Cinnamon for weight loss: properties, application, reviews, slimming

Recently, nutrition scientists cinnamon used for weight loss. Its effectiveness the product has a fast fame and popularity. It's pretty easy drink to prepare, the weight helps to reduce. In addition, variety of prescription formulations, an optimal variant will help you to get rid of excess weight.

Cinnamon Description

Cinnamon for weight loss

Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Ceylon) is an evergreen tree that is attributable to the family of Laurel of the genus Cinnamomum. In the height up to 15 m. the tree Grows on the island of Sri Lanka and the West Indies. Culture loves a tropical and subtropical climate.

In fact, cinnamon is the dried part of the bark, which is used as a spice. For spice, the young shoots of the tree, the cutting and dividing can be used. The outer layer is removed and the inner layer in a thickness of 1 mm and dried. When drying out pre-cut plate, rolled up, thin tubes, reminiscent of Papyrus.

In the process of drying folding brown buy dark hue. Then cut into pieces of 5-10 cm in length. Just as the favorite spice in its original Form.

There are four product variants:

  • Ceylon – a real fine cinnamon, with valuable healing properties;
  • Malabar Cinnamon-Brown;
  • Cinnamon – spicy cinnamon;
  • Chinese (CASSIA) – Fake cinnamon.

Note! True connoisseurs of the product purchase Sticks and not cinnamon powder recommend. Just so you realize the true cinnamon from CASSIA (double the spices).

Properties of cinnamon for weight loss

Of all the characteristics of spices the most important of the five useful weight:

  1. Anti-inflammatory effects. Excess weight, especially obesity, is transferred, directly associated with chronic inflammatory processes in the body. This means that the inflammation fixes promotes weight loss.
  2. Increases the sensitivity to Insulin. That is, increases the body's resistance to Insulin, culture corrects the cause of the rate of excess body weight.
  3. The characteristic lowers the numbers of sugar in the blood. Partially Spezia, takes on the role of Insulin – promotes the penetration of glucose into the cells for further processing to energy instead of fat reserves. Similarly, the culture helps to slow down the work of the individual enzymes digestive, for the rapid decomposition of carbohydrates. As you know, fast carbs promote weight gain.
  4. On the psychological level Spezia is perceived as sweet. Therefore, the gradual task of sweet, what weight a positive effect on the process of the reduction of the body promotes.
  5. It is a cure. In the East there is a saying: "cinnamon is a happy heart". Often Set the pounds associated with excess intake of foods on the background of emotional Stress. Therefore, improves mood, the culture will be very useful in the fight against obesity.
  6. The product contains in its composition a large amount of antioxidants, especially polyphenols. In comparison to other spices, Cinnamomum leader is considered to be the undisputed market in the number of antioxidants. Even excelling Oregano and garlic.

Informative! We are accustomed to the delicate scent of spices, but the inflorescences of this culture are very sharp and unpleasant smell.

Remove belly and flanks at home

The product can be used both for indoor as well as outdoor use. The application of the spices for the body wraps help to reduce get rid of body fat in the abdominal area, the appearance of Cellulite, makes the contours of the figure carved.

Good for the figure known for a long time, and after it has become a fashion, different Wraps to put him in the mix add for the care. The ingredients applied to the body, which penetrate in the composition of the spices in the upper layers of the skin, countless biochemical reactions.

The method developed starts various processes:

lose weight with cinnamon
  • stimulates the flow of lymph;
  • normalizes blood circulation;
  • relieves swelling;
  • the skin warms (in the case of the use of the foil, the thermal effect);
  • the fat cells splits;
  • metabolic processes starts;
  • nourishes the Dermis with oxygen and nutrients;
  • freed of toxins and other harmful components;
  • the skin nourishing, toning and rejuvenating effect.

On the basis of Wraps with cinnamon is an effective means for the elimination of Cellulite and slimming. The skin after the procedure becomes smooth and elastic. And a pleasant scent and warming effect to help relax and get the most out of this pleasant procedure.

You think of it! The use of any mixture can be in strict compliance with the recommendations and the technology of drawing, as well as the absence of contraindications.

Before the procedure, you should take a hot bath. This will help to open the pores. After applying the body scrub, the cleaning of dead cells. The mixture for Wraps prepared in advance. It is also necessary to Test for allergic reaction.

The prepared mixture is spread on the issue, evenly and in a clear film wrap. You can hide and wear a warm Bathrobe or blanket. In this method, it is better to lie down and relax. The Exposure Time Of The Medium 20-60 Minutes. As soon as heat and a slight tingling turned into a burn, the exit process, and the rest of the skin wash. Rinse the mixture under a warm shower. Perform Wraps can after 2-3 days. Only maybe 10-15 procedures.

Classic Wrap

Olive oil slightly heated on the steam bath, add the cinnamon essential oil. Not recommended to increase the temperature of the oil, because under the influence of high temperatures, ether lose all their healing properties and procedure will be ineffective. The mixture is at a rate of 1-2 drops of ether to 1 tbsp. L. oil. Was for 30-40 minutes.

Warming with peppers

This composition is very effective, but can cause irritation. Everyone knows that the main fighters peppers with Cellulite. In combination with cinnamon is a powerful thermal effect on the problematic area, thus reducing the circulation and speeding up the process of decomposition of the fat cells.

In the preparation of Pasta, mix three tablespoons of olive oil, ground cinnamon, red pepper. The mixture is heated on a steam bath.


Pasta with ginger also produced an excellent burning effect, because cinnamon and ginger – two of the beneficial component. Grated ginger and cinnamon powder to connect to the same share. Add the milk or olive oil to make a thick mash. To resist such a composition can be up to half an hour.

