Menu for weight loss in 7 days

Understanding the importance of power supply during the correction of the weight, I would like to share with you information about the approximate menu for weight loss, and immediately I'm going to be that this menu is for those just starting the path to healthy eating.

Diet for a week lose weight

This menu for a week will help you learn how to eliminate from his daily diet food, harmful, carbohydrates, improve the work of the pancreas and normalize the level of insulin in the blood and sugar levels and improves the appetite.

Of course it counts, how often do you take per day food – three or five. To remove better the second variant, since there will be no Stagnation of bile, cramps in the stomach, a sharp decline in of glucose in the blood, and, above all, the slowing of metabolism, and as a result — weight gain Portions of main dishes should not be more than 250-300 grams.

Power menu lose weight in 7 days

On the first day

  • During Breakfast: brown rice and baked fish, coffee or tea without sugar (for the sweetness of the stevia, add);
  • Snack: low-fat yogurt and 100 grams of fruit;
  • During the lunch break: steamed chicken or fish, salad, seasoned with oil (olive oil or corn oil);
  • Snack: Cottage Cheese 100 Grams;
  • During dinner: salad, baked fish, no sweet tea.

On the second day

  • Breakfast: low-fat Quark with berries (blue berries, blueberries, raspberries, currants) and with a spoonful of yogurt, overcome in the blender:
  • Between Meal: 5-7 Almond-Nuts;
  • During lunch: boiled fish with green beans, seasoned with a little low-fat Sauce;
  • Between meal: dimidium-grapefruit, cottage cheese 100 grams;
  • Dinner: shrimp 200 grams with lemon juice and a little Broccoli. Tea without sugar.

On The Third Day

  • During Breakfast: lightly fried vegetables, impregnated with a mixture of beaten eggs, sea salt and aromatic herbs, tea without sugar or coffee;
  • Between meal: one-piece 30-40 grams of crackers, low-fat yogurt cereals 100 grams;
  • During the lunch: soup with broccoli, potatoes and milk, semolina, without the addition of oil, and vegetable salad;
  • Snack: 200 Grams Of Yogurt 1%;
  • Dinner: stewed red beans with a Sauce of peppers and tomatoes, the sweet tea.
Diet for a week lose weight recipes

On the fourth day

  • During Breakfast: vegetable salad with cooked tuna, bread, tea or coffee;
  • Snack: Pear, Yogurt;
  • During lunch: scrambled eggs, salad, slice one piece of corn bread;
  • Between meal: dimidium-grapefruit, yogurt;
  • Dinner: 200 grams of low fat cottage cheese with a spoonful of yogurt and a baked Apple with cinnamon.

On the fifth day

  • Breakfast: 2 slices of bran bread, toasted in the Toaster with slices of Avocado, sea salt and spices, and unsweetened coffee or tea;
  • Snack: yogurt, 100 grams of fruit savory;
  • During the lunch break: the porridge made of millet or barley groats with the addition of all the spices, herbs and a small amount of oil, vegetable soup;
  • Snack: an Apple, yogurt;
  • Dinner: serving of fish with vegetables in a salad or slightly steamed vegetables (without potatoes).

On the sixth day

  • Breakfast: two eggs, cooked for up to five minutes, steamed broccoli and beans, coffee or tea;
  • Snack: a banana, 100 grams of Ricotta cheese;
  • During the lunch break: buckwheat porridge, salad, chicken breast;
  • Snack: yogurt or Kefir;
  • Dinner: beef or Turkey with steamed zucchini, beans, or cabbage, with spices, herbs and sea salt cooked, and also a couple of tea.

On the seventh day

  • During Breakfast: Hercules on the water, scrambled eggs made of 3 eggs, 40 grams of bread, tea or coffee not sweet;
  • Snack: 30 grams of any nuts (except peanuts);
  • During the lunch: soup without potatoes in meat broth, boiled broccoli;
  • Snack: yogurt or yoghurt;
  • For dinner: veal meat, cooked, grilled, with vegetables (peppers, red onions, carrots, tomatoes and herbs).
Diet for a week lose weight approved products

And remember, that it is very important in the course of the day at least two liters of drinking plain water, then menu diet for a week weight loss will help you lose the pounds and develop the right eating habits. Please note — this is the approximate menu for weight loss, on its basis you can create your own diet.

Bon appetite and stay healthy!