Diet menu for slimming the abdomen and flanks for women

Belly and flanks volume increase due to various reasons: due to the pregnancy, diseases, wrong diet, Stress, therefore, diet menu for slimming belly, and flanks the features of a particular organism and the quantity of excess weight take into consideration. Remove difficult, the volume and fat in this area, therefore, you should not expect a quick and amazing effect. Help you lose weight and at the end of a diet, but you will need to be repeated at regular intervals. To do this, it is recommended that not only the adjustment of the diet, but also sports. A holistic approach is the most effective.

The reasons for the emergence of fat deposits in the abdomen

Diet for belly

The reasons for the accumulation of fat in the inner and the outer nature origin have.

Stress-Situations. The response to Stress is individual. In particular, it leads to uncontrolled consumption of food. In addition, under a lot of Stress hormone Cortisol, the conversion of calories into fat. Twice promotes weight gain. To avoid the consequences in the Form of aggregate kilograms, recommended sedation receive funds.

A lack of exercise. Lack of exercise weight gain afflicted because of the slowdown in the blood supply to the tissue and the metabolism, low energy consumption. If a Person compacted is not the physical stress, the atrophy of the muscles, and the tissue feel Cellulite designed to collect fat deposits on the belly and flanks.

Diseases of the liver and dropsy. These diseases cause abnormal growth of the abdomen.

The wrong diet. Negative effects on the body in all directions:

  • salty foods lead to fluid retention in the body;
  • Cholesterol clogs the blood vessels, leading to impaired function of the organism;
  • Meal at different times, causing problems with digestion – fats are bad be digested;
  • by consuming meals in large quantities, the stomach gradually stretched, and to reach a feeling of satiety, you need to eat more and more food.

Inheritance. Fat deposits on the belly and flanks are typical of the type of figure Apple. Measures to weight reduction, you must immediately, as soon as negative changes in this area are increasing, to lose weight, in this case, it is on the belly and the sides difficult.

Exchange years. Natural period in a woman's life, when the outlines of the figure. Characteristic is the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area and side-to-side. The weight can normalize with hormonal agents.

After the birth of. In the body stores at birth, a few extra pounds for the protection of the fetus and its nutrition in a critical Situation. In addition, the hormonal background changes. After the birth of the baby, the abdominal skin loose and sagging. But if measures are taken, remove the belly and flanks will be fast.

Hormonal Disturbance. Excess Cortisol in the body slows down the metabolism and causes the accumulation of fat. Normalizes hormonal background, you can begin to lose weight.

What is the right diet for slimming the belly should be?

Belly slimming, also note the rule: you can consume less calories, than it consumes. If a low amount of body fat, it is sufficient to eat, as usual, with the exception of unhealthy foods and by a moderate physical load. In the presence is required of significant amounts of extra pounds and belly, diet. Diet weight loss belly and flanks, and for women, it can be tight, and a gentle, of varying duration: from the beginning of the discharge of the day to several weeks.

In any case, the Stick should be mode for a healthy diet:

  • 5 meals per day with meals in a strictly allotted time for this.
  • Dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime, but not later than 7 PM.
  • Daily rate of consumed water – about 2 liters of water you should Drink on an empty stomach, and then a half hour before the meal, before each meal. The water will be the stomach on the digestion and blunting Hunger.

The main characteristics of the right diet

Really must eat not only to lose weight. In accordance with the principles of a healthy diet, the work of all systems of an organism can normalize the consumption of healthy food and the right preparation.

  • As a salad Dressing yogurt,-fat sour cream, flax seed, or olive-oil-rich, exclude, rich in Vitamin e. Mayonnaise.
  • Food you can braise, bake, cook, steam. When cooking, the fat will not be added.
  • Have to cook on small fire.
  • Excluded are deep-fried, fatty meals, alcohol, lemonade. If you want to, roasted, then cook you food on a dry pan without oil.
  • To take as a Supplement to the normal diet, vitamins.
  • Daily calorie content of the food – in the range of 1500-1800 kcal.
  • Fatty meat and poultry need to be shorn.

Important! The portions should be such that it is the feeling of slight hunger, which is, on average, 200-250 g. thanks to the small portions reduces the volume of the stomach, the saturation faster.

Menu for weight loss

The girl on the Video told about the 10 principles of proper nutrition, which is not difficult:

The complete or partial exclusion of harmful foods and beverages

Unhealthy food to remove belly and flanks is not only specific products, but also incorrectly prepared dishes.

Forbidden FoodsDamage
Bakery (including cakes, biscuits, waffles and wafers)In these products, transgenic fats, which promote obesity are included, to the development of Diabetes, heart disease, blood vessels, the deposition of cholesterol
Fast Food
Candy and other confectionery productsContain a lot of sugar that is quickly digested and is in the Form of fat. Due to the rapid digestion almost immediately the feeling of Hunger comes
SaltySalt retains water in the body, and it adds extra pounds to weight
PreservativesAccumulate in the body and have a negative effect on the metabolism

Healthy Food

Healthy foods for losing weight need to be included in the diet. Mechanism of action they differ:

  • fat burning properties have;
  • Acceleration of the metabolism;
  • cleanse the bowel.