Honey Body Wrap

Honey with cinnamon is the perfect combination for weight loss. With this combination of ingredients is rarely an allergic reaction. 4 tablespoons of honey mixed with 3 tablespoons of cinnamon powder. Easily heated on the steam bath. To resist such a composition can for about an hour.

>Warning! Not worth it to increase the residence time of the stocks, even if no complaints. All of the warm components have a cumulative effect and in the category of useful, the method goes into the category of dangerous.

Recipes with cinnamon for weight loss

Infusions with cinnamon

For the reduction of body weight can wort in various combinations and compositions. The most common ingredients seem to honey, cinnamon and ginger. From the variety of prescription formulations really choose the recipe that is according to the taste and makes the process of liberation from tedious kg as pleasant as possible.

Drink for weight loss: water, lemon, honey, cinnamon, ginger

A healthy drink on a Cup of the cooking using hot water for 1 hour.L. fresh fine ginger, and spices. Capacity, cover and infuse 30 minutes. After this time, add the juice of a lemon (half) and 2 TSP of liquid honey.

The beverage is chilled (in the fridge). Drink half a Cup in the morning and in the evening, preferably on an empty stomach. To prepare such a tool every day, because in the case of prolonged storage, all the components lose their useful properties.

Kefir Cocktail with Apple and cinnamon

2 apples peeled and seeds, chopped and mix in a Mixer. Add Kefir and stir. Then 1H pour.L. Cinnamon powder and mix well. This Cocktail is an excellent Breakfast or the choice of the correct between meals instead of bread and sweet candy.

"Cocktail Supermodels"

In the composition of such a Cocktail of yogurt, ginger, spice, and pepper. This Cocktail starts the metabolism, resolves on a long time the feeling of Hunger. But if it is used, you should exercise caution and to follow the response of the body. For the preparation of the cocktail, 1 Cup of yogurt added ½ sets TL ginger (grated) and spices 1 pinch of Chili. It is recommended, on an empty stomach. The effect of this Cocktail impetuous, but they can have problems with System of digestion. Eat "Cocktail models" not more frequently than once per day.

Important! For the preparation of prescription formulations use cinnamon or cinnamon. It is also advisable, just stick spices, because they retain a greater amount of nutrients, and the result is the most effective.

Cinnamon with honey, cooking, recipes

Honey with spice – a unique compound that successfully used for beauty and health of body. It is believed that the tea is with honey and cinnamon symptoms of age defers. Nectar use natural, non-pasteurized. In the ideal case, it must be main with the help of local beekeeping.

Infusion with cinnamon and honey

For the preparation of medium to 1 glass of hot boiled water a half inch added to Sticks (or 1 TSP powder), cinnamon. Mix, cover with a towel and leave for half an hour. Then add mix 2 TSP of nectar, carefully. The ready-to-drink, consume it twice a day (morning and evening) on an empty stomach 0.5 cups. Every time you need to cook fresh brew and drink it over the course of 24 hours. Drink the Infusion do not need to preheat in the chilled Form. Chicken applications can 2-8 weeks without interruption.

Tea with cinnamon and honey

To cook healthy beverage brewed 200 ml of tea (herbal, green, long), decanted, removing the tea leaves. Then add cinnamon 1 TSP of powder (0.5 cm stick), cover and infuse for 30 minutes. After you add the honey (2 TSP) and mix well. Take this drink on an empty stomach, in the morning and in the evening half a Cup of.
To not recommend that a large portion of cooking means. In the case of prolonged storage (over 24 hours) drink its usefulness loses.

You think of it! Honey is added only in warm water, because of the exposure to the high temperatures all the useful properties will disappear. Therefore, spices, and cooling the liquid after 30 minutes.

Kefir Cocktail with honey

This Kefir can be eaten as a Snack, but also as a separate meal on the fasting day. For the preparation of a cocktail 0.5 liters of yogurt (preferably skimmed milk), add 1 TSP of spices, and 2 TSP. of honey. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

The finished Cocktail to drink during the day. The storage is not subject to this remedy. You leave the drink in the fridge and eat down. Take this Cocktail, you can for a long time, even after the purpose is reached – decrease. This drink is a useful addition to the diet, contributes to the maintenance of the body mass, the prevention of different diseases.

The valid method of slimming with cinnamon

The cheapest and most effective method to eliminate excess weight is to select the spice in your daily diet. You can get in tea, coffee, fruit compote and a variety of dishes with directly as a spice for the placement of exquisite taste and hue of taste

Numerous studies by American scientists show that the daily intake of cinnamon, to lose weight gently and pain. In addition, the product is used in combination with honey helps the likelihood of developing cardiovascular reduce disease.

Drinks with cinnamon

In the course of the day, you can eat water with cinnamon to drink coffee every morning with the addition of spices By the way, with Cinnamomum you can see the amount of consumed sugar decrease in drinks. Lovers of freshly pressed juices and Smoothies can cinnamon increase the nutritional value of a Cocktail, with 1/2 TSP.

Know! Cinnamon extract is not for losing weight not suitable, so that it is used in prescription stocks.

Side effects and contraindications

Before, the wort should the contraindications that could affect the health under the influence of the product. In the case of taki include:

  • the possibility of allergic reactions; Depression; heart failure; ulcerative disease of the stomach;
  • personal intolerance of the product from prescription-only composition;
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • Stones in the gall bladder and the kidneys;
  • Pathology of the respiratory system (the Aroma of the spices will only worsen the condition);
  • Pulmonary fibrosis; enterocolitis; pancreatitis and cholecystitis;
  • Consumption of strong drugs;
  • Myocarditis;
  • Skin diseases heavy currents.