How alone a menu to lose weight

Menu for weight loss. Basics

For the beginning let us recall the basic principles of the natural and effective weight reduction:

  • Hunger banned!!!
  • Meals with a distance of not more than 4 hours;
  • no forbidden foods;
  • Food is tasty and varied;
  • keep to the optimum calorie intake (how to calculate, read here).
the right diet for losing weight

Friends, accounting-menu for slimming, remember that the food, in addition to the stilling of Hunger, it's also fun. The way it should be and during weight reduction. Not to eat tasteless. It will not do any good.

Now, if you think that the easiest way to cook buckwheat on the value of the daily calories, buy, or fat-free cottage cheese and it is not, as long as you lose weight. Stop! This is wrong.

Not to put you on your willpower in the hope of holding out. Will not work! Nevertheless, not earlier or later. In order to lose weight, there is no need to "choke" eat, you don't like. Much easier to eat varied and tasty.

Also, do not prohibit the meal after a certain period of time. You eat when you are hungry. Just don't confuse Hunger and appetite more.

They focus on the physical symptoms of Hunger, nausea, weakness, and malaise in the stomach.

Believe me, it's a lot more damage, if you go to sleep, experienced Hunger, as you don't go have a Snack before bed so the Hunger is harassing you and not sleep disabled.

The only request – do not try the dinner was their main meal. You know, when your body is experiencing the greatest demand for food, focus on distributing the daily calorie intake in accordance with your needs.

And before we proceed directly to the design of the menus for weight loss (personal diet), I remind you that the basis of the natural weight reduction is smaller meals, which includes 3 main meals (Breakfast, lunch, dinner) and 2-3 snacks (even more). On this 5-6 meals, and we distribute the total daily calories.

Menu for weight loss. Instructions

Menu for weight loss form depending on what type of lifestyle you lead.

If you are a house wife, then you spend most of your time at home, means, and options for the power supply you have. If you are working, it is best to take the food, you have planned to dinner with them. It is not difficult, thought out, prepared, set fire in the containers and you're done!

In the ideal case, while the weight reduction should you tends to this distribution of the most important components of the food:

  • Fats not more than 20% of daily calories, preferably fats of vegetable origin;
  • Proteins from the calculation of 1-1,5 grams per Kilo of your current body weight;
  • Carbohydrates 50-60% of daily calories, with the proportion of simple carbohydrates (chocolate, sugar, honey) should have a proportion of up to 10% of daily calories.

If you think, it's very complicated! Read more and everything is on their places.

Like a diet want to make?

Suitable diet – it is simply an inexhaustible topic for conversation in the circle of the slimming ladies.

Will lose weight safely and effectively only under the condition of compiling the menu the right diet. The optimal variant of the work together with a nutritionist.

He is the personal nutrition taking into account the age, weight, lifestyle, presence of diseases. But the services of such a professional are expensive, and in addition, it is not in all cities.

If you want to self-develop individual nutrition, then follow the rules for both the us and tips.

How just a diet: food

During the slimming the right diet menu should be as the basic components of the food spread:

  • Protein – calculation of one and a half grams per kilogram of body weight;
  • Fats should be no more than 20 percent of daily calories. Preferably vegetable fats should;
  • Carbohydrates make up 50 percent of daily calories. But a large part of this consists of complex-carbohydrates and simple – only 10 percent.
how to eat to lose weight

You need to determine the volume of food you of the day. Here the scheme is simple: for Breakfast we are not more than 25 percent of daily calories should not eat, Brunch is no more than 10 percent, in the lunch break to eat 35 per cent, in the mid-morning snack – 10%, and dinner 20% of the total daily calories.

How just a diet: counting calories

Lead to count calories on a personal diet should, taking into account the time of year, and physical activity. The right diet menu will depend on the way of life of the people. If you lead an active life, the consumption of 1500 kcal.

If you don't actively converts in the gym, but constantly, so it is enough to you to 1200 kcal. If a passive life style, the diet is limited to 1000 kcal.

If the window in the cold season, then add to a suitable Option, you 200-300 kcal.

Like a diet want to make: the main rules

Before removing a lot of tormented by the question:"How to have a diet want to make, if it is not finished systems, but about the personal diet?" We give you some tips on the help in this question.

So, first you need to decide how often you are eating. The most sensible Smash mode, the individual diet based on three basic techniques and a further two.

The second rule says that you eat too much. Try not to eat everything on the plate. If you put the feeling of satiety, then you give your bowl to the side. To help with overeating the stomach increases in size, and this means that the next time you want Norm to eat more of their physiological.

Suitable diet involves consuming large amounts of fiber. She has a very great function to lose weight – the stilling of hunger.

Books about nutrition will tell you how to diet want to make.

Do not forget about drinking enough fluids, especially spring water.

Why the body begins to lose weight? And all because he begins to spend fabric your fat, if missing in the source of the energy of the incoming food. Therefore, the correct diet is menu includes strong high-calorie and fatty foods.

You consume food, the fat is not conducive to the burning of body. These products include cinnamon, green tea, onion, garlic, red wine, cottage cheese, yogurt, pineapple, yogurt, raspberries, Grapefruit. Also, ensure that the menu met the needs of the body of all the nutrients. In this context, appropriate diet should be as useful and diverse.

It is important to consider which foods in the diet. Make a list of useful slimming products, all the necessary food and products for a healthy diet.

After, you can. the compilation of the menus, the right diet for every day Here you should be very careful and patient. Create menus, taking into account the calories and the composition of the products.

