Fitness home lose weight: exercises and tips

Sport not only improves the figure, and help tone the muscles of the body, but also lift the mood, improve the hormones. Physical activity also helps to relieve Stress, to get rid of negative emotions and Aggression. So Sport is not just a fad or a pastime, but a necessary exercise for those who no longer remain just slim and Fit, but also healthy, with movable joints, elastic bands, and muscles.

Fitness for losing weight

But not everyone has the opportunity, in the hall, or with a Personal Trainer. But that is no reason to give up sports in General. This can be at home in a comfortable environment and a relaxed atmosphere. You also have the option of cheap lessons.

Some believe that effectively you can only train in the gym, but it is not so. The main thing – to set a goal and go for it despite the. To lose weight Fitness home much more efficiently than in the hall, if the right techniques and exercises.

Effective exercises

To do not with home, not necessarily a variety of different tools and simulators. You may need dumbbells, jump rope, chin-up bar. But if desired, there is the possibility, also without them.

In order to lose weight and muscles to give a nice relief, you must have a bunch of exercises per group. It is important to make it difficult to constantly or to change (at least once for several weeks), the body is not used to the same load, otherwise it will not respond to it. Also the exercises should be performed a minimum of 3 sets. Here are some examples of the most effective and useful are:

  • Low Squats. Be executed as if you sit down on a low chair. The pelvis goes back, the knee to the front of the not be issued. 3 sets of 15-times.
  • Pushups. Such exercises are quite a lot of options, but in the first Phase only two: with a wide and a narrow Hand staging. You should each of them have to go to 3 passes to 5 – 10. These are the exercises you need to do the Maximum, depending on your preparation.
  • The boat is lying on his stomach on the floor. Both of his arms and legs rise at the same time. Feel should the tension in the back. Running 3 sets of 10 times.
  • The necessary exercises for the abdominal muscles: twisting, the rise of the legs, etc. Everyone has times in 3 passes of at least 15.

After the workout, you must stretch. To do this, you must be easy on the back. Then the arms pull at the same time, as far as possible upwards and legs downwards. It is important, no major breaks in between sets, the best break in 30 – 40 sec. To breathe properly you can after the exercise is complete. Also during training at home water only a little, only a couple of times SIPS in 10 minutes drink.

An important condition for weight loss Cardio exercises are: running, jumping rope, climbing stairs, etc., you can perform at home, in the entrance area or in a nearby Park. To reduce such exercises only weight fast but also has a positive effect on the cardiovascular, respiratory and immune system. In the ideal case, this part of the lesson is not less than 40 min.

exercises for losing weight

A few words on nutrition

One of the most important factors which have a direct influence on the process of weight loss, of course, is the food. In the case of the wrong mode of weight not only will not decrease it will increase. Therefore, need to be careful what and when you eat. Otherwise, Home Fitness for weight loss the desired result, also if you want to spend on the exercises for a couple of hours of the day.

For some, the concept of proper diet food associated with hunger and the absence of the favourite. This is not entirely true. Firstly, the most important rule of slimming therefore, in order to not feel hungry. The body in the event of a food shortage perceives a Situation as critical and Stress and begin fat accumulate on the stock, in order to survive. As paradoxical as it may sound, but in order to lose weight, you must systematically eat (at least 5 times per day), but in the small portions. It helps speed up the metabolism and is a comfortable weight reduction without Hunger Stress.

To lose weight you need to eliminate from your diet entirely:

  • Flour,
  • sweet,
  • carbonated drinks,
  • smoked products,
  • fried.

What no benefit to your body takes over, and causes only harm.

Products need to be steamed or in the oven, with a little spices and a little salt. Fruits and vegetables, it is advisable not subjected to heat treatment, and it is available in raw Form. So in you all the for your body the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

It is extremely important drinking. Without the process of weight loss in all conditions would not be possible. You drink 1.5 – 2 liters must have a minimum of purified water a day. There is a glass per hour must gradually become accustomed to, if you don't mind, such an amount of liquid. The water should not be cold. The optimum temperature of the rooms.

A few tips

To lose weight Fitness at home has many advantages, but it is not without flaws. You can do when it suits them and regardless of the hours of operation of a hall or of the trainer. You don't need to go anywhere when the weather is bad. If desired, Training is always the possibility to fresh air. You can find the right music that you like. Don't have to be ashamed that someone you look while performing a certain exercise. To go to the classroom immediately in the shower and not come home in stuffy transport.

However, there are also some negative moments. You have no obligations, such as a period map and other, so that in the case of lack of Motivation or just inertia classes can be postponed to a later date, and, in time, even disappear from your schedule. In the home no one the correct execution of each exercise is to be monitored, if you don't have the right experience.

A couple of useful tips to help you not only lose weight, but also at home constantly. In particular, it is recommended to find the same at the beginning of the exercises, like-minded friends or family members. So not only fun to do, but also so that they control each other and motivate.

proper nutrition

If your target is primarily in weight loss, you should not weigh yourself every day. This should be about once per week. The result is desirable to record, to observe the tendency of changes in weight. You will also need to be entered in a special notebook everything you eat. This is necessary to control all the calories and harmful products, the "falling accidentally" into the diet. Because food in the home so great is the temptation of something forbidden! On the other hand, even if you strictly adhere to what you eat, some experts recommend that once a week is a slight deviation from his diet. As a result, the voltage and increase the Motivation to lose weight. This retreat should be appropriate. The main thing to remember: in all of the major action!