Diet slimming belly

A flat stomach with elastic pressure in today's world most women and many men aspire. The struggle for the ideal Form of stereotypes, insistence, rooted in the modern society. So in the course are all means, the slimming, and the correction of the shapes. But even if the General process of weight loss women gradually, very often, to remove zhirok with the so-called problem zones is not working. Such zones – the stomach, from the body fat in women, usually go very slowly. To speed up this process will help effective and easy diet for weight loss belly. About how to eat right for reducing the amount of fat on the belly, and as you correctly note, the best diet for a quick reduction in the amount of body fat in this area, it is in the article below.

Diet for weight loss belly

Why accumulates fat in the problem zones?

Problem zones for women, it is called the area of the hips, the abdomen and the flanks. In the case of the representatives of the fair sex of fat to remove from the hard collects. This is due to the peculiarities of the physiology. The main purpose of women – to feed the birth of offspring that will later be needed. Fat reserves in the areas of nature for the protection of the child during pregnancy and adequate lactation after the birth.

In addition to a gradual accumulation of fat in the problem zones is influenced by other factors, just to name the well-known:

  • They remain in a state of constant Stressleads to overeating.
  • Regular consumption of foods with a high calorie content that contain simple carbohydrates. Muffin, pastries, sweets – everything is very fast, "high," problem zones on the body.
  • Lack of exercise – most of the people are forced to stay for 8 hours in the workplace. In doing so, you move the Transport and to the Sport indifferent. As a consequence of the excess fat on the belly.
  • Disturbances in the hormone household very often such pathology leads to uncontrolled weight gain. In this case, you should contact a specialist and a complete investigation.

It is important to eliminate the attention on the described causes and triggering factors. That there is no belly, we need to practice an integrated approach: it requires not only a balanced and effective diet for weight loss belly and against the flanks, but also the daily physical activity. You can also help to practice methods of massage, body wraps, as well as the hikes in the Sauna.

Tips for slim waist gain

  • Drink water on an empty stomach. After waking up a glass of warm water, Squeeze a little lemon juice. This will help strengthen the work of the intestine, and accelerates the metabolic processes.
  • Moisturize the skin. It is important to regularly apply to problem areas of normal or special Anti-Cellulite cream by using this after the shower.
  • Implementation of body wraps. These additional procedures should also be regularly carried out. Wraps performed with the use of coffee, seaweed, honey, etc.
  • Wearing a special belt. This device helps enhance the effect of the Training and promote the burning of fat right in the belly area. However, it is important to understand that such a belt is only a tool and without physical activity will not help you to lose weight.
  • To a massage. It can be carried out independently, and they are turning to professional massage therapists. For the Massage special creams and gels to use.

The basic principles of nutrition

The interested parties, which need a diet to remove belly fat, you should understand that the principles of the diet weight loss problem areas relevant for every diet at the present time there are very many.

The basic principles of one of the following diets:

the right diet for losing weight
  • Adjust the diet. The importance of such changes in the following: minimize the foods with a high glycemic index. Place fruit, vegetables. Changes in diet should not be sharp, otherwise the people have to break all of the opportunities to.
  • Motivate yourself to lose weight. The goals must be realistic – pounds or centimeter of discharge need to gently and gradually.
  • The diet should be healthy and balanced. Better the energy practice schemas, making it possible to lose weight gradually and it does not create noticeable symptoms.
  • The combination of a diet with sports. Begin the exercises, and should not be overloaded progressively to the body. When it comes to the sport of running, Jogging in the first period should be of short duration, when the exercises are a little less complex, with time the desire has not disappeared.
  • Fat in the problem zones should gradually muscle displace mass. But this can be achieved only step. That is, first you need to get rid of excess fat deposits, and then gradually increase the number of muscles with the help of special exercises.
  • Those who are interested not only in how to get to the flanks and the belly, but also how to elastic press, should pay attention to special exercises for the abdominal muscles. But you should also do, after the layer of fat is reduced.