How just a diet: food

When losing weight, our body gets rid of toxins. And to avoid, malaise, headache, poor health, you should drink more water. It should be clean, preferably spring water.

Can cook the pure water itself. For this plastic bottle fill with water, after you put it in the freezer. When most of the water, she freezes the leftovers that are not needed.

Break the ice at room temperature.

In the diet individual diet lean meats should be boiled, baked or prepared on pair. You can eat cooked you fish and mushrooms.

Seasoned with specialties cinnamon. It helps reduce appetite and reduce blood sugar levels. In addition, you can exchange your bad dried fruit Snacks in an amount of not more than a handful or Grapefruit juice. Such products feeling of hunger needs.

Diet for weight loss

In the diet you need to enable unsweetened green tea, boiled eggs, steamed pumpkin, red peppers, berries, red cabbage. It is forbidden to eat fried, fatty, sausage, sweet, white bread,sausage, fast Food, carbonated drinks, Chips, ice cream, meat, alcohol.

The list of recommended products:

  • fresh vegetables, fruits and berries;
  • Milk products, fat free or low fat. The milk low in fat contains a lot of Vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus, protein, but little fat. It's a perfect product is suitable for a diet. The same is true for low-fat cottage cheese or soft cheese. In combination with the loaves of bread such products are ideal as a Breakfast. Natural yogurt contains a lot of Calcium and protein, but low in fat. For sweet yogurt, add it in Fruity, Fresh, or vanilla;
  • in the menu, the bread 100-150 grams per day, because it supplies the body with carbohydrates and valuable trace elements. Give preference to dark and full of grain;
  • add in the diet of sea cabbage. It is the low-calorie product, rich in valuable trace elements and macro. Algae also promote lipolysis;
  • brown rice is an important product in the diet. It is very useful for health as all the vitamins, minerals and ballast substances are stored in it, in contrast to white rice;
  • oily fish such as tuna, salmon, herring, sardines, and other, you need to diet in the menu on the right. They are very useful for health due to the content of essential fatty acids, manganese, protein, Vitamin D;
  • Chicken breast, guide of dietary products. Your protein is very easily digestible;
  • Legumes as a valuable source of dietary fiber, vegetable protein should diet in diet personalized;
  • Olive oil saturates all of the right fats. Because it is very necessary for the body, even in spite of dietary nutrition.

The right diet for weight loss: how to create a menu?

A lot of diets so that you the right diet for losing weight is not very suitable products, but it all depends on your number. The same can also medicine and poison, it all depends on the amount of, for example, sugar or pasta.

If you want to lose weight, you need to know how to distinguish a proper diet for weight loss, able to the in this period, the products of which you are completely excluded from the menu.

In the compilation of the menus of the day must be observed, that the meals should be at least five.

With this approach, you the menus is a little greasy varieties of fish, as well as dairy products, fat, which is higher than 1%, for example, regular milk or yogurt 3-4%

The most important thing in this approach – calculation of the calorie content of your daily diet, that it is not more than 1300 calories, otherwise weight reduction is possible and not to be expected. Because of the oil that the body needs for the preparation of a serving of salad, you would get a teaspoon, but no more of this quantity for the normal functioning of the body is sufficient.

In the compilation of menus for weight loss, certain rules should be observed: it is imperative that the facilitator, also for the inclusion in the diet of vegetables and fruit.

You need to implement consequences for the quality of products very strictly to all the rules of the composition of the diet, very strictly monitor their.

If food is used in excessive amounts, the harmony somewhere disappears, hip purchase "ears", and the waist acquires a "life vein" of fat.

The right diet for losing weight means that you can get rid of the lost loss of sharpness, and sure, the second and the third the chin. Not only for what feel a woman beautiful, a kind of flabby pig, I want to be attractive, not slim, not skin to wrinkle on the sides hung.

The right diet for losing weight was not excess calories that must be taken into account the energy value of the products, even banal piece of black bread. Therein, however, about 40-50 calories, and some varieties of bread still contains calories.

As a proper diet for weight loss, visit the diet very the days that each organism fats with proteins and carbohydrates? You use the table, where all the parameters are listed on 100 grams of food.

In the proper diet of proteins must be represented, porridges on milk, boiled fish, cottage cheese, low-fat, but not fat-free on the menu, because the body of the animal fats are necessary.

Some vitamins will not be absorbed without the presence of fat in the body.

proper nutrition

Well helps to lose weight Protein diet, otherwise it is called "Kremlin". In the diet proteins are available in unlimited quantities, but also the "right", that is, it should be cooked meat, the same fish, but not sausage and sausages. There is a huge amount of fat and a variety of chemical components that do not bring any benefit for the body.

Also, carbohydrates in the diet must be present every day, but so-called "long", that is, in the Form of starch, legumes, but not in digestible Form of sucrose. Fast carbohydrates are immediately digested, "burn", it reinforced the feeling of Hunger, and draws a Snack, and it is bad.

The right diet for weight loss does not mean uncontrolled snacking, such as Apple or orange also calorie content. If frequent snacking, then the energy content of the daily ration, and the efforts rises to the weight loss. Hold in the Hand and all of them work.

As a proper diet for losing weight is to take his base? Want to the result is a reduction in the weight, and not his sentence.

Pay attention to the liquid dispenser, the water is a necessary part of any diet, with one of the most important. Drink as much as possible, and is considered to be the only clean drinking water, but no juices, stewed fruits, kvass.

In a word, no liquid except water to drink can't expect, you need to attributed to the food.

If proper diet for losing weight is toxins in sufficient amount of water from the body faster and better, so they dissolve in your. This fact is very good impact on the General weight reduction.