Running to lose weight - as you run to start

A lot of people that want to lose weight, tried various possibilities for the achievement of harmony. Often, these efforts end in despair: weight or stops, or starts to get a little increase. Reveals frustrating, constantly, the idea – not to throw pounds succeed. The fact that everyone's body reacts differently to different plans for diet and exercise. But that is no reason to abandon the most sensible solution – an effective variant, the weight reduction in the individual case. The results may vary depending on the genetic predisposition, metabolic and other factors of health. To find the best way to slim down, take time and patience, but also a series of experiments with different foods and exercise. One of the most effective training in this direction is called the run. Maybe it is a first step on the way to achieving the perfect figure.

running for weight loss

Why run leads to loss of weight?

At the correct Organisation of the training units, reduction lead to a significant weight. Studies show that runners are the desired results achieved in a shorter period of time than those who practiced for the appropriate number of other types of exercises. The main reason is that with a reasonable load more calories per Minute burn as swimming, Cycling or other sports. Accelerated metabolism, and, consequently, the active burning of calories leads to a loss of pounds. The skin is not slack, as in the case of strenuous diets.

In addition, the positive effect of jogs on the organism:

  • the muscles are tightened;
  • the blood saturated with oxygen;
  • improves metabolism;
  • strengthens the heart muscle;
  • the fat layer is reduced;
  • increases the immunity.

The teaching is effective, provided that the load is balanced consistently with increasing level of difficulty. Weight reduction is a regular activity, the effectiveness of which depends on the time jogs.

If it will run better in the morning or in the evening?

Basic rule – do not perform the exercises through strength. This means that, initially, matched with your biorhythm. Someone like a morning run, someone with more hunting this evening. Experts claim that Training in the early morning run hours to faster and more noticeable results.

Choose jogs in the first half of the day, you should for those who:

  • you get energy for the day ahead;
  • cheer in front of the work;
  • to lighten the mood.

Evening Jogging exercise for weight loss speed up the burning of carbohydrates, not fat. You can choose the ones that collects free of the Stress and fatigue of the day. It is important to remember that only those exercises, which are taken with the pleasure of the results.

What it is and after running lose weight?

It is a very common mistake: if it's not the Jogging, so you can get rid of faster pounds. It is the wrong approach, by the famine, the position to slow down the process of losing weight. Other question – what exactly is it? You should choose with the right set of products, as well as their number. Preference to fresh vegetables, fruit, porridge.

Should completely exclude from the diet:

  • Fast food;
  • Lemonade;
  • Chips;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • all types of sugar;
  • Flour products;
  • Fat, smoked, salty foods;
  • snacking on the go et Al.

In the morning not less than an hour before the run, you can eat oatmeal a serving after the workout and within 60 minutes you can drink. In the extreme case, to not eat when hungry queasy feeling in the stomach you can earlier than 30 minutes after the run, an Apple. After evening classes, it is recommended to drink Kefir in a glass, you can use a small portion to replace low-fat cottage cheese.

To drink for compliance with the water budget, in the course of the day at least 2 liters of pure water. 60 minutes before the start, please drink a Cup half an hour before the start of the course. Drink a small may swallow, and in the course of running. A half hour after the end of the physical stress I can the 250 ml of liquid.

How to choose the duration and the Tempo for a effective weight loss?

Your Training is so effective the result, you need to know, such as the reduction of the weight. Within 40 minutes of Jogging carbohydrates are burned and then the combustion of the fatty tissue begins. So, to weight start to lose, you need to a day not less than 50 minutes. For the unprepared people immediately this load – get it wrong, and dangerous.

To note for the preparation of the plan of the exercises:

how to lose weight with running
  • the presence of obesity;
  • Characteristics of health, including the existing chronic diseases;
  • physical preparation.

For the first runs of the optimal time is half an hour, although it is more correct to alternate Jogging and Power-walking. For the first week best suited to a leisurely pace. For beginners, the perfect choice in this case, it is preferred to go quickly. Before the beginning of the lecture period every time you need to warm up the muscles. In addition, unprepared to lose weight breaks between lessons, for example, every third day you must plan. In the course of time, the number of rest periods per week are reduced and the duration of the daily morning run of an hour reached. On the Internet you can find many ready-made circuits for weight loss on the basis of the racing activities, so everyone can find a suitable Option. And before the start of the exercises the right to consult with a therapist or practitioner-Trainer.

Types of running to lose weight

There are various techniques to achieve with each of them-reduction in the different areas. Also of a particular type of load, the reinforcement depends on certain muscles and organs. A properly fitted Training will not only reduce weight but also strengthen on all sides, the body and saturate it with energy, improve immunity.


This kind of is suitable for people of all skill levels, except for injuries of the musculoskeletal system or functional disorders of the cardiovascular System. He suggests a movement with a speed of not more than 9 km in the hour. The advantage of the particular technology of the movement: the rejection of a leg coincides with the time when the second leg is lowered to the ground. Such Training strengthens the muscles of the lower extremities and of the muscles of the heart. These runs are ideal for beginners, as in this case, in comparison with the conventional Jogging reduces the load on the joints of the extremities, reducing the risk of injury.


In all over the world such Trainings are Hiking under the name of at a brisk pace. Is the lighter pursuits, they are suitable for people with a sedentary life, with a significant degree of obesity, newcomers. Despite the apparent simplicity, and for teaching his own rules. Firstly, the speed should be slightly higher than during normal walking. Secondly, it is important, in drive with your foot completely from the foot up to the hip. Thirdly, the belly should pull, and the back should be straight. Fourthly, the hands should bend in the elbow, and moving to a uniform rhythm with the feet. To reduce the weight, I just run, only work when great distances are overcome sufficiently.

