The application of the oils for weight loss

Herbal or essential oil for weight loss is considered to be very effective – they are used topically or oral. It is recommended in addition to diet and physical exercise. Oils are a part of such a procedure, such as aromatherapy, this makes losing weight more fun. With an EN Suite bathroom, a Massage or Wraps, and some turn inward. Which oil is better for weight loss? Below you will find a list of the most effective, with directions for their application.

Useful oils for oral administration

Vegetable oils when taking on the human body has a strong effect, so apply to your use of strict requirements. You will be in diluted or pure Form, as a Dressing for salads or other dishes. The main requirement – non-heat-expose-treated, because it has all the nutrients destroyed in the composition. With oil inside lose weight, it is important to observe the following rules:

  • Oil contributes to the reduction of appetite through regular use. But not to forget the food. It must be more common, have a low calorie content.
  • You make no fast days, eating even the most useful oil for weight loss. This method to the extreme, even in the opinion of the doctors, which can damage women's health.
  • So that the reception in the morning, they mention laxative effect and the ability to diarrhea. Better consumption to start at the weekend, in order to understand the reaction of the body.

What is the oil drinking slimming, depends on the specific problems. If it's candy, a tendency for Stress to eat, then the "antidepressants" with the same sweet taste need. It can cinnamon. You clean the same body castor oil helps. Helpful with weight loss are:

  • Linseed cold pressed (to extract or capsules) - supplements the lack of vitamins in your diet;
  • oil of sea – buckthorn- by the fatty acid Omega 7 normalizes metabolism, prevents the accumulation of fat;
  • Sunflower splits body fat; Thistle – hepatoprotector-Silymarin in the composition helps, toxins and waste products;
  • Stone-oil – and- effect the a-bile, detoxifies.


It is an unchanging product that is right healthy diet for a quick weight loss without any harm to the body. Olive oil for weight loss useful due to the mono-unsaturated fatty acids and phytoestrogens in the composition, the well helps in the fight against Hunger, to restore hormone balance. Several of the most effective recipes:

  • With A Twist Of Lemon. In tablespoons of you pour to drink a little oil and lemon juice, not with water. You take twice per day for at least a month.
  • With Yoghurt. A glass of drink to warm in a water bath, add a spoon of olive oil, drink. Repeat every evening before bedtime for 2-3 months.


Another Flawless herbal product for a healthy diet. Refers to saturated oils, often in solid Form. It affects the production of hormones which decrease. Coconut diet – the best way to reduce weight. It lasts 4 weeks, each of which has a single Phase:

  • The first. This week, not eat carbs. Permitted Protein products and vegetables.
  • The second. This Phase of the cleaning, if it is possible, eat light soups, vegetables and fruit juices.
  • Third. This week, the menu consists of healthy carbohydrates – contains no sweet fruits, vegetables and cereals.
  • The fourth. The last Phase aims to anchor the results and keep the weight. The ration can phase out all the products of all the previous.
  • In all phases it is important, take a tablespoon of coconut oil and drink at least 2 litres of water.

Mustard oil

Many of the active ingredients in the composition of the mustard oil will help to pacify the appetite and the lack of nutrients. The product is additionally, swelling, it soothes, normalizes metabolism and the effect of the exit of the bile. Inside only a teaspoon is needed daily in the morning on an empty stomach. Like sunflower oil, mustard oil, you can use it in salads, but in small quantities


Sunflower oil

Also the usual sunflower oil, the there are practical for any kitchen, it can be used with the goal of weight loss. This natural product fills the body with vitamins and minerals, and fats in the composition to help fat spend. You take salads it more often as a Dressing or pur it on a teaspoon on an empty stomach, gradually increasing this number in the dining room.


Linoleic acid in the composition of this product gives a feeling of satiety and pacify "brutal" appetite. Arginine promotes active fat burning and the Vitamin E gives the skin. To achieve this effect, you can through the use of a single teaspoon on an empty stomach every morning. This will help you to eat much less food. In addition, the work of the intestine and the metabolism improved.


In the dietetics of this oil for sesame appreciate in the composition, which helps to burn fat by increasing the ability of the body to oxidize them. It helps to reduce the appetite, cope with Stress and improve emotional state. You take the product better to take a tablespoon half an hour before Breakfast, or add ready-made meals, refuelling of salads.

Wheat germ

A valuable source of Vitamin E, the rejuvenating and healing of the skin there are germs of wheat. Oil-extract of will help you to get rid of extra pounds. You take the product within just 2 teaspoons half an hour before a meal, better before Breakfast on an empty stomach. You can also fill in ready-made meals, diet but calories not more than 1500-200.



Very nutritious and healthy product – walnuts. In oil extract as many trace contain elements and vitamins that support the body during the diet. In addition, he provides the metabolism and helps to burn active fat. Take you need means one teaspoon a half hour before meals and better in combination with a diet and physical loads.

Essential oil for weight loss

Naruzhno applied, the essential tea tree oil for weight loss can be. It is more concentrated, such as orange, Grapefruit oil, cinnamon, ginger, or peppermint. These ingredients penetrate deep under the skin, increase blood circulation and reduces the appearance of Cellulite and reduces the volume of the body in General. You can apply at home by the following procedure:

  • Inhalation, aromatherapy, or;
  • the adoption of the baths;
  • Massage;
  • Body wraps;
  • Scrub.


There are two different products – oil, ginger tincture and essential oil. A process for the preparation of their various properties is also a little different, but to lose weight helps each Option. Ethereal can be applied only externally for massages or baths in combination with extracts of linseed, castor oil, or other basic stocks. Oil used extract and a teaspoon on an empty stomach, before each Breakfast.


The best remedy for Cellulite fruit extract of citrus, such as oranges. Does not penetrate under the skin, it is it improves the blood circulation, but also distributed throughout the body – digestion, normalizes metabolism and other metabolic processes. Can apply the Tool as:

  • add a few drops to a body cream, apply and then for self-Massage, body wraps, masks, or just after the shower, RUB;
  • add 10 drops in a warm bath.

Oil for weight loss and Cellulite

Weight reduction help and various exterior treatments, for example, Wraps. Its essence consists in applying the composition to the skin and the subsequent Routledge cling film problem areas – belly, thighs, and buttocks. Created термоэффект, increases the circulation, thereby removing the excess liquid, and gradually the body break down fat. The most effective recipes for Wraps are the following:

  • Oil Honey. Take 2 tablespoon of honey in a water bath heated, mix with 2 teaspoons each base of vegetable oil, then add 6 drops of essential. To enhance the effect of you can also 1 teaspoon of type of ground red pepper.
  • Clay. Prepare 5 tablespoons of clay powder, dilute it with warm water to a thick cream, add a tablespoon of base oil, and 6 drops of any citrus fruit.
  • Oily. The mixture should fruit 50 ml Basis of vegetable oil, 10 drops of oil of lemon, 3 drops of camphor. This mixture was on the body under the foil for about 45-60 minutes.