Delicious Cocktails

There are different ways to lose weight, diets and a large number of techniques for everyone's taste, but good results can only be achieved with an integrated approach. In General, it contains sports, grooming, nutrition, taking vitamins. Hardly anyone uses tools and helpers, such as Shakes for weight loss. And finally, you can distribute as the perfect complement, and decorate the path to a slim figure.


Fat Burning Shakes

Varieties of Cocktails

Not all Shakes for weight loss work the same way. Each time you drink, its effect on the body. In the selection of the recipe the needs and goals. What fits one Person does not always have an other.

What are the Cocktails in action are:

  1. Cleaning. They have a laxative effect, cleans the gut of debris and all excess, normalize its work, increase the agility. Some types of Cocktails at home to have medical properties that help cleanse the body, improve the intestinal flora.
  2. Speed up the metabolism. These drinks are made on the basis of the burning of spices, warm, and promote weight loss.
  3. Energy. These drinks contain juices, honey, Aloe, and other products, which the mood and activity. They are useful, to drink in the morning and before Training.
  4. Diuretics. These drinks cause the water from the body, reduce the volume, the elimination of edema. For the base herbal teas, green tea, hawthorn, cranberry, watermelon, tomatoes.

Diuretics Cocktails comfortable, the people at home. But if the journey to work or school, it is expected, then the use of such beverages leads to certain difficulties. In the hot season there is a Problem with burning spices, stimulates the blood circulation and raise body temperature.


Pros and cons of Cocktails

Offered at home Smoothies for weight loss rare, now you can combine everything in the stores, buy sports nutrition in sports or centres, pharmacies, distributors. But not everything can be bought money is safe, really work, and their costs are often overstated.

In Front Of The Home Cocktails:

  • familiar the ingredients are;
  • low cost;
  • Security;
  • no chemicals, preservatives, or dyes.

The advantages of Cocktails to lose weight the low calorie content. In order to saturate well, to suppress Hunger, give the body valuable substances and vitamins. Disadvantages of the lack of certain ingredients. In General, the purchased drinks, a variety of essences, extracts and other substances that complement different origin, which enhance the effect of weight loss.

General rules for the preparation

All homemade Smoothies for weight loss be prepared immediately before use. You do not need in advance, since during the storage a part of the nutrients vanishes in the refrigerator and in a tightly closed container.


  1. All the ingredients for the drink must be fresh. Need not be products of dubious quality to recycle.
  2. Meals for losing weight never sugar added. If you need to fix or improve the taste, use natural sweeteners: honey, dry fruits.
  3. It is the attention to the quality of the spices is important. Cinnamon in powder form is rarely good, it is advisable to these Sticks. Pepper must self-destroy.
  4. In the preparation протеинового Home-Cocktail for weight loss, it is advisable, dairy products with low fat content.
banana cocktail

Important! If an ingredient is not tolerated, or simply don't like, it is better not to add in a drink or choose a different recipe.


The best Cocktail recipes

When fresh berries and fruit, then you can use the frozen ingredients. It is important to remember that after thawing, the mass is less. Sometimes the water is out 30-40% of the weight, it all depends on the product. The number of acute, burning spices can regulate according to your taste. Particular attention is paid to products allergens: honey, exotic fruits, herbs. In the case of frequent consumption in large quantities, you reactions provoke. All the Cocktails in the normal kitchen blender, combine harvesters, be prepared. Soft ingredients you can RUB mash with a fork or grinding,.

Cocktail to lose weight yogurt with cinnamon and ginger

The digestion and the metabolism, accelerates the Absorption of Protein, improves normalizes metabolism, cleanses the body.

Kefir low-fat – 250 ml
Cinnamon – 1 TSP
Ginger grated fresh 1 TSP.
Pepper ground red – 1 pinch

Combine crushed fresh ginger with cinnamon and red pepper, add RUB in a teaspoon of yogurt thoroughly. Pour a drink for the Rest of the milk, stir. Drink 1 serving for the night, or a day for 20-30 minutes before meals.

Cleansing Cocktail with Kefir lose weight

Cleanses the intestines, promotes weight loss, helps in constipation.

Kefir fresh – 200 ml
Prunes – 6 PCs.
Dried Apricots – 2 PCs.

Rinse dried fruit, pour hot water, leave for 30 minutes, then press turn on, enter in the bowl of a Mixer or other container in which to prepare the drink. Add a fresh Kefir. It is important that the drink was more than two days. Do not immerse the Mixer, crushed dried fruits and whip drink. Do you eat a day on an empty stomach one hour before Breakfast no less than a week. If the discharge will effect greatly the number of prunes is reduced.

Cocktail of dried fruit

Protein Shake for weight loss with strawberries and Flaxseed

Hunger, promotes the burning of fat and preservation of muscle mass.

Milk – 340 ml
Yoghurt – 120 ml
Flax Seed – 1 Tbsp. L.
Strawberries – 100 G

The seeds sorting, fill the container to the chopping. Wash the strawberries, leave 2-3 berries for decoration, the Rest of the shift in lines. Multi Quick Hand Blender. Pour the milk, natural yoghurt, add and whisk until it is homogeneous. Previously held berries cut in halves. Pour remove the Cocktail, from the top of prepared strawberries to shell out.

Cocktail lose weight with celery, Apple and yogurt

Invigorates, gives energy, promotes fat burning, vitamins gives, quenches the Hunger.

Celery – 2 Stalks
Apple green – 1 PC.
Yogurt, fresh 400 ml

Rinse the stalks of celery and Apple, cut into small pieces, folded in a bowl for mixing. You have to chop the ingredients for a puree. A yogurt to add, mix it all together for 20-30 seconds. To improve the taste and the efficiency of the Cocktail of slimming, you can add cinnamon, ginger.

Cocktail with green tea, orange and lemon to remove

Directs excess water from the body, accelerates the metabolism, reduces the volume, gives energy, revitalizes.

Green Tea 5 H. L.
Orange – 1 PC.
Lemon – 0,5 PCs.
Honey – 2 TSP
Water – 0.5 L

Boil the water, allow to cool°to 90 C, pour the green tea (the best you can weld take a large plate), cover and leave for 10 minutes. Drain. Clean the orange, remove all the bones from the lobules, remove the foil. Fold the flesh into the bowl of a blender and you squeeze the juice from the lemon. Beat together. Strain tea, and pour the warm drink, fruit flesh, and leaves you once again. Add honey, stir until dissolved. In the case of allergies, you can use a sweetener. Cocktail drink daily in the first half of the day, separated from meals.

Fruit and vegetable Cocktail

Vegetable Cocktail for cleansing and slimming

Normalizes the chair, provides the body fiber and vitamins, suppresses Hunger.

Sugar Beet – 0,5 PCs.
Carrots – 0,5 PCs.
Stalks Celery – 1 Piece
Yoghurt – 120 ml
Lemon Juice – 1 Tbsp. L.

Clean the roots, slice, chop celery. Fold everything into the food processor and grind until the condition of the mash. Add the yogurt, lemon juice, beat them all. You drink daily after Training or instead of dinner, or a Snack.

Protein Shake with fresh herbs and cottage cheese slimming

Inhibits the appetite, promotes weight loss, preserves lean muscle mass.

Soft low-fat cottage cheese – 130 G
Stalks Celery – 1 Piece
Parsley – 5 Sprigs Of
Skimmed milk – 150 ml
Ginger, pepper, garlic to taste

Rinse the herbs, chop the celery, chop together in blender. Add the Quark, mix. Pour the milk, stir once again. According to taste, aroma, set the table, and burning spices. Drink a Cocktail after sports Training or physical work.