again and the weight is not taken together!

Svetlana: the fat in the abdominal area – the what you call can be hereditary. Always thought that the genetics are not fighting, but diet has changed a lot. I can't say that is the result of following the diet stunning, and to reach it easily, but it is. If you understand a genetic predisposition you need to, that even after a week of proper nutrition diet is necessary. And physical exertion is also mandatory! If you're on a diet, and then eat happens as before, nothing.