Products which are prohibited and permitted

No matter which diet menu belly slimming and flanks not chose the Person whose principles are generally similar. The menu is based on the principles of healthy eating. In such diets, diet those products that contribute to the loss of excess weight.

  • Among the approved products, Turkey, chicken, liver, calf leather, eggs, seafood, fish, yogurt, cheese, milk, yogurt, vegetables, fruit:.
  • Forbidden (undesirable) foods include: meat and sausage products, sausages, sugar, pastries, fried potatoes, sweets, bread, fast food, Pasta, ice cream, alcoholic beverages, lemonade.

That is, to lose weight in the belly, make your diet and add more foods rich in fiber. Every day in the diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs should.

Not necessarily 2-3 times per week in the diet Protein should be foods of animal origin, vegetable protein, contained in nuts, legumes, can the days map.

Those wishing to remove belly fat, you should drink plenty of water – mineral water without Gas, thawed and purified.

Most diets include smaller meals – frequent eating in small quantities. It is desirable that the last time is three hours prior to bedtime.


  • Especially the diet for a flat stomach and slim waist, a complete renunciation of alcohol. Alcohol has a negative effect on the metabolic processes in the body, whereby the waist will gradually become fat. In this context, you must exclude Smoking.
  • It is important to strictly limit the intake of starchy foods and sweets. As the diet for a flat stomach that looks great a Person for a week to eat a few small pieces of dark chocolate or a little honey.
  • You should not steamed greasy and fried foods, consume better and cooked.

Types of diets

Menu for weight loss

There are many types of diets for belly and legs, for the reduction of the circumference of the hip and to the side. So-called fast diet provide the ability to clean body fat with the belly, but they are not the easiest thing to endure, because of the calorie content of the daily diet of no more than 1500 kcal. Another feature of such a diet – duration: can stay not more than 14. During this time, you can of an impressive amount of fat. However, when returning to the normal diet of the Person, in General, gradually wins the dropped pounds. Therefore, an efficient and simple diet for weight loss abdomen and thighs – the Power System, which is a children's game is to resist, and in which the volume go slowly.

The right diet for losing weight belly based on the above. More several variations of diets that can help to shed a few pounds, and the belly flat make.

Diet for a flat stomach

The recommendations easier, you can:an exemplary menu of such a diet, painted on three days

Days/Meals The first The second The Third
Breakfast Green tea, a glass of fresh carrot-Apple juice. An Apple or half a Grapefruit. Oatmeal, baked Apple.
Afternoon snack Walnuts or hazelnuts – 50 G Fresh carrot juice, salad of fruit or vegetables. Fruit to choose from.
Lunch Cooked brown rice, a salad of seasonal vegetables, Apple or orange. Cooked buckwheat, tomatoes – 2 pieces of fruit choice of tea from herbs. Boiled fish carrots 200 G grated with sour cream – 100 g.
Dinner Vegetables-a Grill 200 G of lean fish – 50 g. Boiled chicken breast – 200 G of vegetables, steamed, mint tea. A banana, a Cup of low-fat yogurt.

You can vary the repeat food in the same order or food, the choice of equivalent products in the same quantities.

Kefir Diet

It is based on the principles of the breaking force. As the person eats small portions and often, reduces the stomach gradually. In view of the fact that the body the proteins and fats, the diet is well tolerated. There is an effective cleaning of the intestine.

A diet for more than three days is not complied with. In this period, it will help reduce the weight and volume and improve the function of digestion. It is recommended to eat five times a day.

  • On the first day, you should drink yogurt in unlimited quantities.
  • On the second day, the fruit must also drink 2 liters of clean water throughout the day.
  • On the third day of Kefir to drink at every meal.

Such an Extreme diet is not adhere to in the case of pregnancy and lactation, diseases of the digestive organs, in adolescence.

