Drinks for losing weight: drink and be slim

Homemade drinks for losing weight – a valuable helper on the path to slimness. Sometimes you have to help Plateau push, if the weight, and diets do not help. There are hearty drinks, easy to replace dinner. There are recipes that a significant drainage effect in tone the lymphatic system, and powerfully accelerates the metabolism. But there are also dangerous that are able to bring you from dehydration. You will learn the best recipes of drinks.

Drinks for slimming

How you can help your body

The useful properties of the various mixtures, Smoothies, stewed fruit, and tinctures depends solely on the ingredients, which is the basis of the drink. Cucumbers excrete the excess fluid, lemon tightens and beet juice promotes cleansing of the blood: all of the healing quality of vegetables and fruits will automatically take the drink with the right preparation. All of the drinks due to a contribution to weight loss, it can be divided into several categories.

The most popular:

  • with the effect of fat combustion. It speeds up the metabolism, accelerate the blood circulation and the fatty tissue starts faster;
  • for the output of excess fluid. In General, it is diuretic teas based on herbs. Slimming lose fluid, the volume will be lost, and it seems as if the man is thin;
  • Laxative. To laxative teas and all sorts of Smoothies on a base of beets, plums, algae. The use of such a beverage, thoroughly cleans the intestines, in the body is slightly;
  • Antioxidants. Perhaps the most useful category. Special Cocktails to help bring the harmful substances from the body, accelerates slimming;
  • Drainage. To use them from time to time also in the field of medical dietetics for the adjuvant treatment of certain diseases. Target beverage to restore the water-salt balance, which positively affects the overall health, relieves swelling, heals gastro-intestinal tract.

Laxative teas, like once-popular "flying swallow", it is better, immediately on the Blacklist. You are not only help you to lose weight, but dehydrate the body, clean the micro flora of the intestine, which prevents nutrients to be better absorbed.

The finished drink is easy to acquire: they are active today, the Beauty industry offers under the Label of slim. But still the most effective drink for weight loss what is cooked at home.

Green Tea, Lemon, Herbs

Best evening drink for an effective slimming green tea. It tones, removes excess fluid lowers blood pressure. The use of green tea increases significantly, if you pot in tea, mint, lemon balm, a spoon of honey and give it brew in a thermos. It is clear that the Filter bags are not suitable for this purpose: the tea leaves of the highest order from Indonesia or China.


  • 20 G of the leaves of green tea;
  • a pinch of dried mint, lemon balm;
  • Tablespoons Of Honey;
  • 2 Berries Plums;
  • Of lemon or lime.

Boil the water and give it to cool down to 80 degrees. To fill a big mistake of the most of tea-lovers – tender leaves with boiling water. The use of the tea evaporated instantly in a glass of only the liquid with a tea flavor. While the water cools, sleep in a thermos, mint, lemon balm, place the berries plums (if desired), honey. Brew all of water and tightly rolling over thermos lid. After 20 minutes, enjoying the slightly sweet drink with the subtle taste of smoked.

Pepper, Nutmeg, Herbs

In the diet often herbal teas that can be used to prepare, the restoration of water-salt balance. The patients with human suffering from swelling, try to hide the bags under the eyes, hide unhealthy pallor. To get rid of edema, tighten the lymphatic system it helps to have a special drink with spices: it is not only useful, but also very tasty. Drainage tea helps to cheer up, toning the lymphatic system. Bonus, you get beautiful shiny color of the skin, and strong nails.

The necessary ingredients:

  • Leaves or buds of the birch – 1 tbsp. L;
  • Cranberries, dried Cranberries – 2 tbsp. L;
  • Parsley, Dill – 1 Tbsp. L;
  • Honey – 1 Tbsp. L.
  • Cloves, Nutmeg, Allspice – 0.5 G;
  • Mother-and-stepmother – 2 tbsp. L.