Food, weight loss:

Fat burning activatedGreen TeaRemoves deposits of fat, including visceral
CucumberContain a lot of water, vitamins
GingerPromotes the Resorption of the subcutaneous fat tissue, improves the secretion of the stomach
CinnamonSimilar to ginger, prevents the accumulation of excess fat
Red wineUseful substance – Resveratrol, contained in wine, splits fat cells
Acceleration of metabolismHorseradishPrevents the deposition of fat, accelerate the metabolism
GrapefruitThanks to the presence of organic acids and essential oils accelerates the digestion
LegumesNutritious and low in calories, speed up the metabolism
CabbageAccelerated be absorbed in the processing of fat, without him. At the same time rich in nutrients.
Milk productsQuickly saturate, normalize the work of digestive tract
CleaningBuntingSuch as brush, cleans toxins from the body
BranRich in natural dietary fiber

A well-balanced meal

useful diet

The diet should be balanced. In him, the food should be rich:

  • Fiber: fruits and vegetables – 30%,
  • complex carbohydrates: whole-grain products – 40%;
  • Protein: nuts, mushrooms, lean meat, fish, cottage cheese) – 20%;
  • Milk Products Bacteria: Kefir, Yogurt – 10%.

The total number of fat, salt and sugar should not be more than 5% of the total daily intake.

Smaller Meals

According to the principle of fractional power, the daily standard, divided into 5 portions, including 3 keys – Breakfast, lunch and dinner and 2 Snack in between meals. The time can be congured in order to fit your schedule, with the proviso that between each meal not less than 2.5 and not more than 4 hours have passed. Recommended Time:

  • 7 p.m.;
  • 10 o'clock;
  • Hour of the day;
  • 4 hours of the day;
  • 7 o'clock in the evening.

Effective diet for weight loss belly and flanks are not always regulated, however, during a diet, is particularly long, the feeling of Hunger can savour a meal with an Apple or a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Please note! The gorge before going to bed.

The correct distribution of the daily calorie dishes

Daily calories you should be 100%.

  • Breakfast must be nutritious, but not too nutritious – 25%.
  • At noon, close enough to eat – 40% should.
  • Dinner is simple – 20%.
  • The first bite – 5%.
  • The second between-meal – 10%.

For more important tips

Diet is a significant effect, in combination with movement. They stimulate the organism. In addition to the physical load, nutrition scientists recommend a diet Supplement:

  • Packing;
  • Hiking in bath and Sauna;
  • an increased consumption of water;
  • Massages.

Please note! positive effects on weight loss a full 8-hour sleep.

Variants of the fast days

Day of fasting – one-day easy diet for weight loss belly and flanks. They are very effective if you take them at regular intervals, for example weekly, supplemented as properly a balanced diet. By the discharge of days, cleanses the intestines, normalizes metabolism, reduces the volume of the waist.

The nature of the discharge, in use, in the course of the day, of a single product. Best fast day one that is based on the consumer's favorite food.

Types of fast days:

Kefir1-1,5 litres distributed on 5-6 servings.
RiceIn the evening, pour add the washed raw rice, water, salt and oil. Per Day, 500 Grams Of Rice To Eat.
BuckwheatPrepare the same as Fig.
Apple5-6 times per day you eat 1 Apple. When it comes to a great famine, it may still, but not more than 1.5 kg per day.
WatermelonPer day 2 kg of food fruit meat.
On the chickenChicken breast boiled or steamed. The skin is carefully remove. The daily portion – 400 g
On CucumbersYou can eat without restriction.
Grapefruit2 PCs of the day. Due to the high content of acid Grapefruit diet is not suitable for people with problems of gastro-intestinal: peptic ulcer, Gastritis.
On-the-water with lemonWithout Any Restrictions.

You can combine the two products in polovinnoe the daily scope, thus easier to limitation to endure. Popular Combination:

  • Apple+Cottage Cheese;
  • Chicken+Cucumber;
  • Flour+Fig.

For a higher efficiency add fat burning spices e.g. cinnamon to the apples, the chicken ginger, and Kefir.

Effective exercises for a beautiful waist

Diet + physical activity – the key to successful and fast weight loss. In the case of excess weight up to 10 kg, you have the possibility of active rest in the nature, in the morning or evening, home runs, restricting the use of cars, public transport, in the Elevator. In the case of more serious problems, you need to specific exercises to remove belly and flanks. The most effective:

  • Rotation;
  • exercise "vacuum", "Bicycle";
  • Jogging;
  • Leg raise;
  • Slopes with dumbbells;
  • Rotation of the circle;
  • Jump rope;
  • exercises on a stationary bike and Ball;
  • exercises with roller.

The exercises for women have to exercises in the right order: first, Cardio, then the load on the press, and then back to Cardio. The duration of the training sessions should be 50-60 minutes. The number of training units per week from 3 to 5.

Menu-diet weight loss belly and flanks


Nutritionists recommend, the attention to special dietary menus, with the right products, the weight loss belly and flanks. Diet for slimming the belly of a menu, different calories, and the duration of the compliance with the regime, beginning with the simple handling of the day and ending with long and 2-3-weeks-diet.