Keto Diet

The name of this diet comes from the term "ketosis", which means the division of cells, the fat for energy. Begins to decrease, when a lack of carbohydrates from the food will be celebrated in the body. To produce if carbohydrates begins in the body in a limited amount, the liver, ketone-acids, the fat cells destroy.

In the day menu of such a diet, the ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates: protein 70%, fat 25% carbs – 5% is celebrated.

According to this principle, and diet should be, taking into account their own preferences.

Diet for losing weight
  • Completely exclude from the diet such products: cakes and confectionery, sugar, soda, pastries, bread, potatoes, grapes, bananas.
  • If one or more of the following products: lean meat, fish, eggs, quail and chicken, seafood, cheese, vegetables and Butter.
  • Some milk should restrict products, vegetables with a high starch content, sweet fruits.

Should you do not follow this diet for people with gall bladder disease, inflammatory processes of the pancreas, to motility disorders of the intestine, the kidney and liver failure, violation of the Assimilation of fats, tumors in the abdomen as well as pregnancy and lactation.


This acronym stands for, such as Protein-carbohydrate exchange and is a Low-Carb diet. She sees the alternation of Protein and carbohydrate days.

Such a diet can be continued from 4 to 30 days, depending on the weight, trying to reset the person.

The implementation of such a diet must be according to the following scheme:

  • The first and the second day – Maximum Protein, Minimum carbs.
  • The third day food with carbohydrates.
  • The fourth day – the same number of carbohydrates and proteins.

In order to simplify the purchase and preparation of food for the period of the diet, you can of the following table:

Days/Meals Protein a day (the first) Protein a day (the second) Carbohydrate day (the third) Protein-carbohydrate day (the fourth)
Breakfast Boiled egg, vegetables, salad, linseed oil, tea without sugar. Omelet with two eggs, tea without sugar. Oatmeal, tea without sugar. Bunting.
Afternoon snack Cottage cheese with cinnamon. Kefir. Banana. Cottage cheese and bread.
Lunch The fillet of the chicken, the vegetables steamed. Steamed Fish, Vegetables. Noodles made from the flour of firm grades. Chicken breast with rice.
Dinner Baked Fish. Fillet Of Chicken, Vegetables. Rice, steamed vegetables. Fish, Vegetables, Dry Fruits.

In Protein daily in the diet of foods containing large amounts of Protein. The main products in these days – fish, meat, eggs. The largest number of Protein, chicken breast, squid, red caviar, tuna, lean beef.

In carbohydrate days, you must focus on foods rich in complex carbohydrates. The largest number contained in oatmeal, rice, buckwheat, boiled beans.

Diet BUTCH does not respect people with diseases of the heart, the vessels, the kidneys, the liver, patients with Diabetes mellitus, during pregnancy and lactation, in the elderly and youth age. This diet is suitable for those who want to get rid of the small quantities of body fat. Those who tried to stick with this type of food, claiming that even weeks diet already have visible results.


All of the described and also other diet to reduce the amount of fat on the belly, you must combine with exercises. Even if a Person does not visit the gym, we recommend to perform each day, in the complex of the following exercises:

lose weight
  • Bevel both legs to the width of the shoulders, the hands behind the head and with a smooth back down slowly bend, trying to keep the elbow touching the opposite knee, climbing and different alternating elbows.
  • The rise of the legs – lying on your back with straight arms and legs of the leg pull upward until the formation of the right angle.
  • Rotations of the body – feet shoulder width apart, hands behind the head, the Finger concatenate in the castle. With a straight back and alternately rotate the housing in different directions.
  • Mill – turn up to 90 degrees and turn vigorously stretched arms.
  • The gradients in the Hand – feet shoulder width apart, hands behind the head. With a straight back and bend in different directions.
  • Ironing – with a position lying on the stomach up to the elbow, and toe socks, with tense abdominal muscles in this Position for as long as possible.
  • Scissors on the floor, the focus of sit, on the hands behind the back. Lift your legs and make Cross-Mahi, the margins of the press.