Running for weight loss in the mountain

These exercises can be on any Podium, on the treadmill, the inclination angle can be optimally adjusted. For a permanent weight loss, you should at least 1 time per week in the training plan. They relate to almost all of the muscles, which contributes to the loss of the extra pounds and strengthen the muscles. Particularly effective such an activity is an effect on the reduction of the volume in the problem areas.

Interval Jogging to lose weight

This Option includes changing the speed. A gap should be run slowly, and others – as quickly as possible. These classes you should practice, you already have the desired experience in Jogging. The main advantage of this technique is that it saves the inertia of the body in a higher metabolism even on tracks with slow Tempo. As a result, ½ hour of such activity, so many calories consumed, how much to spend 1 hour of Jogging. These exercises will help fast the pounds and increase the sound. Apply does not cost you more than twice per week.

fiz load

On long distances

It is proved that if every day to overcome not less than 5 km, it can burn the body up to 2.5 thousand calories. To achieve this goal, you need to follow a few rules. The speed should be maintained on the entire route, and the race before the time finish. With strong fatigue, you can do Power-walking and Jogging again. This effective Training has only one disadvantage – it requires a lot of free time. Usually this exercise takes about 1.5 hours.

The most effective seems a sensible combination of different types of loads. In addition, experts emphasize that after the intensive training, the body needs to rest for a full recovery. A great attention should be paid to the special clothing. In all conditions, while Jogging to lose weight you need to wear the right shoes with ergonomic soles, injury to joints to be avoided. These shoes allow you to distribute the weight on the whole foot. In addition, if not too large initial mass can be used for a higher efficiency of knee and elbow pads with weight.

Treadmill or fresh air?

Rather, it is a matter of preference. Who loves a little more, on the road, someone like Training in the gym or at home. In fact, the fundamental difference in the result no weight loss. In any case, Jogging help:

  • the development of stamina;
  • The improvement of the relief of the muscles;
  • To burn calories;
  • useful Cardio-load.

Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Running for weight loss in the free will always require more time and effort for the charges, output and return. In addition, the weather conditions are not always favorable, in this case, the complaints, the need to make multiple variants of clothes for the lessons in the different seasons of the year will cause while in his apartment store only a convenient Form of clothing. In turn exercises allow you to in the nature, admiring the beautiful scenery, but also are a great option when Training with friends.

How to properly breathe while running?

While Jogging, the body more oxygen get needs many times over, that is why it is important to have a clear rhythm of breathing. Note the proper technique:

  • If the breathing is too rarely or too often, it may interfere with the ventilation of the lungs, which can lead to nausea and loss of coordination.
  • Inhale deep, in the free mode, he should be shorter, 2 times as the exhalation.
  • Check the correct breathing, you can: if you are Jogging, losing weight can quiet means talking without the occurrence of shortness of breath, the right rhythm. If it appears you need to reduce the Tempo.

Improvement of the Situation helps a simple principle: alternation of inhalation and exhalation on every third step. If, in this state, the air is still not enough, a shorter interval of up to 2 steps.

While running you need to do mouth and nose breathing, it increases the supply of oxygen. During the training on the road in the Winter, protection against the ingress of cold air in the neck of the language helps, it needs to be.for a breath closer to the upper teeth

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Anyone who wants to lose weight before starting the training, consult with a professional. The fact that such activities are a number of contraindications:

  • Diseases of the circulatory System. Jogging is vessels a tremendous strain on the heart muscle and the blood when you should not risk problems in this area. Be aggravated disorders of the heart rhythm, the rocket, arrhythmia, tachycardia.
  • Disorders of the respiratory organs. In these exercises lungs and bronchi are involved. If the function is disturbed, it can provoke the excessive loads pulmonary insufficiency or exacerbation of Asthma.
  • Problems with the joints. Courses in addition, joints strain, and that can be dangerous in the case of Arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, incidents intervertebral disc. In extreme cases, you can corsets special, elastic bandages and belts.
  • Infectious and virus diseases. In General, these diseases are accompanied by a high fever, coughing and sneezing. To avoid complications, it is better to wait until full recovery.
  • During exacerbation of chronic diseases. Exacerbation may decrease by a range of unpleasant symptoms, and Jogging complaints and the condition can increase.
  • Serious Ophthalmologic Problems. The large stresses lead to the waste of the retina and other disorders in the presence of myopia, and glaucoma.
  • Age. In this age of excessive physical loads are contraindicated, so the Jogging is better to abstain. Recommended sports or Nordic walking, Yoga, Pilates, Stretching.
  • Surgery. In this case, the end of the exercise until full recovery.
  • Thrombophlebitis, Varicose Veins. Since the load rests on the lower extremities, which means the risk of deterioration of the veins. Prefer other sports.
lose weight

You should refrain from running people Smoking, as well as the abuse of alcoholic beverages. Usually, when you injuries of the heart and of the respiratory organs, the muscles lose their strength and flexibility.

Not recommended for pregnant women, especially for weight loss because it is full of blood circulation disorders and injuries of the fetus. Among all the complications of the pregnancy this type of Sport is contraindicated. Breastfeeding mothers are also under intensive lessons. The fact that the physical activity influence on the composition of the blood, in this context, changes of the taste of mother's milk. In some cases, during intense workouts, milk can be less, or it disappears at all.