The herbs they put in a thermos, pour hot water (1.5 litres), let infuse for 30 minutes. Drink a glass 3 times a day before meals. If necessary, drink the replace dinner with a glass of herbal broth with Croutons. Drink, enjoy the spicy fragrance of the tea.

lose weight with the help of drinks

Milk with tea

This drink you can lose weight cook overnight or eat in the course of the day. There is a whole direction, based on the tea deep-discharge days. If you drink only a Cup of tea with milk, using his low-fat cottage cheese, weight goes very quickly. Drink helps Plateau push, if the weight increased, and he is quite hearty: survive on a tea-milk-day is not difficult.


  • low-fat milk – 1 Liter;
  • 2 tablespoons high quality green tea.

Milk get warm, and then add the welding. You give to brew it, the tea leaves are fully opened by the flavors and the fortress. Drink lukewarm milk with tea is better, in small SIPS several times a day (in the case of the first bouts of Hunger). Drink a slightly diuretic, right pleasant to the taste.

Water Sassi

Any help on the search for information, what drinks to lose weight, belongs to safe water Sassi. It speeds up the metabolism, the gastro-intestinal tract, removes excess fluid. There are in the water vitamins, mineral substances, and to eliminate the deficit of nutrients. The composition of the water is amazingly simple: it is the lemon and the cucumber. And water Sassi can drink without restrictions, instead of the homemade lemonade.

To cook as a drink

  1. Lemon wash and cut into thin plates.
  2. Cucumber cut clear strips.
  3. Ginger root, grate it on a grater.
  4. Mint is easy to beat up, to the essential oil rose faster.
  5. Fill with cold water all of our components.
  6. Carefully stir.
  7. Close the pot cover.
  8. Important to boil the water in the night, give it brew.
  9. In the morning delicious, refreshing lemonade Sassi to be finished.

Also if you drink this water, only a slight and limited to food, the results are astonishing: within 10 days of taking the soft drink of 3 kg (more if the original weight was high). Better the water, in the summer of: Import-greenhouse-vegetable and fruit cleaning machine is not cooking suitable purposes.

Grapefruit, ginger and sea buckthorn

This Cocktail has an interesting taste. He is literally "stuffed full" of useful properties. Sea buckthorn has a natural property to reduce the amount of fat taken with the food. Grapefruit – known zhiroszhigatel of natural origin and ginger speeds up the metabolism. Drink with ice, and quenches thirst, so it is nice to evenings cooking in the summer.

We need:

  • half of a large Grapefruit;
  • a small piece of ginger;
  • Syrup of buckthorn (he sold in the pharmacy) - 50 g.

Instead of syrup, sea buckthorn juice is mixed with honey. The drink is so spicy almost inaudible hint of sweetness. All of the cooking just: Grapefruit slices, remove bones, in a blender mix well. In the mash, add the ginger root, grated on a fine grater. Mix with syrup of buckthorn. Fill with cold water, give the brew a little. Serve with ice cubes, temporarily, in crumbs crush. Drink made of high transparent glass, enjoying the taste.

Instead of Grapefruit Mandarin can take you to the juicy and ripe.

Kefir, Ginger, Mint

A very interesting drink can be prepared on the basis of low-fat yogurt and drink it over night. He is quite hearty, and starts the processes of the fat combustion at night: you sleep and to lose extra pounds.

Preparation is extremely simple: in Kefir add a pinch of mint, some grated ginger, pie-Lyme disease without the sunflower seeds and grated ginger. They complement any beverage with herbs – parsley, Basil or spinach. Beat all in a blender. Serve in high glasses and drink small SIPS. The drink is even fed better, if you are in a Kefir Smoothie with a few tablespoons of Quark.

Yogurt with mint

In the process of preparation of beverages for you to harmony, no doubt, come a dozen of its own interesting recipes. Do not experiment and forget to your heart's content, that sugar and salt use in beverages is highly undesirable: the loss of pounds may hang easy.

And don't forget: even the magical drinks does not remove the effect, if not the, at least, an elemental diet, not for his low physical activity.